Biggest Winners and Losers

Mike Walkup

Mike Walkup

You may disagree, but it seems to me the biggest winner was Mike Walkup.

Walkup, a former candidate for State Senate as a Democrat beat Old Establishment candidate and current County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller for the first at-large election of the office.  I guess he is now part of the New Establishment.

Anna May Miller

Anna May Miller

Biggest loser – County Board Anna May Miller, wife of Bob Miller, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner. The campaign against her was that she is compensated about $98,000 for being his Road District secretary. Two of the couple’s Road District- employed sons-in-laws were tagged for being in the family ring of nepotism.

Will that lead husband Bob Miller to retire after this term?

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio

Some might suggest that Joe Tirio was the biggest winner and opponent Tina Hill was the biggest loser.

Tirio certainly sold his issue of getting rid of the Recorder of Deeds as an elective office.

Tina Hill

Tina Hill

And Hill lost not only the Recorder’s race, but her Precinct Committeeman contest.

I guess that makes Tirio part of the New Establishment.

Give your opinion in the comment section.

Or maybe the biggest loser will turn out to be the push to widen Randall Road to six lanes when traffic has gone down.


Biggest Winners and Losers — 19 Comments

  1. Tina Hill lost the recorders race before she started her campaign.

    Her DUI and her not appearing in a county board meeting at the time her car was in the administration building parking lot removed her from serious contention.

    Nevertheless, we should all thank Tina for splitting the female vote and pushing Joe to victory.

    Presently, Joni Smith’s step daughter is employed by crack ace County Clerk, Mary Malfeasance.

    The present org chart in the Recorder’s office has the most obscene level of supervisors ever invented with a supervisor for ever other employee.

    Had Joni actually won, this office would never get cleaned up.

    A lawyer joked the other day that Joe’s wife should run for county clerk under the campaign slogan

    “I’ll fire my husband!”

    While Cal may consider Tina to be a big loser here, the winner was the people.

    The other enormous victory for the people was BOOTING Anna May Miller out of office.

    Despite all of the comments about her insane salary for her low show job, I’m confident we will hear more about the dirty dealing of nepotism in the Miller Clan in the months ahead.

    Spill over from the Anna May race was the loss of David Miller in a Committeeman race.

    This was another big win signaling ENOUGH with the Millers.

    The Millers’ loses are a harbinger of Bob’s future.

    If he had any integrity he would fire his wife, fire his two sons in laws and actually roll up his sleeves and do the little work that needs to be done.

    Of course if he had integrity he never would have hired his family in the first place.

    They are coming for you next Bob!

  2. $98,000 for an administrative assistant at a township road district?

    It appears that is possible.


    Algonquin Township Road District Administrative Assistant

    Anna M Miller

    2014 – $82,403
    2013 – $77,602
    2012 – $76,042
    2011 – $76,383
    2010 – $79,650
    2009 – $75,181
    2008 – $67,180
    2007 – $69,417
    2006 – $69,050
    2005 – $59,069
    2004 – $60,569
    2003 – $55,347
    2002 – $36,258

    Source: Open the Books Widget


    The Employer Paid Health Insurance pushes compensation up another $10,000 as of 2013, per the compensation report on the township website.


    McHenry County Board Member

    Anna M Miller

    2014 – $21,000
    2013 – $20,962
    2012 – $20,629
    2011 – $19,827
    2010 – $19,766
    2009 – $19,361
    2008 – $18,658
    2007 – $18,095
    2006 – $17,626
    2005 – $17,126
    2004 – $17,298
    2003 – $16,265
    2002 – $00,625

    Source: Open the Books Widget

  3. I see where you may call Walkup the new Establishment as he’s a lawyer, a county board member and now the Chairman.

    Being that Tirio is a non politician who just won a race based on the fact he’s going to save the county money, get rid of nepotism and ultimately term limit himself by abolishing the very office he was just elected to, I can’t see ‘Establishment’ in that at all.

    Reformer yes.

    And I’d like to see that become a movement.

    Anymore like him at home?

  4. Annual increases

    02 – 03 increase 54%
    03-04 increase 10%
    04-05 decrease $1000
    05-06 increase 17%
    06-07 +$400
    07-08 -2.8%
    08-09 increase 12%
    09-10 increase 6%
    14-15 increase 6.5%

    Total growth in pay between 2002 and 2015. $97,000 current pay. $36,000 original salary : growth of $61,000/yr

    169/13 years = 13% increase annually.

    Compare to CPI of 2-3% in each of these years for the taxpayer = obscene!

    Source: Mark, this blog and all my fingers and toes!

  5. Not sure if Ms. Miller’s $36,258 in 2002 was for a full year with the Township; partial years are not reflected as such in the Open the Books Widget.

  6. I find this whole “establishment” term useage, especially during this political season a bit overused.

    Tina Hill lost because people lost respect for Tina Hill.

    In addition, when Joe Tirio took a position of eliminating a position to save tax money. He created a voice that was completely opposite of Joni and Tina.

    The real testament will be if Joe can accomplish what he promised.

    Finally, Joe Gottemiller was very much like Tina Hill.

    A lot of people lost respect for him with the peaker plant issue.

    So like I said it wasn’t so much anti-establishment.

    However in my eyes the voters were willing to go a different direction because of the lack of respect they had for Joe G. and Tina.

  7. Brent Steffans: Good points, but I would suggest that with Trump’s dominating performance in the county and the repudiation of Carolyn Schofield’s low energy effort for state rep with almost 70% of the vote not being for her and then Anna May Miller’s eviction from the Board, it seems to indicate the “establishment” or “old guard” if you will, has been rebuked.

  8. “..Carolyn Schofield’s low energy effort for state rep with almost 70% of the vote not being for her..”


    This statement is misleading at best.

    Could say the same thing about Skillicorn who didn’t get 67% of the vote.

  9. And that’s with one of the candidates dropping out and telling all of his supporters to vote for him.

  10. Wait are you saying Swertaka dropped it but still told people to vote for HIN and not the guy he endorsed? (Skillcorn)

  11. Tina Hill was absent at the board meeting last night, AGAIN!

  12. Just watch, Joni will try to get the workers to Unionize !

    That will also ruin any political career she may want to go after.

  13. No, referring to the comment above being misleading about Carolyn not getting 70% of the vote.

    Skillicorn didn’t get 67% of the vote and he had serwatka endorsing him.

    Can see how the comment above came off as a bit confusing.

  14. Yes, District 6 – HUGE loser.

    Why do people still vote for McCann?

    You had your chance and didn’t seize the opportunity….

    But, we are ALL stuck with her now, too.

    Thanks District 6 voters 🙁

  15. “Why do people still vote for McCann”

    – Simple reason.

    She is a name that people identify on the ballot and associate with the strawberry farm.

  16. Well she may be good with strawberries, but is a terrible rep for the general public.

    Self serving.

    One example:

    look at Four Seasons Apple Orchard political donations and date(s) of donations, then check the County Board minutes of voting for their zoning approval and date.

    People must know by now that the board members lobby each other for certain issue backing and the benefits of same.

  17. Are the Walkup and Skillcorn celebration parties done yet??

    These two guys need to get over their victory hangovers and go pick-up their $#$%# election signs!

    I hated looking at them before the elections and now even moreso.

    I thank the other classy candidates for picking up after themselves in a timely manner, bt these two buffoons aren’t making a great first impression.

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