6th Reick Hit Piece

The pop-up committee called Government for the People has sent out its sixth hit piece.

It arrived in rural Woodstock today.

And six mailings in, the Political Action Committee funded by Mike Madigan allies still hasn’t got a return address.

You can see it below:

Reick hit piece 3-14-16 address

The address side of the mailing merely repeats the message of the previous mailings. In advertising, of course, repetition matters.

The back

The back mixes what the Democrats have done–or, rather, haven’t done–in Springfield by not paying bills with allegations that Steve Reick hasn’t paid his bills on time.


6th Reick Hit Piece — 7 Comments


    This is from Democrat Franks, responsible for being the vote the Madigan needed to fund planned parenthood!

    Jack Franks starts a lot of bills that he KNOWS will never pass so it looks like he’s doing something.

    He’s not. He’s sitting just waiting for Madigan to tell him what to do/how to vote.

    Republicans are on board with Reick.

    Let’s show Franks/Madigan they’re out of a job.

  2. A Vote for “Republican” Jeffery Lichte is a vote for Democrat Jack Franks which in turn is a vote for Democrat House Speaker Michael Madigan to maintain supermajority Democrat party power in the Illinois State House and his position as House Speaker.

    Mr. Lichte is assisted by the Illinois Education Association’s (IEA) Illinois Political Action Committee for Education (IPACE) PAC and Madigan top campaign aide Shaw Decremer (anointed the title in a Chicago Tribune article on January 15, 2016).

    The story is in the comments made in the following blog posts.


    Explanation of Democrat Jeffery Lichte filing with the Illinois State Board of Elections as a Republican candidate for the 63rd State Representative District, whom if he prevails in the Republican Primary almost certainly has no intentions of actively campaigning against Democrat Jack Franks in the fall general election.

    McHenry County Blog
    Robo-Calls Flood Reick Primary
    March 13, 2016


    Explanation of Michael Madigan top campaign aide Shawn Decremer involvement with “Government for the People” PAC which supports Jeffery Lichte and opposes Steve Reick.

    McHenry County Blog
    Total Against Reick from Madigan Allies at $43,250
    March 13, 2016


    Explanation of “Government for the People” PAC supporting Jeffery Lichte and opposing Steve Reick.

    McHenry County Blog
    Union & Trial Lawyer Money Finances Three More Pieces Hitting Steve Reick and More
    March 13, 2016


    The entire Democrat attack campaign against Mr. Reick makes no sense if one understands Springfield.

    The mailers claim Springfield (the state) can’t pay it’s bills on time.

    Yet Mr. Madigan has been present over that mess longer than anyone in Springfield.

    Mr. Madigan has been the LEADER of the State House as House Speaker all but two years, since 1983, for 31 years; and has been a State Representative since 1970, for 46 years.

    Certainly in that capacity Mr. Madigan has been more fiscally irresponsible and caused more harm to taxpayers than Mr. Reick.

    Yet a vote for Mr. Lichte is a vote for Mr. Madigan to maintain his House Speaker leadership position, as Jack Franks has repeatedly voted for Mr. Madigan to maintain that position.

  3. Does Jeffery Lichte even have a campaign sign for himself on his front lawn at 3805 West Orleans Street, McHenry.

    Maybe someone can take a picture of his front lawn today for historical purposes since the Government for the People PAC supporting him has received $49,500 and expended $35,500 thus far per filings on the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

    The “Government for the People” political committee filed the required “D-1 Statement of Organization” on the Illinois State Board of Elections website which stated it supports Jeffery Lichte and opposes Steve Reick in the 63rd Representative District.

    Also note in the D-1 Statement of Organization that John Biesk on one line apparently forgot how to print his name.

    He clearly prints it “Bieck” with a “c” instead of an “s” in Section 9 “Position, Name, and Mailing Address of Each Custodian of the Committees Books and Accounts.”

    http://www.elections.il.gov > Committees > Search Options > Committee Search > Committee Name: Government for the People



    So is it even John Biesk’s signature as the Committee Chairperson?

    Or did someone fill out the forms for him and forge his signature?

    Because how many adults forget the spelling of their name when printing their name?


    The public records for the address now listed for “Government for the People” PAC with the officer of John Biesk is 2978 Kentshire Circle, Naperville, IL 60564.

    While it certainly is possible for John Biesk to live or work at the 2978 Kentshire Circle residential address, public records of that address point to Katherine P Weber who is married to Steven L Biehl.


    The records for John Biesk indicate a residential address of 1356 McDowell Rd Apt 203, Naperville; and the phone number listed for Mr. Biesk on the D-1 Statement of Organization points to Commercial Kitchen Repair Service.


    The original address listed by the Illinois Education Association’s (IEA) Illinois Political Action Committee for Education (IPACE) for “Government for the People” seems the most connected to political work.

    That being the residential address of Shaw Decremer, whom the Chicago Tribune Editorial Directors named the top Madigan political operative in a January 16, 2015 article.

  4. Blah blah whatever you say Mark.

    Madigan had a supermajority in name only.

    Jack Franks never votes for a tax increase.

    If Madigan is such a tax and spend liberal, then why can’t he ever get a tax increase passed?

    You’re a shill to a name – not policy

    Come to the center.

    It’s nice here.

  5. I’m thinking Madigan’s minions are putting so much effort in defeating Steve Reick so that Jack Franks will have no excuse not to provide the 71st vote on veto overrides.

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