Nancy Zettler Reports Large Contributions — 5 Comments

  1. If the Dems back off some support for Franks due to the Reick juggernaut, will the ‘union’ money spigot be opened for Zettler?

    Was union money pushed toward Schofield because she would be the easiest to beat by a Democrat?

  2. **Reick juggernaut,**

    LOL. This is funny. You have a very, very strange definition of juggernaut.

    **Was union money pushed toward Schofield because she would be the easiest to beat by a Democrat?**

    If you seriously think that, you really don’t have an understand of that race, or of politics at all.

    IEA gave to Schofield because she’s the least conservative, and she is the candidate that they would prefer to be in office of the Republican primary candidates.

  3. Where is the active PAC for the McHenry County Building Trades Council?

    The McHenry County Building Trades PAC listed on the Illinois State Board of Elections website has been dormant since 1997.

    Or is the McHenry County Building Trades Council for some reason exempt from the requirement to form a PAC to contribute to a political candidate?

    The McHenry County Building Traces Council is an AFL-CIO BCTC, which is a building and construction trades council, which consists of many building and construction trades local unions.


    The 66th State Representative Primary election:

    Democrat Nancy Zettler – Algonquin

    Republican Allen Skillicorn – East Dundee

    Republican Carolyn Schofield – Crystal Lake

    Republican Dan Willbrandt – West Dundee


    The 63rd State Representative Primary election:

    Democrat Jack Franks – Marengo / Woodstock (also on ballot as a Hillary Clinton delegate)

    Republican Steve Reick – Harvard

    Republican Jeffery Lichte – McHenry

    However, Jeffery Lichte is a Democrat on the ballot (he has no campaign) as a Republican presumably with the hopes that if he wins, Jack Franks would have no true competition in the fall general election.

    The Democrats feel the 63rd is a key district to maintain and that Reick is a legitimate threat or they would not go to such lengths to protect Mr. Franks.


    Although in some cases they work together as a broad coalition, there are many union factions.

    One of the major issues now is many private sector defined benefit union pensions are at risk yet these members pay taxes to support more lavish public sector union pensions which have been hiked though legislation via union / public sector union legal collusion.

    Education: (IEA / NEA, IFT / AFT).

    Construction Trades Unions: (AFL-CIO, Teamsters, IUOE (Operating Engineers), LiUNA (Laborers), IBEW (electricians), Bricklayers, Carpenters, Painters (IUPAT), Cement (OPCMIA), Plumbers & Pipefitters (UA)

    Industrial: UAW, Machinists (IAMAW), Ironworkers (BSOIW), Sheet Metal (SMWIA), Mine Workers (UMWA)

    Public Sector Safety: Fire (IAFF), Police (FOP, MAP, PBPA, ICOP),

    Public Sector: AFSME, SEIU,

    Transportation: UTU, ATU, Air Traffic Controllers (NATCA), Rail (BLET)

    Public Sector federal: Mail (ATWU, NALC, NAPFE), Treasury (NTEU), AFGE, NFFE

    Nurses: NNU, ANA, INA, NFPLN

    There is some crossover, for instance Teamsters and IUOE have public sector locals, electricians are needed in many environments, etc.

    Note that due to internal politics to get into union leadership means supporting ideas (due to culture, group think) many of the rank and file don’t agree with.


    The IEA teacher union probably believes a Republican candidate is most likely to win in the 66th district, and Ms. Schofield is much more appealing to them than the other two candidates.

    Although they have contributed more to Democrats than Republicans, the IEA has supported many Republican candidates in the past statewide.

  4. It is Democrat Nancy Zettler (Algonquin) v Republican Allen Skillicorn (East Dundee) for 66th District State Representative in the November 8th, 2016 General Election.

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