Kenneally Sign Thief Arrested

The man who confront the sign thief took this photo of John Walsh holding a Kenneally sign over his head.

The man who confront the sign thief took this photo of John Walsh holding a Kenneally sign over his head.

John Walsh

John Walsh

51-year old John F. Walsh of 18,220 West Northwest Highway in Woodstock was arrested by Crystal Lake Police yesterday afternoon for stealing a four by six foot sign supporting Patrick Kenneally’s campaign.

Lake in the Hills Police were involved as well as Walsh was questioned by them at the Illinois State Bank parking lot.

The incident took place at the intersection of Rakow and Pyott Roads, apparently in Crystal Lake.

The police report says he is unemployed.

I have seen the Lake in the Hills Police Report.

(The Crystal Lake report is not ready yet.)

The Lake in the Hills police report is fascinating.

At 11:30 Tuesday morning, a local citizen identified as a Patrick Kenneally supporter, told the LITH Police that he saw the sign in question.

It was in good shape.

At 1:43, the supporter saw a green vehicle with a trailer attached.

Since the supporter had heard Kenneally signs were being stolen throughout the county, so was alert to that possibility.

When the citizen saw stopped and confronted the man, asking why he was taking the sign.

The man, John [Walsh] said that he was taking the sign back to the republican headquarters because it was damaged.”

The citizen told him the sign was “definitely not damaged.”

An argument ensued.

The citizen took the sign, which was strapped to the trailer, putting it in the back of his pickup truck.

He then followed Walsh south on Pyott Road and called the Lake in the Hills Police Department.

The Lake in the Hills Policeman found Walsh at the Algonquin State Bank parking lot.

Here’s what the policeman wrote about his questioning of Walsh:

“I spoke with John who told me that [he] has been unemployed for the past few weeks and volunteered to drive around McHenry County and check for damaged or vandalized campaign signs.

“After he finds them, he either fixes them or takes them back to the Republican Headquarters.

“Unfortunately, John was unable to tell me the location of that headquarters or who had authorized him to repair the signs.

Candidates taped their signs to the windows of the Republican Headquarters next to Joseph's Market.

Candidates taped their signs to the windows of the Republican Headquarters next to Joseph’s Market.

“As I continued to question him, John brought up the names of various candidates and implied that they knew who he was and they would vouch for him.

“I did speak with several candidates but no one other than Brent Kendrick had ever heard of John Walsh.  Mr. Kendrick did say that the last time he spoke with John was about five years ago at a wedding.”

At this point, McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally arrived.

He is listed on the report as the “victim.”

Kenneally explained that the rebar that his campaign used had green tape attached. One of the rebars on the trailer had green tape, the policeman noted in his report.

Kenneally Sign Thief 3-8-16 sign with rebar with yellow tape

There is green tape that flutters in the wind attached to Patrick Kenneally’s rebar, which holds up his signs. Such tape can be seen in this photo.

Next in the report was the policeman’s observation there were “numerous 2X2 foot red ‘Dan Regna’ campaign sign[s] which looked unused.”

Yard signs for Dan Regna were in John Walsh's vehicle.

Yard signs for Dan Regna were in John Walsh’s vehicle.

The report continued,

“John told me that his daughters had assembled the signs and he was going to deliver them to the same Republican headquarters as the Kenneally sign.  As previously noted John had no idea where that headquarters was located.”

Then, it was determined that the sign that was taken down by Walsh had been located in Crystal Lake .

A police officer came from Crystal Lake and arrested Walsh for theft.

When I emailed Kenneally’s opponent, Dan Regna, asking him if John Walsh worked for him, Regna replied,


“He does not work for me.”


Kenneally Sign Thief Arrested — 33 Comments

  1. So immature and desperate.

    Some of the signs I put up for Patrick Kenneally are missing.

    Besides small signs missing I had a large sign removed in Marengo.

  2. Seriously, what a chowderhead, as my Dad would have said.

    Driving around in daylight stealing signs on a busy road?

    I hope they can prove who is behind it.

    I don’t care who you support, the opponent’s signs are to be left alone.

    A few of the signs of a candidate I support have also been cut down, damaged, and outright stolen.

    If you don’t like our signs, then contact property owners and get your own put up.

    We can all argue about who ought to be elected, here on this blog, in the barbershop, on the corner, but we do not need to be stealing and damaging signs.

  3. There is nothing like a “DUMB CRIMINAL” to keep the public entertained:

    -You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions.

    -Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.

    -You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.

    -If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish.

    -If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney.

    -Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Let me guess either Regna or one of his friends will be representing Walsh?

    I believe Regna knows the guy.

    He was removing Kenneally signs, and that suggests collusion.

    Though, if there are any black helicopters involved, you will have to ask AZsupporter.

    More interestingly, is Walsh a local 150 boy?

    Were there any popcorn crumbs on Walsh.

    Did he stop for a quckie popcorn snack in-between stealing the opponents signs? (allegedly)

    That would be very incriminating evidence….lol…

    Does Judge Cowlin and Dan Regna have an alibi during the time Walsh was allegedly committing these crimes?

  4. All of you are the biggest cry babies and need to grow up.

    So so sad!!

    I have no horse in any of these races but just following all of the is amazing how you all act!

  5. He’s not a 150 guy he upholsters antique furniture.

    Just had a little too much to drink perhaps.

    Please all the conspiracy theorists get over yourselves.

  6. Swanky?

    How is stealing a sign swanky?

    Doesn’t swanky mean expensive luxurious or flashy?

    What is swanky about sign theft?

    The oceans 11 theft of the bellagio casino I could see that being a swanky theft but one sign?

    Hardly rises to the level of swank if you ask me

  7. As a former candidate for elected office in VBH and McHenry County I have no sympathy for these “ass clowns” who believe they can remove political signs at will.

    Many of Martin McLaughlin’s signs have been removed while Dan McChonchie’s remain in place, but I digress.

    Please prosecute and throw the book at this perpretator and if their is a finding of guilt, I hope he gets the maximum penalty under the law.

    Candidates work hard in these elections often with no staff and limited funds.

    While we may disagree with platforms and positions, a free Republic requires tolerance which includes wrongful removal of political signs.

    I hope this case serves as a warning to all those bandits out there!

  8. Warpath, last I checked drinking is not an excuse for bad behavior.

    Maybe, mental health court will sign him up for an AA program, that will cover everything including popcorn addiction.

    Support Dan McConchie, the right guy for the job.

    Before you make an allegation about McConchi, you best get your facts straight!

  9. I am so impressed with the sign out there.

    But drive around and look the only sign that are sandwich together are Kenneally’s sign,
    Regna Sign ,then a Kenneally’s

    I am sure Regna was doing this

    Just drive Pyott Road you can see with on two eyes

    Will not vote for either of them

  10. An actual client for Dan!

    Maybe Regna can defend the guy and get some actual courtroom experience since he hasn’t done much of anything in the past 12 years.

  11. Fighting Corruption – His wife works as a prosecutor in Winnebago County.

    Many houses are 1 income households.

  12. Eyes dints knows whats yous guys is dalking bouts.

    Dis guys gots my signs ands eyes never seen hims befores.

    I dinks manys ofs yous cants understands hows eyes gots 2,000 signs ands der is no ways eyes woods bes ables do know nothing.

    Dis guys musts haves got tens carried aways wid his supports.

    Butts likes eyes saids befores eye nevers seens nobody not ever wid any of my signs.

    You sees I’m a victims heres do.

    Dat guy had likes twenty of my signs.

  13. I saw mug shot in paper. John walsh is stinky not swanky.


    Is taking down signs protected by our first amendment?

  14. Observer…lol…

    Regna must be providing legal advice for Andy Zinke’s book “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

    That, and, or, Regna, is at least in one of the a co-authors of the book.

    If he’s not working he has plenty of time to write.

  15. It does not stop there.

    We have the old guard cronies, on the pension gravy train who are starting horrible rumors and lies about many of us.

    Its been awful.

  16. My son was on Dan Regna’s Little Leauge baseball team and he was a complete idiot.

    He was constantly late for practices and even games with never a good excuse.

    He showed absolutely no leadership skills whatsoever and constantly seemed very much overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a Little League manager.

    Trust me Dan Regna is not someone you want running the McHenry County State’s Attorney Office!!

  17. What about all the Township highway people stealing signs????

    They do it on the taxpayer’s dime using taxpayer’s trucks!!!!

  18. If you get a photo of that, please send it to McHenry County Blog.

  19. Old man that’s a lie.

    So sick of the “newbies” whining about lies being told about them and all I read here are insults, lies and innuendo against all of the opponents.

    Our village will remove signs blocking sight lines in the ROW.

    That’s not stealing signs

  20. “At this point Patrick Kenneally arrived” …………….. Scooby says, whaa? …………. I wonder if he was responding as a representative of the State’s Attorneys office or personally.

    It was the middle of the work day.

  21. Put up a sign in Dundee Township on a Township road r.o.w. and count the hours before the Township Road crew removes it.

    Candidates and their workers are frequent visitors to the Township Road yard.

    There is a sign ordinance in McHenry County but it is selectively enforced.

    Township Road Districts have the full right to remove any sign placed in / on the r.o.w. but few remove political signs.

    Political sign placement should be restricted to private property and licensed billboards.

    All real estate and political signs in r.o.w.s should be removed and the owner of the signs fined.

    Wait until Tuesday morning when most politicians send out their sign rats to plant signs outside of polling places!!

    Why do politicians do this?

    Do you really believe it gets you a vote?

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