Joe Monack’s Precinct Letter

Joseph Monack is running for Precinct Committeeman against Tina Hill in Dorr Township Precinct 9.

A friend of mine received his letter and was so impressed that he brought it up at the First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake’s food giveaway at Nunda Township Friday morning.

Since we were meeting for breakfast at Andy’s Family Restaurant this morning, I asked him to bring the letter.

He said he would, but only to loan it to me, because he wanted to keep it.

The letter is below:
Monack precinct letter frontMonack precinct letter back


Joe Monack’s Precinct Letter — 10 Comments

  1. Precinct letters are interesting.

    Videotaping board meetings is a very good transparency and taxpayer time saving measure.

    It allows someone to view the board meeting if they don’t have time to attend the meeting in person.

    And it allows someone to listen to the board meeting while they are doing other activities at home.

  2. Never mentioned who he supports.

    Isn’t that another (and the main) purpose of a Precinct Letter.

    I’d be interested to see who a 26 yr old ambitious PC supports.

  3. Joe, you are a breath of fresh air!

    I have a gut feeling you will go far… as you appear to stand for what should be; the good things the GRAND OLD PARTY once stood for.

    Currently, there are few who have the courage to stand up when it counts… but because of young folks like you, I believe we are witnessing an awakening.

    You, my friend, deserve credit for helping to restore the good side of the political scene.

    Herb… technically, a committeeman provides information for candidates of the “party.”

    Until recently, committeemen were neutral in the primary election.

  4. That wasn’t a “Precinct letter”.

    That was an indroduction letter.

    Until people know something about who he is or what he’s about, why would they lend any credence on who he supports.

    Joe, has a political acumen light years ahead of the majority of “our local Republicans” and he has an uncanny ability to look at things objectively and seek truth before reaching conclusions.

    Great letter, Joe!

  5. I know Joe personally and wish him luck.

    He’s got the intellect and drive to do what has been lacking in Dorr Township for years.

    We support this young man and his pursuit to run a great precinct but also hold Dorr Township accountable.

    Nice introduction letter, Joe. I’ll be doing what I can to hand you the reins.

  6. Tina Hill’s lack of attention to detail also has her official campaign committee page has her listed as running for County Board because she never changed it to County Recorder.

    Not even knowing what precinct she’s in or caring to update it on her website tells me she doesn’t care.

    She wants us to elect her for a position which heads the dept. that records deeds? (most people’s biggest investment) and she’s not detail oriented?!?

    That’s ridiculous.

    Go Joe!

  7. Grace Lutheran Church
    1300 Kishwaukee Valley Rd, Woodstock IL, 60098

    What was that about details?

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