Ignore Sample Ballot Mailer, Robo-Call Says

A pop-up committee calling itself “Citizens for Fair Elections” had a man urging people to ignore the mailed sample ballot from McHenry County Republicans for Better Government.

Sample Ballot Mailing Address 3-5-16

I’ve written about the mailing here.

The man said it funded by a small group and was “a sneaky misrepresentation.”

Here are the members of the small group who are listed on the sample ballot:

It urged people to go the the Illinois State Board of Elections web site to find out who was funding it, but didn’t mention the name of the sponsoring committee enough times for even I to remember its name.

They are listed in my article.


Ignore Sample Ballot Mailer, Robo-Call Says — 4 Comments

  1. They are gutless cowards who have no honor, integrity or courage.

    I do though.

    I think it is wrong Joni Smith got a 40 percent pay raise last year.

    I think it is wrong Chelsi, her daughter, got a 20 percent pay raise last year.

    82 Counties do not have a recorder – lets make it 83.

    I do not care if your grandfather was a judge, and then your dad was a judge, that you should be a judge too.

    I do not think a former assistant states attorney under Gary Pack should be within a country mile of the Woodstock Courthouse.

    And finally, oh yes, I do not think you should hire your wife as an administrative assistant for $96k (top 1 percent of administrative assistants nation wide) and then hire your two son in laws making $91k and $92k a year respectively.


    And Bob, this isn’t negative campaigning – this is just simply stating the truth in which so many lack the courage to speak.

    It may be legal but it is not ethical in my opinion.

    And if my standard is “too high” don’t blame me… blame the United States Air Force.

    When you do not take the pension, healthcare, and term limit yourself you can say what needs to be said.


    Andrew Gasser
    County Board, District 1

  2. All that IS wrong Andrew, and McClellan hiring her husband as soon as she got elected, then giving him a $10,000 after a few months?!

    This county is f@cked if it doesn’t get to the polls and vote all the scumbags out.

    These people feel so entitled.

    the only thing they’re entitled to is oxygen!

  3. What is this?-

    Amateur Hour by stinking desperados whose time has come to an end! What babies.

    Lacking REAL leadership in this county!

  4. Yes CMueller, it is.

    They are petty and bitter that they didn’t get the endorsement.

    If they had better voting records, worked harder to offer something, they would have gotten the endorsements.

    These are the ones I’d support as well.

    The ‘babies’ should do better next time or get out of the game IF THEY WANT WHATs BEST FOR THE COUNTY.

    My hunch is the ones complaining, want what’s best for themselves.

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