If Gottemoller Wins, Who Will His Replacement Be?

McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller has said that he will step down, if he is elected County Board Chairman in the fall election.

If he loses, of course, he will remain on the Count Board as a regular member.

That would leave a vacancy on the board which he would be able to fill.

Signs for Joe Gottemoller and Nancy Gonsiorek are often placed together.

Signs for Joe Gottemoller and Nancy Gonsiorek are often placed together.

From the joint sign placement for Gottemoller and Nancy Gonsiorek, I’m willing to predict that Gottemoller would appoint her, if she does not win a spot in the March 15th Republican Primary Election or does win such a spot, but loses this fall to Democrat Kenneth Miller.


If Gottemoller Wins, Who Will His Replacement Be? — 10 Comments

  1. Any chance we can get an independent to file for the General?

  2. If Joe wins and no one else steps up to run against him and Anna May loses, will he appoint her?

  3. I realize she is not in his district but she could move :-).

  4. Noticing the elephant on both signs, I wonder if either one has ever read the Republican platform?

  5. If Joe appoints Nancy, she will not have to stand for election in the Fall as his term overlaps the current election cycle so she would be on the Board for at least two years.

  6. Anna May Miller is in District 1.

    Joe Gottemoller is in District 3, so she can’t be appointed there.

  7. A real power grabber is a person running for two elected county board positions hoping to win both.

  8. Four more days, couldn’t this type of speculation happen after we know that the game players are still in the game?

  9. Who are you supporting Nob.

    I notice you post a lot and have a lot of opinions and questions.

    Share your wisdom.

  10. Blunt Dude, I just give info as to what I know.

    County chair is a pinch the nose deal, I voted early and didn’t vote for either.

    For President I support outsider, no chance to win Gary Johnson, ex gov of NM with balanced budgets in left leaning state.

    I refuse to pinch my nose and vote anymore.

    A Bernie verse Ted election would be interesting and tell us which way the country is leaning.

    Hillary verse Trump, not so much.

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