Where the Signs Are (in Algonquin)

With apologies to Connie Francis.

I went around doing what ex-State Reps. ought to be doing the day after election–picking up signs.

Gathered signs for 13 candidates and let them know where they were.

Now comes Glen Swanson with information about where missing signs in Algonquin are located:

Peter Roskam signs ready for the garbage truck.

Peter Roskam signs ready for the garbage truck.

I’m sure many candidates are wondering where their signs went and were thinking about foul play among their rivals. Well I identified the problem and reported it to the States Attorneys Office as a complaint.

The Village of Algonquin removed the signs despite them being outside the no electioneering zone.

While they did not put them back up, they allowed anybody to pick them up by their fenced in dumpster area and put the signs back up.

Signs in Algonquin's dumpster.

Signs in Algonquin’s dumpster.

I retrieved about 100 signs of the candidates I supported.

They removed signs were not from just the Village Hall property but also the libraries, schools and even some from Light of Christ church.

Signs that hadn't made it into the recycling dumpster yet.

Signs that hadn’t made it into the recycling dumpster yet.

As I pulled signs I noticed signs of all candidates so if anybody has a beef, the candidates should look no farther than the Village of Algonquin.

I still have some signs unaccounted for.

But I only pulled signs from one of their dumpster areas.

I included some photos of their fenced in dumpster area by the Village Hall.

Signs can be seen in two dumpsters behind the Algonquin Village Hall.

Signs can be seen in two dumpsters behind the Algonquin Village Hall.

The signs were removed before 9 am and no explanation was given or resolved until around noon.

If anybody has questions I urge them to consult the officials at Algonquin Village Hall or the McHenry States Attorney office for additional details.


Where the Signs Are (in Algonquin) — 8 Comments

  1. The McHenry County Defenders are probably not to happy the Village of Algonquin is tossing the signs in the dumpster instead of recycling them.

  2. The area on polling place property beyond the campaign free zone, whether publicly or privately owned, is a public forum for the time that the polls are open on an election day.

    At the request of election officers any publicly owned building must be made available for use as a polling place.

    A person shall have the right to congregate and engage in electioneering on any polling place property while the polls are open beyond the campaign free zone, including but not limited to, the placement of temporary signs.

    This subsection shall be construed liberally in favor of persons engaging in electioneering on all polling place property beyond the campaign free zone for the time that the polls are open on an election day.

  3. The Village can remove signs if they are in the public right of way which is not on the same property as the polling place, but they cannot remove signs on the property of the polling place so long as they are more than 100 feet from the polling room.

  4. As a past part of the Public Works force that had to deal with these signs, often left out after the election turned into waste, we need to find a better way than the way it is now.

    So many signs often in the wrong place, Berma Shave placement, placed on ROW and private property with no permission, they are as distracting to drivers as texting while driving.

  5. Every sign at the Village Hall was removed on Election Day.

    It was not incorrect placement

    it was a decision Algonquin officials made.

    After dealing with the States Attorneys office signs were put in the same place.

    As for sign removal after the election, I agree that signs should be taken down promptly.

    I personally took down the signs that night before going to bed.

    Sad to say, there were many signs still up at polling locations the next day.

    Add the right away signs and I understand that not everybody cleans up after themselves.

    Many signs are used for multiple elections, the cost of those signs is not cheap.

    It is in the candidates best interest to retrieve their signs.

    Before making decisions, has anybody questioned the candidate(s) in question?

    Maybe they are unaware of what the rules of the signs are?

    Communication helps!

    It sure is better than having people hold signs and distracting drivers to get their attention.

    Yes that was present too!

    It was like Liberty Tax guys at polling station entrances.

    They were there because they felt their referendum signs were stolen.

    Algonquins judgement put people safety at risk!

    Would they rather have human billboards?

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