Chris Covelli on the Screen Again

When I was running for Governor against Rod Blagojevich and Jim Ryan, we subscribed to a media watching service.

Besides sending newspaper clippings, the service noted television appearances and placed a value on them.

Donald Trump, for instance, is buying no TV ads that I know of.

The value of his free time on TV news is probably more than Jeb Bush spent on TV ads.

I remember thinking that State Rep. George Lindberg started appearing on Chicago television, he had made the big time.

Same with Jack Franks.

After two terms in the Illinois House, Lindberg went on to be elected Illinois’ first State Comptroller.

Franks is within two years of the twenty years needed to max out on a General Assembly pension.

Chris Covelli talking about the retirement of the head of the Fox Lake investigation on ABC News.

Chris Covelli talking about the retirement of the head of the Fox Lake investigation on ABC News.

So, when I see Chris Covelli, a young man running for Republican Precinct Committeeman for the first time (Algonquin 55 in Cary) show up regularly on Chicago television as a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, I observe that he is building name identification that money can’t buy.

Correction: ¬†Money from Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles Political Action Committee is buying a lot of name identification time for Allen Skillicorn on Chicago TV:

  • $60,070 on ABC-TV
  • $51,000 on WGN-TV


Chris Covelli on the Screen Again — 5 Comments

  1. Chris Covelli will run for something the next election…

    he looks to good to pass up…

    I am just trying to figure out which office…..

    I am suspecting he will be the next candidate for Sheriff

    he’s young, good looking and intelligent…

    He commands a presence when he speaks….

    Remember you heard it here first……………….

  2. Very nice family man from Cary, excellent cop from Lake Co.

    Would be great to have him in some political capacity in McH Co.

    Has demonstrated tireless work for Cary and the County.

  3. Perfect candidate for Algonquin Township Supervisor or Road Commissioner next year?

  4. Covelli is an impressive man. I know he will be incredibly successful in anything he chooses to do.

    He will also have intense support behind him by many people.

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