Walkup Takes County Board Chairmanship, Tirio Recorder, Kenneally State’s Attorney, Cowlin Judge – Election Results Posted about 10 AM Day after the Election

The people winning last night at 3 AM ended up winning when final (except for absentees) were posted about 10 this morning.

At least I think they are final results.

Unlike all last night, the number of precincts included in the totals is not given.

One would expect it to say “212 of 212.”

But, the vote totals are the same as at 3 this morning.

Mike Walkup is the Republican candidate for McHenry County Board Chairman.

Unless the Democrats put up a fight, the Rodney Dangerfield of the County Board will be sitting at the podium AND voting on Board issues, the same way Joe Gottemoller is now.

Gottemoller will retain his seat on the County Board because his term is not up.  Maybe he will run for Vice Chairman.

Unofficial results show Mike Walkup beating Joe Gottemoller by

Unofficial results show Mike Walkup beating Joe Gottemoller by 1,405 votes.  Note that it does not show the number of precincts.

With 144 of 212 precincts, Mike Walkup leads Joe Gottemoller by

With 144 of 212 precincts reporting–the 3 AM numbers–the vote totals are the same as the final ones above.

In another closely watched race, Joe (Erase the Recorder) Tirio beat the two women running against him.

Joe Tirio lead his closest opponent, Joni Smith, by

Joe Tirio lead his closest opponent, Joni Smith, by 1.844 votes.

For State’s Attorney, Patrick Kenneally kept his commanding lead over Dan Regna.

Patrick Kenneally got

Patrick Kenneally got 66% of the vote for State’s Attorney.

In the judicial race, Judge James Cowlin lead Demetri Tsilimigras by a comfortable margin.

James Cowlin received 61% of the vote for Circuit Court Judge.

James Cowlin received 61% of the vote for Circuit Court Judge.


Walkup Takes County Board Chairmanship, Tirio Recorder, Kenneally State’s Attorney, Cowlin Judge – Election Results Posted about 10 AM Day after the Election — 56 Comments

  1. These are the same numbers posted at 3:00 this morning — for 144 of 212 precincts.

    They just removed the number of precincts information because it was embarrassing.

  2. So…Steve….more votes to be counted?

    This is very unusual…..

  3. I can’t say for sure.

    At 3:00 this morning, these numbers were posted and directly underneath the name of the race was a statement “144 of 212 precincts reporting”.

    This line has now been removed, but the numbers are the same as those posted at 3:00 a.m.

    I went through the laborious process of looking up each individual precinct that hadn’t reported AND looking at the interim vote totals for each precinct for several races.

    Now either those numbers need to be added to the total once confirmed, or the clerk reported bad results several hours ago, i.e., she reported for ALL of the County but said it was for 144 of 212 precincts.

    Which is correct?

    We don’t know.

    I just got off the phone with the Clerk’s office.

    They said it’s not their fault that the number of precincts reporting disappeared — it was the IT department.

    I called the IT department and they said — wait for it — it was the Clerk’s department.

    Clearly the FORMAT of the web site was changed to remove embarrassing information.

    That is not caused by simply uploaded new vote totals.

    Who did that?


    At who’s direction?

    We don’t know the answers to any of these questions.

    But we should.

  4. The County Clerk’s office should issue an explanation.

    Was the precinct counter (144 of 212) not working properly?

  5. Both the Republican and Democrat party chairman should demand all election materials be immediately seized and let the feds sort it out. I have a copy of the file as it stood early this morning and how it stands now.


  6. “In another closely watched race, Joe (Erase the Recorder) Tirio beat the two women running against him.”

    Uh. . . phrasing.

  7. No small achievement for one male to defeat two females in an election.

  8. Document the disappearing votes in blog comments or send something to Cal or Kevin Craver at the Northwest Herald or all of the above.

  9. It looks pretty clear – there are a number of precincts partially reporting – until then, why should it be considered final?

  10. They prefer a synonym for beat such as defeated, prevailed against, was victorious over, etc.

  11. Isn’t the IT dept of the County Clerk’s office related to the County Clerk? Or was that the old County Clerk?

    Either way it’s time for a new County Clerk!

  12. Thank God I didn’t get an IT job at the county.

    Cal’s Tech Weenie

  13. What did I say, yesteday?

    Don’t you love it when I say,

    “I told you so”?

    BTW Thank you to all who are on the bandwagon now.

    Hold their feet to the fire. No more fake elections!

  14. I just got off the phone with Linda Fitzgerald, Chief Deputy Clerk, #2 in the County Clerk’s office. She said no one in the office except Mary McClellan knows if the 3:00 a.m. numbers were for all the votes or 144 of 212 precincts, and Mary’s at a funeral. Also, no one seems to know who the third party vendor is for the results web site or how to contact them.

    If Mary McClellan is hit by a bus, we may never find out — because apparently only she knows.

  15. Maybe it’s time for the Feds and Adam A of Open the Books! Why did McClellan mess with something that worked AND spend taxpayer $$$ on something that messed up an important election? Isn’t her husband the IT guy? Better have someone run in the next election that knows what they are doing!

  16. Steve, that is really troubling! Like I said before I read your post time for the Feds or whoever investigates such shenanigans. Will these extra precincts’ votes be found in someone’s trunk, say, after a funeral?

  17. Errrrrrrr, You mean the Feds or Whitey Bulger? Let’s just hope former FBI Agent Solana or former Chicago FBI Director Robert Grant don’t show up on the scene…lol…

  18. Cindy you’re still wrong. This was a fiasco for sure but most of your beloved candidates won so why are you crying about a crooked election?

  19. We would just like to know what is happening with the final results. This is an election and the delay should not be happening. Never again will I make a selection via electronics.

  20. Who is the overall Project Manager and the technology Project Manager, might be one and the same.

  21. “She said no one in the office except Mary McClellan knows if the 3:00 a.m. numbers were for all the votes or 144 of 212 precincts, and Mary’s at a funeral.

    That’s an incredibly powerful symbol for the worst day any local politician has had since Mike Chmiel decided to hold Friday Night Bond Court.

    Mary McClellan’s political career should be on life support after this.

    Where do we send flowers and our condolences to?

  22. Joe T. after you figure out how we combine the Recorders Office with the Clerks please make sure to run for clerk, we will need someone in there that has common sense and a business background.

    This ship needs to be turned around.
    h and if Mary’s husband had anything to do with this fiasco will she fire him or give him a promotion?

  23. Is the Clerk’s office attempting to minimize what happened, sweep it under the rug, or what.

    No press releases on the website.

    No updates on the website.

    No details on the website.

    As has been mentioned, visit the County Clerk’s website at:

    http://www.co.il.mchenry.us > Departments A – I > County Clerk.

    Scroll to the bottom, click the “Click Here for Election Results” tab.

    Click the Precincts Reporting tab.

    Look at the Status column on the right side of the screen.

    Status of Yellow (Partially Reported) is indicated for the following Precincts:

    Chemung 1
    Alden 1
    Seneca 1
    Coral 1
    Coral 3
    Grafton 2
    Grafton 12
    Grafton 15
    Grafton 18
    Grafton 20
    Grafton 21
    Grafton 22
    Grafton 23
    Grafton 25
    Grafton 26
    Grafton 27
    Grafton 28
    Grafton 29
    Dorr 1
    Dorr 4
    Dorr 8
    Dorr 10
    Dorr 12
    Dorr 13
    Dorr 14
    Greenwood 3
    Greenwood 6
    Greenwood 7
    Hebron 1
    Richmond 3
    Burton 1
    Burton 2
    Burton 3
    McHenry 1
    McHenry 3
    McHenry 9
    McHenry 12
    McHenry 13
    McHenry 14
    McHenry 15
    McHenry 21
    McHenry 23
    McHenry 25
    McHenry 26
    McHenry 28
    McHenry 29
    McHenry 30
    McHenry 31
    McHenry 35
    Nunda 3
    Nunda 5
    Nunda 6
    Nunda 9
    Nunda 16
    Nunda 22
    Nunda 28
    Algonquin 5
    Algonquin 22
    Algonquin 29
    Algonguin 36
    Algonquin 37
    Algonquin 50
    Algonquin 54
    Algonguin 58
    Algonquin 64
    Algonquin 68

    The other precincts are indicated as Completely Reported (green color in status column).

    So what’s the story.

    Is the Status Column malfunctioning?

  24. Wow, Mrs. What an ignorant remark!

    Just who are these “beloved candidates” of mine?

    Have you not been following the train of thought when I say over and over that anyone that runs for any kind of an office anywhere is not to be trusted?

    How can I be wrong when so many really smart folks are on to this fiasco and chasing down the “culprits”?

    Plus your remarks are meant to degrade and belittle.

    Nice try at pretending to be intelligent.

  25. Clarity elections appears to have a computer in Virginia just across the border from Maryland (Ashburn).

    Clarity is owned by SOE Software corporation.

    SOE software is owned by SCYTL.

    Last time I checked, SCYTL was controlled by George Soros
    with its headquarters in Spain.


  26. Cal, Yellow indicates partially reported precincts.

    The clerk appears to have removed the precincts reporting numbers from the summary page so voters won’t be able to tell if the numbers are complete, however, the precincts reporting TAB still shows yellow indicating several precincts have not been fully counted.

  27. The ‘not counted’ could be outstanding Absentee ballot or Provisional ballots.

  28. Either way, we have received no clarification from the clerks office today.

    If the office is unable to know what is happening without her in the building we have a major problem.

  29. Isn’t McClellan supposed to be meeting with the county board tomorrow?

    The board should demand 100% transparency.

    This is outrageous.

    You’d think the clerk wouldn’t be MIA the day after an election – let alone after an election like this debacle!!

  30. It HAS to be those infamous “good old boys”-yes?

    Yup, has to be.

    BTW, congratulations to Mr. Kenneally and Judge Cowlin.

    Still haven’t figured out why someone would run against a sitting Judge, but the people figured it out, and returned Judge Cowlin to the bench by an almost 2-1 margin.

    Well done, Judge, well done.

  31. Several people reported to me that the electronic voting machines would not have the votes cast and they had to go back to the Election judges because the summary voting page was for candidates that were not the ones selected by the voter.

    Rawdogger, you are half right, her political career is over, not on life support. Lets review:

    1) Mary’s first official act hire her husband because he had all the expertise in the world to aid the clerks office with electronic voting.

    2) How much did Mary pay her husband? Big Bucks!!!;

    3) Mary begins firing skilled older workers (ones that
    actually knew how to do the job);

    4) Mary hires Joni Smith’s step daughter (Daughter of Local 150 man Brent Smith);

    5) Mary fires a handicapped person out of spite;

    6) Mary posts no cameras, no cell phones, no video’s in the Clerks office as if the office is holding the Holy Grail;

    7) Mary fires the only spanish speaking employee because she does not want the Hispanic community serviced.

    8) Mary fails to invite prior election judges back so its a whole new crowd.

    9) Mary lets one of the Millers stay in the poling place after closing! (although that did not help much fro Anna), the Vote totals may be indicative of a failure to count all votes, the voting machines failed, insufficient paper ballots,

    10)Mary Violates a court order keeping all of the polls open.

    Despite all of that, because of her Irish sounding name, come election time for her, she may get 30% of the vote.

  32. Yellow = “Partially Reported” in the “Precincts Reported” tab in the “Click Here for Election Results” section of the McHenry County Clerk’s website.

    http://www.co.mchenry.il.us > County Government > Departments A – I > County Clerk > Click Here for Election Results

  33. As supporter: the public doesn’t know how the judges in Illinois get their jobs.

    It is the Who do you know and can kiss up to be Appointed judge.

    Demetri had the courage to run against cowin unlike most the attorney in McHenry county.

    did Cowlin really win?

    I doubt it.

    All the votes need to be counted.

    We need to kick Cowlin. Out of office like Rebecca Miller lee’s mother and uncle.

  34. Demetri does.

    Not kiss up to anyone.

    Nor does he have to rely on his family’s name to get elected

  35. The “Status” column in “Precincts Reporting” tab of the “Click Here For Elections Results” section of the County Clerk’s website now lists all Precincts as “Completely Reported” – Green color.

    There is no indication on the County Clerk’s website that any technical or other snafu’s occurred during election…no press releases, no description of what occurred, no updates, nothing.

    One has to read blogs or the media to get an account of what transpired.

    Kevin Craver has been updating this article.

    Northwest Herald
    by Kevin Craver
    McHenry County Primary Election: ‘Worst Managed in a Decade or Isolated Problems?
    March 16, 2016, updated 11:17PM

  36. Erika, judges are selected by the circuit court sitting judges from local attorneys whom apply for the job.

    They are selected based upon their skills and ability as lawyers, and supported by the other attorneys in the local bar association.

    Once selected, they are promoted, as needed, again by the circuit judges based on their court record and abilities and are promoted to circuit judge, as needed, and backed by Springfield (I assume the Supreme Court of Illinois).

    People are selected to be either judge exactly the same way you get promoted in your job, by your superiors, based upon your abilities and ethics and record.

    I fail to see how this is so “good old boys” network and is different that any other job.

    Care to explain?

  37. AZsupporter: On what planet do you live?


    Your statement is as naive as someone who states that the federal government adheres to the Constitution!

  38. Ethics and ‘mission’ of those doing the judging of job applicant must be taken into account.

    The statement above:

    “People are selected to be either judge exactly the same way you get promoted in your job, by your superiors, based upon your abilities and ethics and record.”

    Can be true.

    It can be true for a convent and it can be true for a boiler room of stock-pump-and-dumpers.

    If the job entails doing favors for insiders (like rubber-stamping continuances without verifying underlying need), if the job entails special civil and criminal exemptions from personal liability(no malpractice liability like medical professionals, no ‘non-economic damages’ like medical professionals), if the job entails no personal risk due to guaranteed defined benefit plan based upon the full faith and credit of all the people over whom that office holds sway…

    then “abilities, ethics, record” are defined differently than “abilities ethics and record” are defined in at-risk professions such as medicine.

  39. I would like to know the duties, hours worked, and work product produced by Mr. Mary McClellan.

    Surely a County employee with job title “Election Adm(inistration?) Analyst must have produced some analytical reports?

    Was he in the office working during election days?

    Was he present troubleshooting election day “Adm”?

    McHenry County Government Center

    In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2015-16 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.
    alary Compensation Report Pursuant to Section 120/7.3 of the Open Meetings Act

    For Fiscal Year 2014-2015

    Gil Jr.,Edward J.
    Election Adm Analyst
    (sick days)12
    (vacation days)15

  40. Question; I live in the world of reality, not imagination and guesswork.

    Judges, I’m sure, make mistakes and get verdicts wrong sometimes, otherwise there would be no need for appellate courts, State SUpreme courts, and the US Supreme court.

    The ARDC is the other place one takes a complaint against a lawyer and, I assume, a judge.

    If you can PROVE, not guess because you lost a case, PROVE that a judge did intentionally wrong, take it to them.

    I think I’m more afraid of some of the people who post on these blogs than I am of any judge in the courthouse.

    Along those lines, feel free to be afraid of me, since I’m crazy enough to also post here, if that helps your paranoia.

  41. Bravo, AZsupporter.

    Now, what happens when a license from the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation conflicts withe a law license, which is monitored and sanctioned by the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission?

    Supposedly, if you follow the law are ethical and conduct yourself with integrity, nothing.

    It takes many years of sacrifice, dedication and hard work to achieve a degree and a law license. But now, you just never know when someone will be stupid enough to sacrifice it all because of their arrogance.

    Just so you know, even lawyers have to follow the law and if they don’t they could lose their license and even go to jail or prison.

    Just a thought!

  42. On the off chance anyone believes the nonsense above about “conflicting licenses,” to which the same poster alluded in a prior comment, don’t. It is hogwash.

    One can hold a law license, private detective license, driver’s license, barber license, veterinary license, and even a wildlife removal license simultaneously. Qualify by training and education, pass an exam, and pay an annual fee.

    And, although even my dog has a license, the first amendment would prohibit the state from requiring you to have a license to make utterly baseless claims.

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