McConchie Replies to Lobbyist Attack

I hope you know that my goal of posting all political mail cannot be fulfilled.

There is just too much.

However, mailings have been posted identifying Dan McConchie as a lobbyist holding money. Here’s one with McConcie’s head photo shopped onto another’s body.

Considering the press release below, I would conclude that the charges are making a difference in the election:

Opponents attack Dan McConchie for being Pro-Life

You may have seen the recent attack ads against Dan for being a “lobbyist.” While Dan has never been a registered lobbyist, he has worked on pro-life state legislation for years. See below in Dan’s own words his response to these attacks:

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

This is Dan McConchie, candidate for State Senate

You have likely gotten mailers from both of my opponents attacking me for being a quote lobbyist.
What they are actually both doing is attacking me because I’m pro-life.

For the last 11 years, I’ve worked at the pro-life group Americans United for Life helping states enact hundreds of new pro-life laws that have saved countless lives across the country.

If you want a strong pro-life voice in Springfield, I need you to not only vote tomorrow for Dan McConchie for State Senate – I also need you to pick up the phone today and call everyone you know in the area to have them come out and vote for Dan McConchie too.

We can’t let the lies win.

Be sure to get out and vote Dan McConchie tomorrow, and get your friends and family too as well.

If you or anyone you know is undecided, and I’m happy to talk to them directly. Call my direct number any time before the end of voting tomorrow at 847-920-4889. Thank you and God bless.


McConchie Replies to Lobbyist Attack — 6 Comments

  1. Fighting – I suspect you don’t really know McConchie or many driving his campaign.

  2. Wow, that was touching. Completely evasive too. This has NOTHING to do with being pro-life. He says he’s being attacked. But he never addresses the question of being a LOBBYIST.

    Nowhere does McConchie say, “No, I’m not a lobbyist. No, I never was a lobbyist. No, I never claimed to be a lobbyist.”

    Because he knows there is irrefutable evidence online that he has identified himself as a lobbyist — in fact he’s called himself “AGENT OF DARKNESS (I’M A LOBBYIST).

    Now he acts as though that’s not what he does or has done. He’s not being candid. He’s not being truthful.

    After being challenged on that during his campaign, he has gone so far as to change his biographical data in online articles. However, viewing cached versions of some of these sites reveals his deception. And, at least one of the articles has been re-blogged and still contains his original biography—

    “Dan McConchie, MA, is a national pro-life lobbyist and board member of a Informed Choices Pregnancy & Parenting centers in suburban Chicago.”

    Not only is Dan McConchie a lobbyist, he has trained others to be lobbyists.

    “I taught a track on lobbying and brought in three Texas state legislators, Reps. Phil King, Mark Shelton, and Van Taylor, who educated the attendees on how to be effective when making a visit to their state capitol.”

    His Twitter profile prior to announcing his current run for the Statehouse said:

    His profile says
    “Dan McConchie
    Location: Chicago Website:
    Father, husband, rock music lover, off-road amateur, political news junkie,
    agent of darkness (I’m a lobbyist)”

    He’s quoted in Bloomberg “We actually have states competing with each other to be the most protective in the country,” said Dan McConchie, who oversees state lobbying efforts at Americans United for Life.

    Go to the links, check the facts for yourselves and then decide if this is the sort of person that you want representing you in Springfield. We deserve better.

  3. I attempted to post a comment directly to the Illinois Restoration PAC site hosting thiis letter filled with inaccuracies but it has been “awaiting moderation” for several hours without being posted.

    My response, had it been published, was:

    “What a bunch of bunk! Martin McLaughlin has not put out a single piece of campaign literature regarding Dan McConchie’s professional career as a pro-life lobbyist.

    If McConchie didn’t want to be called a lobbyist, why did he identify himself as one on all of his professional articles and social media sites? And, what is with this disgusting insinuation that he’s being attacked for being pro-life?

    No one in this race has declared themselves to be anything other than pro-life.

    Dan McConchie doesn’t get to corner the market on that issue.

    The question is, why is he running from his self identified profession?

    The hypocrisy, lies and innuendo coming from this camp and the Super PACs funding it give a bad name to self respecting conservatives.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”

  4. As an addendum to my comment above, it appears that Illinois Restoration PAC practices censorship as my comment failed to ever make it out of their “awaiting moderation” queue, yet another commentor extolling the virtues of McConchie is posted on the page.

    I screen captured my comment yesterday afternoon, so they can’t claim I didn’t attempt to put it up there.

    Talk about stifling of opinions and free speech.

    I’m so done with Dan Proft, his “Super PACs” and their arrogance to think that they get to dictate which candidate is best for Illinois republicans without even meeting with other candidates to have a candid discussion about who best can effectively help lead us out of the political abyss that has become the state of Illinois politics.

    The republican party is in enough of a shambles in this state for these groups to be inciting division rather than embracing the fact that good people are willing to run and attempting to extol their virtues rather than ripping them apart.

    I’m heading to my polling place, and I will not be checking the box for Dan McConchie – he is politics as usual in my book.

    I’m voting for a proven reformer who is not beholden to Super PACS and who believes this is a volunteer call to action, not a career.

  5. Dan McConchie also described himself as a “fundraiser” as well as “lobbyist” on his LinkedIn and then on a blog described himself as the Prince of Darkness because he is a lobbyst.

    Not sure why Dan McChonchie is runnng away from his only professional accomplishments.

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