Election Judge Questions Procedures

Here’s a comment that showed up under a February article about McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s appearance before a County Board committee:

Mary McClellan

Mary McClellan

The county clerk has messed up the ballots, among other things, in the primary election going on right now (2016).

I am an election judge (worked about 15 years at it and am not over the hill) and I’ve never seen such rampant disregard for election laws and procedures.

The latest today was having a man who said he worked for the company that designed the new software we now use, but who had no employee I. D., deliver PAPER BALLOTS to the polling place for early voting.

Paper ballots are not standard procedure for Early Voting, touchscreen computerized voting is what we use.

Second, ballots are never supposed to be handled by the general public.

Third, blank paper ballots are supposed to be secured with a total certified by the Clerk.

These were simply shoved into an open paper envelope, not wrapped or secured in any way.

There was no tally of how many ballots were delivered and no instructions of any kind with them.

There are no polling booths for voters to fill out these ballots, no Accuvote machines for the voter to feed these ballots into to be tallied and secured, and no other paperwork sent that can be needed when a voter is using a paper ballot.

When I asked the clerk’s office to explain this sudden introduction of paper ballots for only certain voters halfway through Early Voting, I was given no answer and basically shut down by being told I didn’t need to know, they just had to make “an adjustment.”

Someone needs to investigate this, as well as other irregularities going on in that office with apparent impugnity.

And BTW, I can attest to the fact that Ed Gill is incompetent as any sort of IT support person for election purposes.


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  1. How many poll watchers do the Republicans and Democrats have scheduled?

    In addition to the local incompetence, we have the issue of non-citizen voting.

    Our County Clerk is NOT checking for proof of citizenship and Jesse White’s offices are NOT checking for proof of citizenship.

    The voters put her in the position, now they reap the reward!

    Just like the State Constitution was approved by the voters to guarantee public sector pensions and a minimum three per cent per year compounded increase!!!!

  2. Author – have the courage to contact the US Attorneys office, otherwise this will go no where.

    Many people are not surprised.

    If you do not this will be a” fixed, crooked, election”.

    There are many that could profit from that and do not care if they win improperly.

    You may well find that other judges might support you in this.

    Make the first step.

    CALL 312-252-5300.

  3. ERROR – PHONE WRONG — 312-353-5300

    Doing it from memory did not work.

  4. It could be a union move to impact the election by suppressing the vote.

    Rumors are flying that the labor and teachers unions are going to flood the voting booths on election day in support of Schofield, Cowling, Gottemoller and Smith so if they can suppress the early voting by making the early votes not countable this would be a good way to do it.

    It’s well known that the Clerk is very friendly with the unions.

    As DATA indicated below, I hope this person or someone that is seeing and has evidence of wrongdoing calls the US Attorney and the press.

  5. Chicago Tribune

    Federal judge slaps state’s attorney’s office with rare sanction

    January 12, 2015

    by Quinn Ford

    “In his ruling, U.S. District Judge John F. Grady said the office ‘obstructed’ access to files while the lawsuit was argued in court and did not appear to follow its own policies for retaining documents.”

    “Mary McClellan, an assistant state’s attorney who represented the office for a portion of the case, was also sanctioned by Grady for ‘recklessly adhering to the position’ in court that the misdemeanor case files did not exist.”


  6. After my last fiasco with her at the voting polls she will no longer get my Vote

    she is so unorganized its scary, if I had not stepped up and told her what the electronic poll was doing i.e. when you pushed someone’s name and another was coming up in 2 places the person & who won by 1 vote would have won by many!

    She did correct this immediately so I could at least complete my right to vote process.

    When asked if they needed our voting docs, was told no need for them as your license tells them everything so if you have a fake license how does that tell them you are an American Citizen?

    curious ?

  7. Mark hit it on the head.

    That was released AFTER she got elected, unfortunately.

  8. Make the phone call people, let your voices be heard.

    They will call back and listen to your concerns.

    Be as nice as possible.

    Non violent protest.

    The US Attorneys office needs to make sure that their officials are here protecting the polling places and the rights of the people.

  9. She’s very prolific.

    She sent me two voter information cards in separate envelopes on the same day.

    She did the same thing with a family member.

  10. The author of this letter, NEEDS to contact authorities.

    Otherwise a fraudulent election could take place.

    How will that person feel when that happens??

    They have a responsibility.

  11. The author of this letter, NEEDS to contact authorities.

    Otherwise a fraudulent election could take place.

    How will that person feel when that happens??

    They have a responsibility.

    Still problems with the ballots, as well.

    Finding wrong candidates on the sample ballots.

  12. When you print a sample ballot from the County Website, are you on the County computer?


    A third party computer supports the sample ballot, maybe in New Jersey?

    Whose software is used to run the election equipment?

    Most ballots in this County are still being counted by the Opti-scan device.

    When you check vote totals in this county next Tuesday night, the numbers displayed ARE NOT being displayed by a computer owned by the County.

    Read this quote:

    “Researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory this week showed how an electronic voting machine model that’s expected to be widely used to tally votes in the 2012 elections can be easily hacked using inexpensive, widely-available electronic components.”

    For the entire story, go to this link:

    Add those issues to the fact that no proof of citizenship is being required to register to vote.

    Not only that, the Democrats in this state want everyone to be AUTOMATICALLY registered to vote when they get a driver’s license or any government benefits.

    No proof of citizenship required.

  13. They have a posted job to replace Ed as the person in charge of the touch screens.

    Look at the county web site employment postings.

    The starting salary is 12.60 on hour.

    So apparently Ed will be retaining the salary of the past employee who did the job (Keith, who knew his stuff) of 50,000 a year but will no longer be required to do the job…

  14. Does corruption in McHenry county surprise you?

    I am an election judge as well and at the last election I worked, 6 out of 7 people told me they were allowed to vote the full ballot even though they had moved and this was the first time they had to either use a provisional ballot or just the federal ballot.

    At training this year, an older woman who was sitting next to me stated, well, I guess we can’t let them vote the full ballot anymore.

    Just confirming my suspicion that you could vote as many times as you moved within McHenry county on the full ballot – and oh!

    this is a Republican county!!!!

    There is your voter fraud – not the Mexicans, or the illegals — the Republicans!!!!

  15. Yes, assuming that you need proper identification to get a drivers license, you should automatically be registered to vote.

    Why are Republicans so against making it easy for people to vote when it is a RIGHT!

    You folks are always talking about someone taking your RIGHTS away, but you sure don’t mind it if they do it to other people you don’t like!

  16. I wrote to McClennan if this was being investigated — here is her reply:

    As to your inquiry about ballots being delivered to Early voting sites.

    I assure you the ballots were delivered certified from the County Clerk’s office with the authorization and authority to be delivered to early voting sites.

    These were not handled by the general public the County clerk’s office hires many temporary employees during the election process including Election Judges and runners.

    The ballots that are cast during early voting are not tabulated like election day therefore they are placed into a secure box to hold until tabulation can occur.

    As far as instructions to the Judges with the electronic poll books there is communication with the Judges and the Clerk’s office, a message was sent to each judge to explain the delivery and need for paper ballots in this instance.

    Paper Ballots have been the standard procedure in elections for over 100 years we use touch screen so as to minimize paper ballots.

    There are stations for voters to cast their vote; should you have any concerns please contact me directly as I would be happy to discuss any concerns you many have.

    Please don’t forget to vote.

    Mary McClellan

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