Another Factor in the Election Results

The following ad ran in the Northwest Herald on the Sunday before the election.

Sunday is the biggest circulation day for the paper.

It also ran in McHenry County Blog Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Take a look at the recommendations for the McHenry County Good Government group and tell me how you think it affected the primary election results, if at all.


Another Factor in the Election Results — 10 Comments

  1. It would be difficult for me to determine what was the magic item that resulted in some surprising but well received results.

    The post above basically said the same thing as the post cards mailed by McCleary’s group and mimicked what most committeemen sample ballots contained.

    What I cannot explain is how well Kearns and Cowlin did.

    The conspiracy theorists will have lots of fun with those two races.

    Especially in light of the obvious ineptitude displayed by our current Clerk.

    Does anyone have the results of the mandatory five percent recount or has it not yet been conducted?

  2. What on earth does the choice of Circuit Court Judge have to do with high taxes?

    This group sounds like the political arm of the Algonquin Township malcontents.

  3. What if the electorate, not being complete muppets, reasoned the way Billy Bob did, and came to the same conclusion he did?

    Professional politicians think we are idiots, and that ad was an example.

    Judge finds a guy guilty.

    Guy goes to jail.

    Guy’s kids get on tuition and book assistance programs because pop’s in jail.

    Taxes fund those programs.

    The judge has raised our taxes.

  4. I’ve gotta agree with Billy Bob and Martin.

    The newest cool buzz word is to call your self a tax fighter.

    The guy that just sold me a burrito says he’ll work to lower my taxes as well.

    Suddenly, everyone’s a fighter and everyone cares about lowering property taxes..

    Next election they’ll all be gluten-free as well.

  5. I liked it when I saw it.

    Supported and solidified my thoughts.

    I appreciate any documents that try to separate candidates from the herd, especially regarding taxes since every candidate had the same position.

    Yet we all know that tax rates will only continue to go up here in McH cty.

    Primarily because schools are 70% of our rate, and I do not think any of the candidates can impact that.

    Its up to local school boards to stand strong against teachers, admin and unions.

    Tough task, and the pro-tax folks at the local school level have all the ammo on their side:

    Threat of strikes, constitution rigged against meaningful changes, etc.

  6. Bob, There actually was one candidate that pledged to focus on exactly what you speak of. E

    ven pledged his salary as seed money toward the effort…

    Weird that he didn’t make that list…

    Go figure…

  7. Klaatu: She has to get past the other Democrat in the fall to keep her seat and that will not be an easy task.

    Her silly little mailer this election and placement of signs on mostly Conditional Use properties will not be enough to beat the Democrat.

    I do believe the voters will term limit McCann and replace her with someone who actually runs as a Democrat.

    Had Schuster won, the loss for the Democrat would be guaranteed.

    Bisset-Yensen will likely hit another home-run this fall.

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