Tech Judge Weighs In on Election Problems

Another comment under the Nunda Township Precinct 19 election judge’s comments from Marsha follows:

I have been an election judge since 2007.

I served as a tech judge this election because I saw an ad in the NW Herald the County Clerk ran to recruit tech judges and deputy registrars.

Several other people in my tech class also were currently judges and saw the ad.

I set up the touch screen, accu-vote and computers.

Tech judges were supposed to be at the ballot box during the election, and that’s what I did.

After the polls were closed, I ran the reports, broke down the equipment and returned it.

Our big problems were they assigned us a deputy registrar that had taken the judge class, not the registrar class.

We had no registrar at all for 2 precincts and sent several people to other locations when they wanted to register.

Also, the several times we called the clerk’s office we got either no answer or voice mail.

Twice we sent a judge to Woodstock to get answers to questions.

We were told if we needed to register someone, call the office and they would walk us through it.

How, when no one was answering the phones and no one was available after 4:30, I don’t know.

Of all the elections I worked, this one had the most problems and the least support for judges.


Tech Judge Weighs In on Election Problems — 2 Comments

  1. I served as an election Judge and at my precinct there were no issues everyone did their part and we were able to check people in and register same day.

    I have a friend who worked also and he did not have any problems with his precinct either.

    Nunda 12 said their tech judge called them up in the early Morming and he indicated that he was sick.

    The judges were able to work around the fact that he did not show up.

    I spoke with the clerks office on Election Day and Mary was answering her cell phone when I had questions about spoiling a ballot.

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