False Robo-Call Hits Joe Tirio

Found this from Karen Tirio under the article in which State Rep. Barb Wheeler calls for “civility” in campaigns.\:

Guess you didn’t hold a meeting with this dialogue with your own candidates or they didn’t get your memo, Barb!

One of Joe Tirio’s supporters sent this recorded robe-call to him. It’s a nasal female voice and says:
<blockquote>”One of the candidates for recorder is lying on his stances on the issues and Can’t Be Trusted!

Joe Tirio recently refused to answer if he opposed abortion and is on the record as supporting euthanasia.

As a proud pro-life republican I’m horrified that Joe Tirio calls himself a Conservative and may support abortion and euthanasia.

Vote NO on Joe Tirio on Tuesday”</blockquote>
This is Joe’s response to the cowardly campaign who concocted this lying smear:<blockquote>”Tonight there was an anonymous robo-call against me and my campaign.

To call it bull excrement would be an insult to excrement!

If you intend to lie and mislead the voters, at least be woman enough to sign your name to it.

In fact, it is REQUIRED BY LAW!!

In his last mailing Recorder of Deeds candidate Joe Tirio was smiling.  If I took a photo of him after the negative and anonymous robo-call went out, I image he wouldn't have been smiling.

In his last mailing Recorder of Deeds candidate Joe Tirio was smiling. If I took a photo of him after the negative and anonymous robo-call went out, I image he wouldn’t have been smiling.

To set the record straight…

I am pro-life, 100%!!  [See article “Pro-Life Victory PAC Endorsements“]

Adoption is always an option and the ultimate gift to a family that cannot conceive otherwise.

On the call they said that I supported “euthanasia”.

That is a broad term.

As someone who has spent the last 6 years helping seniors in their last days, I believe I have a unique perspective.

I have been with too many individuals and families to mention.

I have seen the anguish in their eyes as sunset draws near.

I have seen the suffering.

Not just of the afflicted, but even more so, the suffering of the families as they sit by… unable to help the one they love as they suffer through their last moments.

I believe my God would want a merciful, dignified end to the life he created.

In fact, I think it is the same mercy for the unborn that also protects those who suffer, to allow them to pass in peace.

As for your lies, you should be ashamed (although, you probably aren’t).

To use such a gimmick for the purposes of simply winning an election shows your utter disregard for what is right and exposes your ‘do anything to win’ approach to the race.

You, whoever you are, are the model for what is wrong in government.

Do whatever serves you best, so long as you don’t get caught.

You are a disgrace!

Ultimately, you will have to answer to all this.

May he show you mercy.

Joe Tirio”</blockquote>


False Robo-Call Hits Joe Tirio — 7 Comments

  1. Joe is the only choice in this race.

    These unsavory tactics make one wonder what the opposition would pull if they ever got elected

  2. The same language about Joe Tirio is posted on his opponent Joni Smith’s Facebook page.

    What a desperate idiot she is.

    Joe is the only Recorder Candidate with a plan to save operating costs.

    He’s the only candidate with substance and ethics.

  3. And that’s why he got the Taxpayers United endorsement. He’s the only one with a plan that would save operational costs for the county!
    see his website for the published plan. or I think Cal may have posted it here.

    Really pathetic Joe’s opponents would have to stoop to something like this to try to pull ahead. That’s what losers do when they’ve got nothing to offer.

  4. I didn’t know the Recorder’s job included setting policy for life’s beginning and its end.

    Silly me.

    Joe, I hope you pursue who is behind this pathetic tactic.

  5. And both his opponents were at the township event with him yesterday, saying ‘pass the salt, while the one responsible for this was stabbing him in the back!

    We’re voting for him anyway but if we were on the fence, eh, hearing this would definitely have turned us off on the others.

  6. Joe Tirio,

    I find this to be a desperate attempt to save your campaign.

    Why don’t you come clean and let your voters know the truth.

    I was on the fence about who to vote for in the race of the Recorder’s office, but now I’m sure I won’t be voting for you Joe Tirio.

  7. Don’t think Joe needs saving.

    Sounds like the ones putting out this call do.

    Got this from Andrew Gasser:

    “Perhaps you all have received a robocall from some anonymous group without anyway to contact them – what cowardice.

    I just wanted to say that this is not how we do things now in McHenry County. Maybe under the old leadership this was common place – but not now.

    Here is my open letter to McHenry County Republicans.

    I signed it – and you know where to find me.

    See you all tomorrow night.

    Andrew Gasser
    McHenry County Board Member – District 1
    Algonquin Township Precinct 4 Committeeman

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