Pro-Life Leader Defends Dan McConchie

Here’s an email I received from Bonnie Quirk, the Lake County Pro-Life leader:

Subject: Dan McConchie Needs Our Help – Right Now

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

Bonnie Quirke and Irene Napier at the first Patriots United Pro-Life Unity Breakfast.

Bonnie Quirke and Irene Napier at the first Patriots United Pro-Life Unity Breakfast.

Tomorrow is Election Day. And I want you to help get out the vote for Dan McConchie for State Senate.

If you live in the 26th Senate District, you may have received mailers attacking Dan as a “lobbyist” with his face photoshopped onto the body of a man holding wads of cash.

Don’t be fooled. Dan’s opponents are attacking him because he is pro-life.

Dan is Vice President of Government Affairs for Americans United for Life. His opponents are attacking him for working to enact hundreds of new laws and saving the lives of countless unborn babies across the country.

We cannot let Dan’s opponents win.

With less than 24 hours to go before the polls open, I need you to pick up your phone right now and call everyone you know in the 26th Senate District telling them to vote for Dan McConchie tomorrow. A map of the district is below.

It’s not enough for us to vote ourselves.

With the lies being spread about Dan, it is our responsibility to get everyone possible to the polls tomorrow.

If anyone you know is undecided, Dan will call them himself. Just email him at with the person’s name and phone number.

We can have one of our own in Springfield. With one day left, let’s put him over the top.

In Defense of Life, Bonnie [Quirke]


Pro-Life Leader Defends Dan McConchie — 7 Comments

  1. Stuffed for him all day Friday, walked on Sat. for Demetri, Tirio, McConchie for Walsh Freedom!

    Best of the best Candidates for their respective races!

  2. Mr. McConchie has called himself a lobbyist for years, now he tries to obfuscate by claiming he is not a registered lobbyist in the state of Illinois.

    No one is “attacking” him.

    He is being criticized because of his lack of truthfulness in disclosure of his occupation.

    I don’t agree with the photoshopping — it’s lacking in taste.

    And criticism of McConchie has NOTHING to do with his pro-life beliefs.

    Martin McLaughlin’s stance is exactly the same, according to responses on the IFI questionnaire.

    Casey Urlacher is also pro-life.

    It’s not an issue.

    Bonnie Quirke’s impassioned e-mail is very stirring, but does nothing to dispute McConchie’s lobbying activities.

    He hasn’t told the truth and that makes him unsuitable to be my State Senator.

    Vote McLaughlin!

  3. Wow! Beside Proft’s endorsement and treasure, the above is only endorsement Martin McLaughlin did not receive.

    While a very important Federal issue, given Illinois’ dire financial condition, I am going to vote for the candidate best experienced on matters related to pension, budgets and taxation.

    According to Daily Herald, Tribune and Sun Times, and resume, that candidate is Martin McLaughlin.

    Last time I checked, U.S. Supreme Court Justices are selected by U.S. Senators and not IL State Senators.

    Someone should advise McChonchie that he is running for the wrong senatorial office.

  4. Bonnie,

    McLaughlin’s family are all pro life.




    They all went to St. Patrick’s School at which their mother was a teacher for over 30 years.

    I’m sure it’s not you’re fault that you wrote a most insulting letter about McLaughlin.

    Your letter states that McLaughlin is going after McConchie because he’s pro life.

    Get a clue.

    That is absolutely the biggest insult to a Catholic family that I have ever read.

    Thank God his mother isn’t internet savy because your insults and lies would cut deep on that one.

    Every McLaughlin In Martin’s family is pro life.

    The desperate, desperate insinuation in your letter is at best unconchinable and inconceivable.

  5. So Kathleen – you support McConchie’s pro-life work that he does then?

    Because the mailers from the McLaughlin campaign say that voters should vote against him because he’s an “insider lobbyist” who has “no conservative track record” who is funded by “Chicago Democrats”, etc.

    The attacks by the McLaughlin campaign were never honest.

    If he does lobby for a pro-life non-profit is that a bad thing?

    I do not think he has ever denied that – you could even give him a call at the campaign office and ask him yourself instead of blasting him on social media sites.

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