Candidate Says More McHenry County Votes about to Be Posted

Walkup sign with Cherie Rickert's in front

This Mike Walkup sign with the Cherie Rickert sign stuck in front was across from the Nunda Township Highway Garage.

Just got an email from a candidate who wrote,

“We’re waiting on the numbers from the group provisionals to be posted.

“Should be in the next half hour or so.

“Would have happened already, but we were told they misplaced the ballots from a precinct in Grafton and were trying to find them first.”

I’m off to the County Board meeting, the first since the election.

The dynamics should be interesting.

Tell others in the comment section what you see.


Candidate Says More McHenry County Votes about to Be Posted — 9 Comments

  1. New vote totals posted at 6:21.

    About 2,000 more votes but no big changes in any percentages — the additional votes are very similar in distribution to the votes already counted.

  2. So no candidate probably ran an absentee ballot solicitation program.

  3. That’s unclear, Cal.

    You can’t tell from the Clerk’s site if those were included in prior totals.

    There are regular ballots, provisional ballots, early voting, absentee ballots, and mail-in ballots.

    Mail-in ballots must be accepted for up to 14 days after the election date IF they are post-marked by election day.

    That’s the biggest reason the Clerk can’t certify any races yet.

    BTW, that last point in no way justifies her being very late with everything else. Everything but the mail-in ballots and election day provisional ballots should have been counted very quickly, and provisional ballots early the next day.

    We all know that in prior elections not only did things go more smoothly at the polls, not only could election judges (and mere voters) reach the Clerk’s office and even talk to someone, but results were posted much more quickly and it was clear what we were looking at.

  4. Screw the instant results.

    What about the people that were turned away and never got to vote?

    That is the much bigger issue here.

  5. The Clerk cannot certify any results because the canvass has not yet occurred.

  6. Mark, you have got to get involved with the McHenry County Good Government Association.

    Please get in touch with me.

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