MCC Overestimating Maintenance Costs

McHenry County CollegeOnly 25 hours before the next meeting of the McHenry County College Board, notice was received that its board packet was available to the general public, that is, the folks who pay the bills.

It is my belief that Board should instruct the administration to post the packets at the same time Board members receive them.

That would be timely transparency.

In any event, here I am going through the report and finding the following sentence in a report about a meeting of the Finance Committee:

Many projects have come in two-thirds under their allotted budgets, reducing deferred maintenance costs from $40 million to $24 million.

As a retired Budget Examiner for the United States Bureau of the Budget, I find such a margin of error troubling.


MCC Overestimating Maintenance Costs — 6 Comments

  1. Board packets should be provided to the public and administration simultaneously.

    The Board should make a Board policy, board packets should be provided simultaneously to the Public and the Board.

    The public should have access to the same information as the board in and out of the board packet during public board meetings.

    Information and data should be treated the same as speech during open board neetings…the board should not have special handouts that are not made available to the public.

    The MCC Board is a lot more transparent than Crystal Lake High School District 155, in the MCC Board videotapes their Board meetings and posts the taped meetings on the district website, and posts a board packet for the public prior to the board meeting, while the High School District 155 does not.

    The teacher union and administration has much more control and power in CHSD 155 than taxpayers.

    It is a joke.

  2. Meant to say Board packets should be provided to the Public and Board simultaneously.

    Notice the Public comes first, they are the customers footing the bill, not son second class citizens relegated to the a second class status.

  3. Where is Local 150? Violation of the Open meetings Act!

    Oh! I forgot. MCC did not pass a resolution supporting the Rauner agenda.

  4. In Woodstock CUSD 200, the transportation budget is deliberately inflated, the levy is applied and collected, then the excess funds are transferred from transportation fund to general (unrestricted) fund.

    This is a deliberate tactic to evade PTELL and statutory tax rate caps in categorical funds, which were enacted in an attempt to protect taxpayers.

    Perhaps MCC is deliberately overtaxing in order to build a surplus to be transferred and spent at will.

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