The Traffic Court Fines

Many people undoubtedly think that pensions that McHenry County Board members are signed up for are a scam.

People know these are part-time jobs.

A bigger concern arises every time someone has to pay a traffic ticket.

Here’s a recent example;

Court fines on traffic case 3-16

A $50 traffic fine cost this person another $295 in fees. These were approved by the McHenry County Board and Circuit Court orders.

These fees have either been approved by the McHenry County Board or the McHenry County Circuit Court.


The Traffic Court Fines — 14 Comments

  1. Cal, since these are all state mandated, which of the counties reps and senators voted for or against them?

  2. I have heard that when you are issued a citation for speeding in Bull Valley (who has not?), the Village actually receives less than ten dollars.

  3. Con voter, 705 ILCS 10527.3A(1.5)

    Those big long numbers mean nothing?

  4. theae fees are not mandated by the State.

    Clearly adds to McHenry County’s excessive taxation to pay for excess.

    Another example of our County Govt boiling the frog (taxpayer).

    Is it getting hot in here?

    Ribbit Ribbit…..

  5. Fines have to be assessed by a judge.

    Fees can be collected by the Circuit Clerk for specific purposes.

    The distinction between the two is important, and it is at the heart of a class action lawsuit that was recently refiled in McHenry County Circuit Court.

    The Cliff’s Notes version of the lawsuit is that the Circuit Clerk for years has been collecting fees to help defray the costs that the offender specifically imposes on the court system (which is allowed) and also the general costs of running the system. (Which is not allowed, unless it is part of fine imposed by a judge.)

  6. Here is Nob’s “Those big long numbers mean nothing?”

    ” 1.5. Starting on June 1, 2014, a clerk of the circuit court in any county that imposes a fee pursuant to subsection 1 of this Section, shall charge and collect an additional fee in an amount equal to the amount of the fee imposed pursuant to subsection 1 of this Section, except the fee imposed under this subsection may not be more than $15. This additional fee shall be paid by the defendant in any felony, traffic, misdemeanor, or local ordinance case upon a judgment of guilty or grant of supervision. This fee shall not be paid by the defendant for any violation listed in subsection 1.6 of this Section.”

    Now we know where the “Nob” stands.

  7. Just because a document contains a reference to a State Statute does not mean the fee is mandatory. You actually need to take the time to read the statute. I did encounter an entry in the minutes of one of the Law and Justice committee meetings where a committee member requested a listing of all those fees and a declaration as to whether the fee was mandatory. I have not seen such a document. Maybe one of the Board members that reads this blog can enlighten us?

    In other words If the Clerk of the Circuit Court HAD NOT imposed a fee (approved by the County Board) the additional fee mentioned in the Nob’s quote would not be assessed.

    When I read through the minutes of committee meetings I can easily observe that County STAFF led by Peter Austin is directing what County Board members ultimately approve. The Court Automation FEE which will be assessed until it is repealed was initiated to offset the cost of funding a project to reduce manpower (staff). Staff has been reduced but the fee continues to be collected. Each one of those fees assessed as listed is funding increased public sector employment.

    It is the continuous refrain recited by County Staff that it is only pennies in tax dollars or fees for each and every tax / fee increase. However, as you can read above, those pennies add up! Result? People leave the county.

    We need to elect people to County Board, School Board, Library Board, Park District, Municipal councils, Townships, Fire Districts, etc. etc. who will take the time to read and research what Staff presents to them.

  8. Con voter, no fan of any fees, that’s why I asked who voted for the fees in the first place.
    Way to often laws are passed and they don’t have the wording mandatory, yet we pay.
    Just saying.

  9. The above article, which exposes onerous fines for minor
    traffic violations that in fact go to fund more BIG government programs which have NOTHING whatsoever to do with driving violations, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that every Illinois citizen is a political prisoner of a repressive Socialist government run by the Democrats all over the stste.

    Join the “Great Exodus” and GTFO of Illinois ASAP.

  10. Gasbag likes to tell everyone what he is doing on the county board why don’t he do something about this taxation to the max

  11. Seriously, Stand4Truth . . . is calling names, ‘Gasbag’ necessary ? ! ? !

    Are we on the the grade school playground ?

    Name-calling on a public forum is a cheap shot.

    A thoughtfully worded challenge is one thing, but That was unnecessary 😕

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