Skillicorn Reports Poll Showing Him Ahead

Here’s what Allen Skillicorn said in an email:

“The latest poll from Liberty Principles shows we have a 12 point lead, but NEVER TAKE POLLS FOR GRANTED. We still need to get out the vote and win with a large enough margin to create a mandate for lower taxes, real economic reforms, and stopping Speaker Madigan’s abuse of power.”

And John Kasich’s web site had this great image, that speaks for all candidates:

March 15 - plea for help

From an email from John Kasich, but the same pitch was made by Huillary Clinton today.


Skillicorn Reports Poll Showing Him Ahead — 13 Comments

  1. A vote for Schofield is a vote for Madigan..

    A vote for Wilbrandt is a vote for Schofield..

    There is only one true conservative left in this race…

  2. 12 point lead????

    Well I guess if they call 12 of SkilliCons cousins that would explain it.

    Enjoy the lead on paper…..

    Tomorrow the intelligent voters will speak and you and your BS will finally be gone.

  3. My absentee ballot accidentally got discarded.

    Now what do i do?

    The clerks office is not answering calls.

  4. Vote in person tomorrow.

    If not allowed, ask for a provisional ballot.

  5. If you cannot physically get inside the polling place but you can drive to or have someone drive you to the outside of the poll, call the Clerk today and make arrangements!!

  6. Will i have less trouble at my polling place or the clerks office?

  7. Here is the law relative to voting outside of the polling place: You can find the law here:


    Any handicapped or elderly voter who cannot enter a polling place due to the structural features of the building, may request to vote outside (near the entrance) of his/her polling place. Such requests must be made with the election authority (County Clerk or Board of Election Commissioners) by the close of business on the day before the election. The election authority will then notify the appropriate election judges of the names of those persons making such a request.

    If notification is received by the election judges the voter completes the entire voting process (weather permitting) outside the polling place as follows: Two judges of opposite party affiliation deliver an application to the voter. The completed application is brought back into the polling place to the verification judges. After the signature and address are checked and it is determined that the individual is qualified to vote, a ballot , a marking device and a portable voting booth or enclosure is provided to allow the voter to mark his ballot in complete secrecy.

    In no case can a ballot be delivered to a voter beyond 50 feet of the entrance to the building in which the polling place is located. After the voter completes voting, the two election judges take the ballot (covered by the secrecy sleeve ) back into the polling place for deposit into the ballot box.”

    In other words if you did not pre-apply, odds are you will not get to vote unless you encounter some willing cooperative election judges in your precinct. Of course you must understand that if the judges are very busy, they cannot leave the polling place.

    This can only occur at the precinct in which you are registered.

  8. Allen Skillicorn is riding high on the $500,000-plus that Dan Proft’s Super-PAC has poured into his campaign.

    Proving once again that money buys ANYTHING in Illinois…

  9. Couldn’t agree more, Robert Williams.

    What a depressing reality we live in.

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