People Moving In, People Moving Out – 60 More in McHenry County over Year Before

Earlier this month two United Van Lines trucks were in Crystal Lake's Main Beach parking lot.

Earlier this month two United Van Lines trucks were in Crystal Lake’s Main Beach parking lot.

The Chicago Metropolitan area lost population in 2015.

The U.S. Census Bureau found 22,194 more people left the greater Chicago area than moved in.

About 80,000 in and 105,000 out.

That’s what the Chicago Tribune reported in its evening internet edition.

Look for an article about Chicago's losing population in Friday's Chicago Tribune.

Look for an article about Chicago’s losing population in Friday’s Chicago Tribune.

The Fox River Valley counties of McHenry, Kane, Will, Kendall saw increases, however.

The Census Bureau says McHenry County’s population rose 60 people.

    • McHenry County, 2010    308,826
    • McHenry County, 2014    307,283
    • McHenry County, 2015    307,343    +60  +0.2%

One thought in the story tells of Chicago being more dependent on Mexican immigration than any other large city.

It’s not only white people leaving Chicago.

In the last decade 17% of the blacks have left.

Escaping violence is one source’s guess.

Meanwhile, February unemployment is reported to be up from 6% to 6.4%.


People Moving In, People Moving Out – 60 More in McHenry County over Year Before — 9 Comments

  1. A lot has changed over the last 10 – 20 years, as one of the worst government ideas ever, low income high rises, have been torn down in Chicago.

    As they were torn down, equivalent number of units were not made available in Chicago.

    As a result, some residents dispersed to the suburbs.

    Suburban school administrators and boards have been saying for years:

    – Our demographics are changing.

    – Our socioeconomic this or that are changing.

    There’s been an increase in Section 8 and affordable housing in the suburbs.

    Laws such as the Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act.

    An authority named the Illinois Development Housing Authority.

    There are laws or guidelines for local governments to meet regarding affordable housing.

  2. The above all occurred while family income dropped 17 % and local government increased regulations along with the fees.

    Home values dropped by 1/3.

    School kept increases.

    School employees and public sector union employees kept getting wage increases because if negotiations did not go the direction the union wanted – strike.

    Jack Franks solution?

    Increase McHenry County Board size by adding a Chairman.

    Consolidate Townships to increase property taxes for fifty percent of the townships.

    Work with Local 150 to sue the County.

    Work with local 150 to engage in a witch hunt.

    Meanwhile, Springfield can’t pay its bills but keeps spending like drunken irresponsible people (I like sailers).

  3. “School kept increases.”

    Schools kept increasing taxes.

  4. A whole 60 people, maybe we needed to expand 176 and 47 to 6 lanes…

  5. And how many ILLEGAL ALIENS have immigrated into
    the Democrat proclaimed “sanctuary city”, and
    by default Illinois ?

    Nothing to be said about that.

    GTFO of Illinois ASAP, before it all implodes.

  6. Please all leave that hate Ilinois.

    Maybe we will become a rural district statewide.

    Everyone wanted uncontrollable growth in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, but they are now crybabies.

    Again if you don’t want to solve the problems leave.

    Local school boards okayed local raises so blame the local McHenry County people for the trouble here.

    House values rose too much and instead of building businesses and roads everyone wanted a bedroom community where more school children live.

  7. There might be just a small problem with your “60 more people” idea.

    Let’s say you had a population of 300K.

    And that 300k made 4,000 babies in a year, but at the end of the year you only had 60 more people.

    Can you see how you just lost 3,940 people, eventhough the number went up?

    Of course you can’t.

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