McSweeney Calls for Investigation of McHenry County Clerk’s Office

Here is a letter that State Rep. David McSweeney has sent to the Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Elections about Mary McClellan’s conduct of the Primary Elections:

Charles Scholz
Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Elections
David McSweeney

David McSweeney

I’m very concerned about what happened on Primary election day in McHenry County. I respectfully ask you to conduct a full investigation of how the election was handled by the McHenry County Clerk’s office. The article below provides a good summary of the concerns that have been raised.

It’s important that the public has full confidence in the integrity of the election process. It’s also essential that training is improved to make sure that this never happens again.
In my role as an elected official, I consider this an urgent request. I ask for your immediate attention.
David McSweeney
State Representative, 52nd District


McSweeney Calls for Investigation of McHenry County Clerk’s Office — 18 Comments

  1. This action shows McSweeney’s independence and integrity.

    He could easily have done nothing and no one would have thought anything about it.

    And by doing this, he may well have angered certain well-entrenched interests.

    His action is the essence of true public service:

    putting the interests of the public above your own.

    Thank you, Mr. McSweeny.

  2. Surely any issues should be resolved before the next election, but lets not waste to many $$$$ investigating on what we already know.

    The clerks office should admit to the problems, then justify for all to see that those problems were dealt with.

    If the Clerk isn’t sure, ask for help, it only hurts when you don’t ask and things get worst.

  3. Sorry, Nob, I’m going to disagree with you here.

    When there is evidence of a serious problem in a public office, it’s not a waste of money to have an independent party investigate.

  4. This is great news.

    Congrats to McSweeny.

    This doesn’t sit well at all with many.

    I’ve hrard from many that thebstate races were not even on the ballets.

    How is that even possible?

    And the amount of democratic ballets pulled in McHenry makes no sense at all.

    I’m glad this is getting looked into.

  5. You are my independent hawk dude Steve.

    With you now watching the problems will get fixed.

    We don’t need to waste more $$$$ on outsiders when you will do it for free. 🙂

  6. As mentioned elsewhere on this blog:

    Where and what is the backup plan for power outages and electronic equipment that does not work?

    The Opti-scan equipment has a slot where ballots can be inserted into the ‘black box’ if the power fails.

    The downside of this is ballots are processed by the equipment after power is restored but if someone over votes, he / she does not have an opportunity to correct the problem.

    The Touch-screen has a battery backup.

    What is the backup pan for electronic poll books if the power goes out or the equipment fails?

    Take note: This election had 88,414 ballots processed to date.

    The November election can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of an additional 50,000 voters.

    It is imperative that we have experienced and well trained people to run that election!

    In 2012 the County Clerk published a number of 203,225 Registered voters and 134,550 votes were processed.

    The current County Clerk publishes a number of 205,178 registered voters.

    Do not know why the number is higher as we all know people have left the County but maybe we have an aging population.

  7. Dave hasn’t really offered any changes to the pension problems, or changing the Constitution for the fiscal problems either.

    When I see that, I’d think better of Dave, but this issue is more like election year grand standing.

    Sarcastic and no trust is where we are at sports fans, praise should only come with real accomplishment.

  8. As I went through Chemung 2…results I find that typically somewhere between 197 to 220 votes were cast in every race.

    EXCEPT when I view County Board votes are 405…

    I am scratching my head trying to figure out where an extra 200 vote came from …..

    I sure could use some enlightenment here …………..

  9. Bill… In County Board races voters can select two candidates.

  10. oh…………..there it is folks my stupidity is showing again….thanks Mike

  11. I think McSweeney meant ‘mishandled’ instead of ‘handled’ ,,,,

    How about an extended investigation into the Kathy Schultz years of dirty tricks.

    McClelland: Incompetent

    Schultz: Deliberate!

  12. Kathie Schultz always seemed like such a nice lady.

    OMW what did she do?

    Can you share a copy of the complaint that you filed?

  13. The person who is ‘grandstanding’ is Jack Franks.

    He is the one who is demanding a Special Prosecutor be assigned by Bianchi to look into the County Board and IMRF.

    It is a witch hunt intended to put pressure on the County Board to RESCIND their resolution supporting the Governor’s turnaround agenda.

    In addition, the Board is dealing with a frivolous lawsuit by Local 150 relative to eight board members being present for a Bruce Rauner presentation of his agenda.

    As a taxpayer and voter I do request that Lou Bianchi not fall for this ploy.

    I request that he not appoint a Special Prosecutor.

    What does Lou have to lose?

    Nothing. He is retired.

    What do the taxpayers have to lose?


    We need to unite as citizens of McHenry County and defeat Jack Franks.

    As a puppet of Local 150 and other unions plus the State Trial Lawyers group, he is (imho) a cancer that must be cured.

  14. I know the wife of one of the 150 Union guys.

    She told me the union is pressuring all of them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    That alone should tell you what a cancer the 150 Union is too!

    KEEP A CLOSE EYE and ear on the -Recorders office- and the -Clerks office- suddenly trying to go UNION!

    Both know their political lives are over and this will be one final blow.

  15. To add to Semper Fi’s comment: Both McClellan and Smith have strong ties to Local 150.

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