Tina Hill Robo-Calls

The recording was not a good one.

It sounded almost tinny.

Tina Hill made the recording and, when I asked her for the text, she sent the following:

Tina Hill

Tina Hill

Vote Tina Hill for McHenry County Recorder.I ask for your vote on Tuesday for McHenry County Recorder.

We can’t afford inexperience in the only office that protects your personal property.

My record of accomplishments show I know how to make County Government work for you, the taxpayer.

I promise to earn your trust everyday.

Vote Tina Hill!

Thank you!

Paid for by Citizens to elect Tina R. Hill.

Press 5 to opt out.


Tina Hill Robo-Calls — 7 Comments

  1. Tina, get some money back from whoever did this.

    I got a call and I am NOT in your district.

  2. She may have embellished but At least she didn’t lie and try to smear one of her opponents like the one that sent a last minute robot call trying to lie about Tirio not being pro life.

    Give me a break!

    Talk about a sleaze move!

  3. I’ll vote for her ….If she promises to get a chauffeur.

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