No Election Update in Over 6 Hours!

When I went to bed at 4:30 AM, there were precinct results posted for 144 out of 212 precincts.

Now, there are precinct results for 144 out of 212 precincts.

I called the Clerk’s Office.

The first time, calling “registration,” the only election-related choice, I got Yolanda’s answering service.

The second time, I pressed the something other button.

McClellan Electin Results heading 3-15-16

It’s 3/16/16 and the election results are not available.

After 57 rings, the phone was answered.

Mary McClellan was “not available.”

I was transferred to Linda.

I pointed out that no new results had been posted in almost six hours and asked when other votes might be put up.

“I can’t tell you that.”

I pointed out that all of the Republican Precinct Committeeman results are available on-line and told her I could not understand how they could be up, but the candidate votes from the same precincts were not.

“I can tell you they are working on it,” she said.

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Billy Bob observed under this article:

I voted for Joe Tirio, but I am having real second thoughts about his plan to have the McHenry County Clerk take over the duties of the McHenry County Recorder of Deeds.

Mary McClellan obviously cannot handle the current responsibilities of her job.

Her head might explode if she were asked to do more.

Cautious Voter left this comment:

Simple, someone else to run for Clerk.

It appears we have gotten rid of Miller on the County Board.

Now, we need to replace McClellan.

It was not directly her fault that some of the electronic poll books did not work but it is her fault for not having proper backup plans in place.

What if we had a catastrophic power failure?

I worked on computer systems for years.

I installed many NEW and modified systems.

I was a beta tester for IBM software.

We NEVER installed any new process or system without a backup plan if anything went wrong.

Yesterday’s fiasco was due to sheer lack of proper implementation of a new system.

I am also told that the phone number provided for the judges to report problems was not correct.


No Election Update in Over 6 Hours! — 23 Comments

  1. Andrew — The Clerk is not even there, there’s no counting going on, and the staff is stonewalling anyone who calls?

    That is outrageous!

  2. Hey Steve … perhaps a new calling for you??

    All though, I am so with you on our conversation from last night.

    This however, is beyond pathetic.

    Much less an embarrassment.

  3. Well, they’ve “fixed” the problem:

    the election result reporting site no longer shows how may precincts have reported.

  4. So instead of actually spending time fixing the problem, they are wasting time hiding it?

    If you click on Precincts Reporting you can see all the partially reported precincts.

    This is a joke.

  5. Why is it that when I think of Mary McClellan the word incompetence pops into my mind?

    I thought she hired an IT person to handle all these problems…oh wait…she did…

    If there is not such a thing as a County Clerk impeachment..I think we should invent one

    my main concern is what is happening to our votes…are they being manipulated….

    I am starting to think Cook County is more honest

  6. The Clerk’s office should be providing regular updates to the public.

    Document everything.

  7. Incompetence and corruption of government officials – Just one more reason why people and businesses are running out of Illinois in record numbers.

  8. Leagle

    Martinez v City of Chicago
    No. 09C5938

    Alberto Martinez, Meliton Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Sofia Martinez, Martin Martinez, and Felipe Garcia,

    City of Chicago, et al., Defendants
    United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division

    November 20, 2014

    Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney in the Martinez case was Mary McClellan (ASA McClellan).

    The United States District Court Judge in this case was John Francis Grady (John F Grady).

    “The court finds that ASA McClellan recklessly adhered to the position that the documents the plaintiffs sought did not exist.”

  9. Re: Mary Malfeasance and the Clerks Office…. an outright unpardonable calamity, FUBAR

    dismay – disgust – outrage

    Hopefully, not nefarious or conspiratorial

    Keep a very close microscope on this situation.

  10. Of course it is her fault.

    Her fault only.

    Mary McClellan did this to our County.

    Our County had everything going just fine until she came in.

    She is spending all tax payers money doing all things she not suppose to do.

    We had the right people doing Elections for so many years, she fired all of them.

    She hired people from outside to do Elections.

    Because evidently she doesn’t know Elections.

    Vern and Keith knew what they were doing.

    They were the first people she fired from office.

    This is all her fault.

  11. Wow!!!!

    Mark really came up w/ something!

    She’s GOT TO GO!!!!

  12. Whoever the fake Cindy is above (from 10:08am) YOU are an IMPOSTER!

    You are not smart enough to copy my style correctly.

    Unbelievable that someone wants to be me!


  13. Didn’t she hire her husband to handle the vote counting because he was the “most qualified” candidate for the position?

  14. Every time you go to a McHenry County website or Clarity Elections to look for McHenry County election results, let that picture of the incompetent (my opinion) County Clerk burn a place in your mind.

    We, the legal voters in McHenry County need to replace her in 2018.

    I do hope that the Dems and GOP central committees send knowledgeable poll watchers to observe the post election “test”. (10 ILCS 5/24C-15)
    Sec. 24C-15.

    Prior to the proclamation, the election authority shall test the voting devices and equipment in 5% of the precincts within the election jurisdiction, as well as 5% of the voting devices used in early voting.

    The precincts and the voting devices to be tested shall be selected after election day on a random basis by the State Board of Elections, so that every precinct and every device used in early voting in the election jurisdiction has an equal mathematical chance of being selected.

    The State Board of Elections shall design a standard and scientific random method of selecting the precincts and voting devices that are to be tested.

    The State central committee chairman of each established political party shall be given prior written notice of the time and place of the random selection procedure and may be represented at the procedure.

    The test shall be conducted by counting the votes marked on the permanent paper record of each ballot cast in the tested precinct printed by the voting system at the time that each ballot was cast and comparing the results of this count with the results shown by the certificate of results prepared by the Direct Recording Electronic Voting System in the test precinct.

    The election authority shall test count these votes either by hand or by using an automatic tabulating device other than a Direct Recording Electronic voting device that has been approved by the State Board of Elections for that purpose and tested before use to ensure accuracy.

    The election authority shall print the results of each test count.

    If any error is detected, the cause shall be determined and corrected, and an errorless count shall be made prior to the official canvass and proclamation of election results.

    If an errorless count cannot be conducted and there continues to be difference in vote results between the certificate of results produced by the Direct Recording Electronic Voting System and the count of the permanent paper records or if an error was detected and corrected, the election authority shall immediately prepare and forward to the appropriate canvassing board a written report explaining the results of the test and any errors encountered and the report shall be made available for public inspection.

    The State Board of Elections, the State’s Attorney and other appropriate law enforcement agencies, the county chairman of each established political party and qualified civic organizations shall be given prior written notice of the time and place of the test and may be represented at the test.

    The results of this post-election test shall be treated in the same manner and have the same effect as the results of the discovery procedures set forth in Section 22-9.1 of this Code.

    (Source: P.A. 97-81, eff. 7-5-11; 98-1171, eff. 6-1-15.)

  15. Connect the dots. McClellan has received campaign donations from various organized labor groups:

    – Construction and General Laborers
    – McHenry County Building Trades
    – IUOE Local 150
    – SEIU
    – Local 150 Operators PAC
    – International Electrical workers

    I also see she received money from:

    Mike Lesperance
    Lee Jennings
    Kyle Berger
    Debby Franks
    Dan Olsen

    Who is suing McHenry County Board members?

    IUOE Local 150 and Jack Franks?

  16. If TIRIO, loses the Recorder’s race, he’d be a shoo in for Clerk 2018!

    If he wins he has to work with McClellan to merge the Recorders office back in with the Clerks and then he’s out of a job in 4 yrs.

    (He’ll go out of his mind working with her!)

  17. Hopefully the County Board will publish a report about what happened in this election.

    How much experience did each person in the County Clerk’s office have.

    How much experience did the Project Manager have in managing projects.

    Why type of experience did the person have, was it managing projects rolling out technology.

    How big were the projects…what was the scale of the projects.

    It is one thing to be a technical person with experience implementing a piece of a project, or in charge of a small project.

    It is an entirely different thing to manage an entire project, not just implement a piece of a project.

    If Mary McClellan has not ever been in charge of a department or a group of people, or has not had much experience doing so, then it would be best to have people under her with experience managing projects and people, or hire experienced people from a contractor.

  18. Mark, it’d be nice to have another piece of data….

    Who is working there that’s Related to another person who is elected or working at the Courths Admin Bldg.?

    This nepotism BS is killing work ethic in county townships and govt!!!


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