Message of the Day – Trash Cans

Trash cans.

Trash cans.

McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield must feel that votes in her district’s precinct at Indian Prairie School ended up in the trash can.

Two precincts vote there.

One from State Rep. David McSweeny’s district; the other one from the 66th, where Schofield was on the ballot.

Of the computers at the polling place, the one for McSweeney’s side of the district line worked; the one from Mike Tryon’s side did not.

One person told me that a working computer was not at 66th district side until after 1 PM.

This was a precinct that Schofield supporters thought she would do very well.

But, it seems to me that many of her supporters probably did not end up voting, so, in effect, they were trash-canned by the ineptness of the Mary McClellan’s County Clerk’s Office.

If I were Schofield, I’d be wondering if were done deliberately.


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  1. I request all readers of this blog (including myself) remember Republicans / conservatives have one common ENEMY.

    The State Democratic party and unions with large memberships in the public sector.

    Do not fall for Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals as practiced by people such as the guy in the White House, Mike Madigan and now locally Jack Franks who is a puppet of the unions.

    We have quite a battle brewing and we must not allow the ‘divide and conquer’ rule of Alinsky to be used successfully.

    All election results are as yet unofficial.

    Why would there be any suspicion raised?

    Schofield was backed by the unions as was the County Clerk when she was elected.

    Problems during this election (imho) were due to an inept person being elected to be in charge of the election.

    I have analyzed the vote numbers and so far only one vote result sticks out like a sore thumb: Tsilimigras vs Cowlin.

    If I were prone to proposing conspiracies, I would suggest the vote was ‘flipped’.

    Part of my analysis included a look at votes added after the first posting was done on the morning of March 17.

    Average number of votes added for all candidates was 2.25 %.

    We had 192 ballot entries where the increase was greater and 265 entries where the increase was less.

    Will the County Board have as many as five Democrats present next year?

    District one number one Republican received 4,463 votes while the one Democrat received 4,434 votes.

    District two number one Republican received 4,109 votes while the one Democrat received 4,528.

    District three number one Republican received 4,927 votes while the one Democrat received 4,277.

    District four number one Republican received 4,774 votes. No Democrat was on the ballot for this district.

    District five number one Republican received 3,943 votes while the one Democrat received 3,835.

    District six number one Republican received 3,889 votes while the one Democrat received 4,193.

    Do consider that the Republicans had multiple candidates to choose from and this makes any comparison rather ‘pie in the sky’ but I think it is note worthy.

    Also consider that between Clinton (13,156) and Saunders (20,153) plus other Democrat candidates, a total of 33,857 Democrat ballots were filed for President but 21,267 were cast for County Board seat – do consider that one district had no candidate.

  2. Cal, I think many are wondering that.

    Profts money.

    A horrible smear campaign run by Skillicorn.

    Serwatka all of a sudden leaves the race and supports a guy he is totally against.

    And then the voting disaster.

    It all needs to be investigatied

    Something is rotten in Denmark

  3. I have numerous friends in Schofield’s neighborhood and she is NOT as popular as you might think.

  4. The picture in the above article symbolizes the future of Illinois and all who remain within.

    Do you see all the “house for sale” signs starting to pop up around your neighborhoods ?

    “The Great Exodus” shall continue.

  5. data, this has nothing to do with who liked who.

    The votes weren’t counted at certain polls regardless of who the votes were for.

    That’s wrong and highly suspicious given the other factors that played into this race.

    Laws may have been broken, may have, but people deserve the answers to one of our basic rights as Americans.

    To vote without others influencing the decision.

    This is the stuff that makes people sick of politics and sick of Illinois politics especially.

  6. Just debating whether or not Carolyn would have done as well as what Cal posted.

  7. She did receive more votes than any other candidate for Committeemen.

    However, she does live in a precinct has one of the largest number of registered voters – 1,968.

    Riley has 2,005 and two candidates there totaled 500 votes.

  8. From the blog post:

    – One person told me that a working computer was not at 66th district side until after 1 PM.


    Didn’t see that issue in the County Clerk press release about problems in the election. > County Government > Departments A – I > County Clerk > Primary Elections 2016 – Press Release

    Title of Press Release:

    ePoll Book Vendor Glitch Leads to 90 Minutes Extra Voting Time; Record turnout generates communication concerns

    The press release consists of 9 paragraphs.


    Hopefully people will continue to send make comments and send letters about any problems encountered during the election, and the county board will actively seek feedback from election judges, having that feedback going to somewhere other than the county clerk’s office so information is not buried or misfiled.

  9. No computer until 1pm?

    Where do I even start?

    Can this be confirmed?

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