Campaign Worker Seminar Saturday after Primary

The Leadership Institute, an organization that trains conservative activists is coming to Crystal Lake’s Rib House next Saturday.

The cost is $25 and that includes a meal,  (I’m hoping the meal includes the yummy pulled pork the restaurant features.)

The Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee will reimburse $15 of the cost to Precinct Committee who attend.

Here are the details.

GOTV-Get-Out-The-Vote Workshop

Leadership Institute logoThe GOTV Workshop teaches you voter contact strategies. Learn ways to implement effective targeted outreach to your supporters.

Understand what resources you will need and what is available for early and absentee voters.

In addition, you will learn how to develop a systematic plan to get the most out of mail, phones, door to door, and Election Day strategies that deliver successful results.

Ideal attendees for the GOTV Workshop are conservative elected officials, current or future candidates for political office, campaign staffs, Election coordinators, party officials, precinct operations officials, and campaign volunteers or supporters.

The GOTV Workshop will teach you proven methods used by organizations, public policy groups and campaigns.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Identify and Target Voters
• Coordinate Election Day Activities
• Use Absentee and Early Voting Tools
• Manage Volunteers
• Turnout Your Voters

Sample Lectures Include:

• Voter Id and Targeting
• Managing Volunteers
• Early and Absentee Voters
• Organizing Phone Banks
• Door to Door Voter Outreach
• Ballot Integrity
• Keys to Election Day

See more at:

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Considering County Board candidates will have opponents in at least five of six districts, I would recommend all who win the primary come to the classes.


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