Bachmann Continues Writing about Stuff Others Don’t

You can click on the ad to the left to reach Dave Bachmann's blog.

You can click on the ad to the left to reach Dave Bachmann’s blog.

David Bachmann’s “McHenry County Secrets” looks as if it has articles most readers will not have read.

You can find it here.


Bachmann Continues Writing about Stuff Others Don’t — 7 Comments

  1. Is Nygren a fraud?..

    I think so and if he is and collected money and pension not due him then I believe he did not act alone…

    Has anyone ever checked his credit cars usage?..

    was it ever even questioned?….

    I can’t believe that in McHenry county we would not have check points in place to ensure that all charges on County furnished cards were legitimate ….

    it would be interesting to know who is responsible for this….

  2. The story in question as laid out by the NW Herald does not tell the entire story.

    There is much more to it than what Lt Popovits claimed in his report.

    This is the exact same group that rallied against Zane Seipler.

    It was not mentioned that the Christmas party in question was attended by Deputy McNamara, but also, his wife was there with him.

    The problem with many stories is that people are in fear of coming forward with any part of a story that goes against the grain and thoughts and agenda’s of those in power.

    Sad but true that many cannot be exonerated by the entire truth.

    This is why I do what I do.

    Show the ‘Rest of the story’ utilizing fact based evidence.

  3. Maybe something good will happen in Mc Henry county and something NICE will be written about it.

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