U.S. Attorney’s Comment on McHenry Ballot Counting

“We don’t have a comment at this time, but if that changes we will let you know.”

That’s what Joseph Fitzpatrick, Assistant U.S. Attorney and Spokesman for Zachary T. Fardon, United States Attorney wrote when asked if the office was looking at the election this morning.


U.S. Attorney’s Comment on McHenry Ballot Counting — 23 Comments

  1. If there is not a full investigation into the Clerk, then there is something wrong.

    If illinois wants to fix its political image then it needs to take this seriously.

    There is something not right here.

    From Profts money in this election to this fiasco.

    Something doesn’t add up

  2. I decided to perform my own test.

    I took one of the district races, determined which precincts compose the district, and looked up the votes for one of the candidates in all those precincts — “partially reporting” or not. Then I added them up.

    The total was not the same as the number reported under the race heading on the Clerk’s web site.

    So, frankly, I can’t make heads or tails of where the numbers come from.

    Maybe Mary McClellan has an explanation. Maybe everything’s clean.

    But I think it should all have been crystal clear election night to any interested voter. Voters shouldn’t have to make phone call after phone call and still not get answers. They should be able to look at the web site and know which precincts’ numbers are counted in the totals and which aren’t. And the numbers should clearly, obviously, easily add up to what’s reported. And should happen quickly.

  3. The actual Clerk is missing in action.

    There’s a sign this is really flipped up!

  4. I do believe the Dems and Reps Central committees should get together and file an injunction to have all the McHenry County election related material seized.

    Then a full re-tabulation of the votes by federal authorities needs to occur.

    It should not take more than a day or two because only the summary tapes from the early voting machines and the submitted election results from each precinct would need to be entered.

    While some are entering the data from the summary tapes / reports, another team could be open absentee ballots and counting any Provisional ballots cast.

    I personally have a real problem with a third party located in Virginia processing our election results.

  5. Clerk may be at a funeral but she is not the election worker bee.

    The election worker bee is on site.

  6. Rumor has it that one of the more experienced election workers at the county was terminated just prior to the election. True?

  7. “Rumor has it that one of the more experienced election workers at the county was terminated just prior to the election. True?”

    Oh, come on, how many husbands does she have that need jobs?

  8. rawdogger: I never get to the county building, if you do, can you inquire? 🙂

  9. Gosh the race track industry and casinos can figured out totals in a matter of seconds based on an arbitrary event.


    And we can’t get actually election totals entered into a computer in a matter of 24 hours???

    This should take seconds as well they can manually count the provisional votes but give us the totals instantly.

    It’s 2016 for gosh sake!

    Maybe we need to farm out this service to a private sector firm that would give us unquestionable results in a more timely fashion.

  10. No rush folks….clerks office has lots of time.

    Just a bit from a Daily Herald article updated at 7:48 pm:

    Ken Menzel, general counsel for the Illinois State Board of Elections, said the county is not required to post unofficial results.

    The clerk’s office is required to finish counting all votes, including absentee ballots, within 14 days of the election; official results must be posted 21 days after the election.

  11. Is Salgado attempting to cover the butt of a fellow GOPer?

    Just what happened to make me “feel” better?

    Since when did a ballot have “feelings”?

    County GOP elects a Chairman soon.

    Should Salgado be replaced?

  12. Based on his comment, Chuck Wheeler needs to spend an election as an election judge or at least go to an election judge training session or two or three. He has no clue!

  13. @Klaatu Barrada Nikto – You should never jump to the conclusion of criminality until you’ve first ruled out stupidity, ignorance or incompetence.

    It would seem that McClellan has loads of all three.

    I mean, for her to fire all those long time employees, hire her husband and then try to jack up his salary immediately shows that she’s a special kind of stupid.

    Entitled stupid – the hallmark of Democrats!

  14. Sorry Conservative Voter I served many years as an election judge in DuPage county and went to training sessions.

    If you completely change a system training is essential cmponent in a smooth election.

    Judges work long hours and their patience is tried.

    If you introduce a new system with a workforce with an average age of 65, you had better have a paper backup.

  15. I would like to know the duties, hours worked, and work product produced by Mr. Mary McClellan.

    Surely a County employee with job title “Election Adm(inistration?) Analyst must have produced some analytical reports?

    Was he in the office working during election days?

    Was he present troubleshooting election day “Adm”?

    McHenry County Government Center

    In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2015-16 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.

    Salary Compensation Report Pursuant to Section 120/7.3 of the Open Meetings Act

    For Fiscal Year 2014-2015

    Gil Jr.,Edward J.
    Election Adm Analyst
    (sick days)12
    (vacation days)15

  16. “No rush folks….clerks office has lots of time.”

    The longer the delay, the bigger chance for fraud.

    Timely, accountable, and transparent results don’t take 48 hours.

    She learned a lot in Cook County, sad voters let have her have the authority of the single most important office in the county.

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