Serwatka Lays Out Reasons for Withdrawing, Supporting Skillicorn

An email from Lakewood Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn:
Serwatka mastheadFor those following the race for our next State Representative – yesterday, I made a very difficult decision to step out of this race, but, ultimately, I believe it was the right decision.

I have said, from day one, that this race for the 66th District seat was not about me.

My campaign to “Take Back Illinois” was not about Paul Serwatka’s aspirations of a seat in Springfield.

It was about something much bigger.

It was about rolling up my sleeves, jumping into the trenches and FIGHTING for the reform we are in such desperate need of in Illinois.

“I kept waiting for somebody to do something – Then, I realized I AM SOMEBODY!”

In recent weeks, a very alarming amount of money began pouring into this race.

Even more alarming, were some of the sources of that money.

Then, at the end of February, I announced my intentions to establish a property tax relief fund, to which I would donate my salary, to fight for reform in the local taxing bodies that impact our property taxes – particularly school district boards.

Subsequently, more than a quarter million dollars poured into the campaigns of some of my opponents, much of which was from some very unsavory groups including Illinois’ largest lobby group, the Illinois Education Association (otherwise known as the Teacher’s Union) who are largely responsible for financing/influencing the campaigns of school board members.

The injection of this money left me far out-funded, and put the one candidate whom I believe to be our worst possible choice, in a very strong position.

That candidate is Carolyn Schofield.

While Carolyn purports to stand with Governor Rauner and his Turn Around Agenda, she actually attempted to stop it in its tracks on our county board last year.

While Carolyn claims to agree that Prevailing Wage mandates are a big problem in Illinois, she has voted in favor of Prevailing Wage mandates every single year!

While Carolyn claims she doesn’t agree with a currently proposed tax on retirement income, she is endorsed and financially supported by the very legislator who sponsored a bill to do exactly that in 2013.

She is also endorsed and financially supported by other Springfield politicians who are in favor of this proposed retirement tax, toady!

Socially speaking, Carolyn’s pro-abortion stance is pretty well known as well.

“It’s the law of the land” she states, “and I follow the law.”

I truly believe that sending Carolyn Schofield to Springfield will lead to greater detriment for all of Illinois and my stepping out of the race is one way to prevent that from happening.

My hope is that those who supported me will now get behind, and support Allen Skillicorn.

Allen is the only other conservative voice for reform in this race.

Allen and I have had our differences, but in the end we see pretty much eye-to-eye on policy as well as the need to take a hard stand in the fight to saving Illinois.

PLEASE join me in voting for ALLEN SKILLICORN.


Serwatka Lays Out Reasons for Withdrawing, Supporting Skillicorn — 21 Comments

  1. This has the makings of a perfect natural experiment.

    Many commenters on this blog have openly suspected that maybe 2-3 Serwatka supporters have rolled out dozens of sock-puppet accounts to support Paul.

    Take notes about how many of them never post again after today.

  2. Hmmmm.

    Do you think Mr Proft had anything to do with that press release ????

    Wow people.

    Wake up.


  3. If Paul had not jumped in against the other 2 conservatives, Wilbrandt and Skillicorn, Schofield would not have appeared.

    When Paul announced, she showed up after.

    Having the other 3going for the same votes, her chances were good. Should have stayed out to begin with.


  4. Serwatka was the last to enter the race.

    Better rethink that theory,James.

  5. The ‘establishment’ GOP started laying the groundwork for Schofield well over one year ago.

    She was their choice from day 1.

    Had Paul not entered the race with his own hundred thousand, this race would have been over six months ago.

  6. Paul lays out the problems with Schofield in an honest and succinct manner.


    Tryon who is strongly tied to the Nygren Circus and Schofield was picked by Tryon.

    That should be reason enough to make sure Schofield is not elected.

    Vote Skillicorn!

  7. Oh Paul..I am sorry to hear this but I too really support Allen. It makes me flaming mad that Teachers are using the money they swindle out of the tax payer to fight the tax payer.

    Really on every level.

    This is outrageous.

    Part of the screwing of the tax payer.

  8. Mr Serwatka’s press release states that he is interested in reducing the property tax burden, especially with respect to the school districts.

    I would like to see what, if anything, he can do in this regard.

    In McHenry County, the issue with inflated tax bills is not the result of any union.

    let alone a teacher’s union.

    The professionals who teach our children have every right to unionize.

    Why should a teacher make less than a politician?

    The problem with our bloated school funds–and by extension–our inflated tax rates– rests with our school board members.

    While these politicians claim to be fiscally responsible Republicans, the record demonstrates otherwise.

    The problem with the excessive tax rates in McHenry County is not an ideological or partisian divide.

    All politicians claim to “fight” taxes.

    These generic statements are worthless.

    The real problem lies primarily with two issues. First, elected members of a taxing body let the Administrators run the show, and fail to educate themselves or ask the right questions.

    The Valley Hi surplus, or the lesser known District 36 Transportation levy (the actual cost for transportation was $377,000 and the District, in 2014, issued a levy of $1,808,000) is a perfect example of this lazy, rubber-stamp approach of taxing body Board Members.

    The second defect occurs when the taxing district wants something (i.e., a remodel, new trucks, whatever) and the Board comes out with a press release stating that for a home with a value of $200,000, this tax increase will only cost $39 per year.

    This type of attitude is not limited to either of our two political parties.

    It is a common ploy which appears innocuous, but as a whole, adds permanent increases to the average taxpayer.

    So if Mr. Serwatka really wants to reduce the enormous and unjustified property tax burden in McHenry County, he should be looking at School Districts 155 and 47.

    Together, those taxing bodies are CARRYING over 200 million dollars in excess of their fiscal year needs.Presently, District 47 has over 30 million in investments made in 2013 that it will not touch until between 2017-2024.

    District 155 has even more money, but it does not engage in this investment strategy.

    Perhaps Mr. Serwatka will do this, but in order to actually accomplish anything, he will need your help.

  9. I believe Dan is referring to the fact that Allen Skillicorn presents himself as an conservative, independent-minded reform candidate who is “not a politician,” and yet his campaign is almost exclusively supported by his political patron Dan Proft’s Mega-PAC.

    One wonders exactly what Dan Proft thinks he’s buying with the six-figure expenditures his Mega-PAC has poured into backing Allen Skillicorn.

    Ironically, Serwatka condemns the support Carolyn Schofield is getting, yet seemingly has no problem with the mountains of Proft PAC cash flowing in Skillicorn’s direction…

  10. Wow Robert, thanks for answering.

    You are spot on.

    Allen is a puppet and now Paul has become A puppet too.

    Allen said he wanted to fight against the Chicago machine.

    Yet takes all his money from the Chicago Machine.

    Allen is not a politician.

    He is a wannabe

  11. Seems a little fishy to me that he dropped out a week before the election.

    My bet is that someone opened up a closet door and found a skeleton.

  12. The Schofield money is coming from a teachers’ union, while Skillicorn’s is coming from a PAC to which Bruce Rauner allies contributed.

  13. Technically Paul can not drop out of the race.

    He suspended his campaign.

    His name is still on the ballot and he will still get votes.

    Which is why this seems very fishy to many people.

    A week before?

    And he only mentions Schofields money and not Skillicorns PRoft money?

    Dogs Schofield yet supports a guy he can’t stand?

    There is something not right here and people are starting to see that it makes no sense.

  14. Paul took down at least his political signs yesterday, bravo!

    Political signs all over the place are bad enough on the eye, but after the election the signs left turn into trash we have to pay our gov dudes to clean up.

    Political signs are equal to texting, distractions to driving.

    We need a better way, especially around intersections.

  15. “The Schofield money is coming from a teachers’ union, while Skillicorn’s is coming from a PAC to which Bruce Rauner allies contributed.”

    And are those Bruce Rauner allies also the source of the $50.00 bills that “Rauner Democrat” Ken Dunkin is allegedly buying votes with in Chicago?

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