Election Night Celebration with Joni Smith — 13 Comments

  1. Let us hope Tirio wins.

    She would do to the Recorder’s office what McClellan has done to the Clerk’s office.

    Due to the new poll books with NO backup, you will wait an extra couple fo hours for your results tonight!!

    For years, Kathy Schultz had the motto:


    Even if there was a complete power failure, she always had a way for the voters to continue to vote unimpeded.

    Not McClellan!!

  2. You know this huh?

    Campaigning is over for now please take a break from slandering

  3. I can’t find an approprite place for this so this will have to do.

    Voting today took more than three times the normal allotted time because of the “new” machine sign in junk.

    I am horrified that Mary McClellan decided to waste our taxpayer dollars on a complete overhaul of a system that actually worked quite well before the huge glitsch that caused so much trouble for voters and judges this morning in our county.

    Why is no one notifying the polling judges of the extension to be open tonight?

    Another glitsch?

    Shame on you, Mary.

    You took a good working system and made it a royal pain.

  4. Noboby likes changes

    There will always be a glitch in something

    I went and voted no glitch at over polling places

    Every person working today were very help with any problems

    As i said before noboby likes change

  5. Talk to the ladies that are judges.

    They said it was pure Hell today with those black screens that wouldn’t work.

    How many people were turned away and won’t be able to come back?


  6. How about just being fair and balanced and say new tech isn’t always our friend.

  7. Why didn’t they have paper ballots. In my voting place you had a choice between paper or machine.

  8. A botched roll out.

    No way should there be a roll of new technology for such an important event until i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

    Completely unacceptable.

    To add insult to injury, no contingency plan?

    What a joke.

  9. karma!

    It had nothing to do with the ballots.

    You could have paper if you liked.

    The problem was in getting to vote at all.

  10. Why would you roll out new tech during a presidential election cycle?

  11. Here you go again Cindy, crazy Cindy.

    Who exactly is stealing this election?

    Please be more specific in your slander?

    Or am I not understanding what you’ve said 3 times now?

    Get help!

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