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If you are only reading the articles, you are really missing a big part of McHenry County Blog.

This publication started in 2005.

Google wiped out the first 2-3 years of it after identifying it as a “spam blog.”

Guess I really irritated someone back in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Since then, there have been 2,834 pages of comments.

There are 20-25 comments per page on the blog index.

We have some commenters who are quite witty.

Sometimes I find myself laughing out loud.

Others are exceeding insightful.

Facts are added related to the subject matter of some articles.

The comment section has lived up to my hopes.

It has become a real community.


Comments, We Get Comments — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks to you Cal for the spreading news and allowing us to have a soap box!!

  2. Cal, During the off-season, maybe you could encourage a few of your fans to take writing classes so we can take their remarks seriously.

    Thanks for providing this blog as a way to keep us all informed.

    It has been an interesting election cycle.

  3. But, Andy, that would remove some of the entertainment value!!

  4. Yes, thank you Cal, for giving the people a platform so the people can tell their the story, and where they can talk about corruption and politics, which in turn promotes better community and a better government for all of us.

    Without you, positive and enduring transformation of our community would not be possible.

    Despite our opinions and differences we are a community that ultimately cares about the well being of our people.

    We must always remember, that reform in government is a collective effort, which requires handwork and sacrifices from many heroes.

  5. The intrepid blogger Cal Skinner
    hosts his forum through thicker and thinner.
    Though some comments aren’t civil,
    and others spew drivel,
    He makes all of us feel like a winner.

    (and of course, by drivel I mean OPC (Other People’s Comments) not my own).

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