Still Time to Advertise

OK, candidates, I know from experience that this is panic time in the campaign.

And, one way to reach those interested in the election–and those who talk to others about candidates–is to advertise on McHenry County Blog.

An average of 6,000 page views have been counted each day as we approach the election and I know from experience that number goes up as voters go to the best source of political information in McHenry County as the election gets closer.

I have put up campaign literature that candidates have sent me and all of that is searchable.

The banner ads only cost $20 per insertion, if you provide the copy (700 by 200 pixels).  If you want my image guy to put it together, that’s another $50.

The square ads on the size cost $50.  They are 280 by 280 pixels.  Same price if we make the ad.

The side ads show up in searches; the banners show up when one scrolls down to read the articles.

The email address to send the information to is on the left.


Still Time to Advertise — 1 Comment

  1. Cal, thanks for the blog, you really give a great run down of our local politics.

    Although you and I don’t share the same politics there can be no doubt that this is THE spot for local political news.

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