Kenneally Sign Stealing Continues

What can one say about a campaign that steals signs from residential neighborhoods?

What can one say about a campaign that steals signs from residential neighborhoods?

Eileen Marhoefer had her sign for Kenneally for State’s Attorney stolen in mid-day today.

She lives on Camelot Drive in Four Colonies.

She found it abandoned on the Crystal Lake Park District’s Woods Creek Park property. (She had her sign marked, so she knows it was from her yard.)

This would be funny, if it were not so pathetic.

Such behavior usually is an indication that the other candidate is losing.


Kenneally Sign Stealing Continues — 20 Comments

  1. So right you are when you said:

    “Such behavior usually is an indication that the other candidate is losing”

    They are getting desperate.

    Their actions demonstrate a lack integrity.

  2. Probably going to be a whole lot of Patrick signs stolen tonight.

    Those who have them, get your camera’s ready.

    Judge Cowlin, how could you possibly want to support Regna?

    What were you thinking.

    You are accountable for those you support.

  3. Many of Judge Cowlin’s signs have been damaged, knocked down, and vandalized over the past weeks.

    The folks who volunteer to do his signs just drive by the locations, fix them and/or replace them.

    A couple 4x4s have been taken…sign, iron posts, and everything.

    Unfortunately, these things happen at every election.

    Anyone who does this ought to be caught and prosecuted.

    I hope none of the candidates have anything to do with authorizing such behavior, and that whomever is doing this is some knucklehead with an axe to grind personally.

    I would not recklessly accuse another candidate without some evidence of involvement.

    Has anyone studied whether signs really matter, anyway?

    Do voters base decisions on seeing signs?

  4. Martin, don’t you have some PI work to do?

    Maybe, some delving into IP Addresses or something?

    Just don’t put your nose where it doesn’t belong!

    I do believe, Martin, you are addicted to that gravy train.

    Gosh, I wonder what the IDPR or the ARDC would say if there was a conflict of interest as far as your two professions.

    Get out the squad cars and arrest those vandals!

  5. Joe Tirio’s opponent just did a robocall blatantly lying about his pro-life stance because they’re mad that Tirio got the Pro-Life Endorsement.

    Really desperate and unethical behavior of a 10 yr. old here on the part of his opponent.

    Has absolutely nothing to do with the Recorder’s office.

    He got the Taxpayers United Endorsement too.

    Now that one should hold water with the taxpayers!

    Anything to win?

    And look what they’re doing with Steve Reich.

    Four large mailers with smear tactics in one days mail!

    wow- what scum bags.

    But that’s what you do when you’ve ‘got nothing!’

  6. Speaking of signs – a little off topic – this morning on Decker Drive in Cary at approximately 7:45am there was a larger white truck with yellow lights flashing/strobing from the roof (like the Village or township type of larger scale work trucks with same type lighting) setting out Miller signs on the parkway.

    I was unable to take a pic.

    Maybe it was privately owned.

    No marking on the door.

    Looked out of place, morning commuters had to swerve/drive around it.

  7. Demetri signs had been vandalized since the beginning of the campaign.

    He never accused anyone.

    Nor did he complain.

    Everyone has seen everyone’s signs.

    It’s time to vote.

    MArtin Cowlins campaign have broken election rules and you don’t care so no one cares about Cowlin’s signs being damaged.

  8. For all those that are saying, get over it – it happens to everybody…it’s illegal.

    That’s the point!

  9. Honestly, I’m sick of the signs.

    There are so many it’s ineffective.

  10. Exactly WHO exactly, is the owner/victim of any signs stolen by anyone?

    There MUST be a person who is damaged by the thefts, and who will in court testify that they are the victim of the thefts.

    If I’m not mistaken, the signs are the property of the election committee, who’s money is used to purchase the signs.

    I wonder who signed the complaint that got that person caught taking the sign, who described him/herself as the “owner” of said property?

    I have no clue-anyone else know?

    Who’s sign isn’t this topic-sign thefts is.

  11. Cindy, if you were paying as much as $100. for a large sign.

    Would you just get over it??

    AZ – the candidate is the one who has ownership.

    They pay for the signs out of their campaign funds.

    Thousands and thousands of $$ are allocated for signs.

    That is how the law handles it.

  12. It is a time-honored trick in Crook County to either steal your own signs or get some patsy to do it on your behalf.

    The loss of a few signs is more than made up for by the bad publicity that your opponent receives.

    I’m NOT saying that’s what is happening here, but I wouldn’t automatically discount the possibility, either.

    I have no dog in this fight; I’m leaving this part of the ballot blank because I don’t think either candidate has any business being State’s Attorney.

  13. My two cents, in these last days signs are multiplying.

    People are sticking up signs without permission, on private property and every square inch of vacant property.

    Maybe a property owner has removed a sign where permission wasn’t granted?

    I know that’s not the right way to do it but surely the easiest.

    Very happy this will be mostly over with tomorrow.

  14. Could signs be getting moved by the candidates representatives to all the polling places?

    Just a thought

  15. Yes, and it’s a lot of work to get the big signs up and a great deal of a PC’s time that could be spent going door to door.

    I have had 30% of my big candidates signs stolen..rebar and all from approved locations.

    If I see one of my candidates signs falling over I stop and adjust it.

    If I see the opposing candidates signs falling down I adjust those too. because it’s the right thing to do.

  16. Back at you; I don’t know if you’re correct about ownership.

    Unless and until the State can prove that the funds spent to purchase the signs came from any candidate’s own pockets, I believe that the “committee to elect” spent donations sent in to purchase the signs and flyers.

    Will the head of the committee be the victim, and if so, how will he/she show that he/she has any out-of-pocket loss, and not the person who’s money was sent and used to buy the signs?

    Theft requires a victim, or someone who needs to be made whole (I think they call it), or reimbursed for their loss.

    I’ll bet the State might have a hard time with this one- especially if the cop signed the complaint.

    I’ve been wrong before-so no loss on my part here-just a question

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