Mark Knownick’s Precinct Letter — 5 Comments

  1. Mark has it wrong with Anna May Miller.

    She is a quadruple dipper.

    Her $97,000 salary for being an administrative assistant, the patronage jobs from her husband to her two son in laws in excess of $90,000/yr plus her salary as a county board member wasn’t enough, she had to get more by executing an affidavit indicating that she worked 1,000 hours a year on the county board when her total meeting time was not more than 150 hrs in a year.

    Mark is wrong, Anna May is not committed to Cary, she is committed to lining her pockets.

  2. What kind of quality work would you get from an “administrative assistant” that would merit $97,000 a year and still claim she “works” 1,000 hours on the county board.

    The taxpayer gets cheated on both counts, never mind the rest of the family sucking at the trough.

    What fools we Americans are.

    We deserve Trump and the Millers because we won’t work hard enough to expose them for what they are.

  3. Really,

    Mark kownick???

    Hold the line on taxes??

    Please, your voting record tells a much different story.

    Enjoy your last year in office as mayor, because I have no doubts you’ll be voted out next year!

    Hopefully we get an early start and your voted out of being a PC.

    You certainly don’t represent my values!

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