James Cowlin Sweeps County

Appointed Judge James Cowlin won over 61% of the Republican Primary Election vote against Assistant State’s Attorney Demetri Tsilimigras.

With that margin, one might think that he would have won pretty much every precinct.

And he pretty much did.

But, looking at the election map, there was a part of McHenry County where Demetri more than held his own.

That was in the southeastern part of Algonquin Township.

The precincts James Cowlin won are depicted in blue.  Demetri Tsilimigras' precincts are in red.

The precincts James Cowlin won are depicted in blue. Demetri Tsilimigras’ precincts are in red.

Demetri was Republican Chairman of the township organization until he announced his judicial candidacy.

He also lives in Cary.

In the future some judges will be elected from judicial districts which are smaller than McHenry County.

The map can be seen below:

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10-1-19 Discovered today that the State Board of Elections map below is incorrect, as least as far as subcircuits 2 and 3 are concerned.

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The judicial sub-circuit map for McHenry County.

The judicial subcircuit map for McHenry County.


James Cowlin Sweeps County — 18 Comments

  1. So besides the malcontents of Algonquin Township the county went Cowlin.

    That group, lead by an idiot, is meaningless.

    He might not like the pension but he is an idiot.

  2. It would be nice if they could move the county borders a little bit so that the E/SE part of Algonquin township was in Cook County.

    A lot of the politicians from there would feel far more at home.

  3. I have not seen any explanation relative to the Cowlin sweep that ‘computes’.

    Does anyone know of any committeeman letter that endorsed Cowlin?

  4. The county’s lawyers, and the citizens who know him and his integrity, came out to overturn the smear campaign.

    He is a good man, a good judge, and deserved to win his seat, period.

  5. @Questioning

    Most people don’t even know who their committeeman is, much less give two figs about his or her endorsements.

    Becoming a committeeman is sort of like the grown up version of running for student council.

  6. As. The smear campaign was directed At Demetri by the kiss ass attorneys and biased judges.

    Jealous of Demetri for having the courage to go against the judicial appointment system.

    Every attorney knows the system is a joke.

    as for Cowlin he proved his incompetence in not knowing the law by his numerous violations during the election.

  7. Quit griping and go pick up his signs.

    Raffel, Queen Anne, in the mud along 14, Country Club, and elsewhere.

  8. Martin

    no grips

    it’s a fact Cowlin does not know the law.

    As for signs maybe you and the kiss ass attorneys can get together and pick up signs if they bother you so much

  9. Sad that many have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to the law, as they call it.

    IF, and that’s a large IF, Judge Cowlin had violated some law of ommision or whatever they’re complaining about, it’s just as sad that they paint ALL the local lawyers as bad people and corrupt.

    Not only sad, but crazy.

  10. No one said that lawyers and judges are corrupt.

    The Election is over everyone needs to move on.

  11. As to Cowlin not knowing the law the reference was to the alleged campaign violations.

    Many things were said about both sides it was an election.

    Now we all need to move forward.

    On to the general election

  12. Billy Bob – Thank you for educating me.

    I had no idea.

    When I see people walk into the precinct to vote and they are carrying the sample ballot supplied to them by their committeeman, I guess it is a figment of my imagination.

    Your post indicates you are part of the prior regime in this county.

    Just curious, what is your position on the “Party” platform – either one?

  13. No one said that any lawyer or judge was a bad person.

    Your obvious assumptions are completely wrong.

    We all need to move forward.

  14. @Questioning

    Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not part of the prior regime.

    I don’t even particularly like very many of them.

    I absolutely despised Gary Pack and the Nygren/Zinke crew and am delighted that they are gone.

    I have no idea what either party platform is, because I don’t follow that sort of foolishness.

    Platforms are just marketing campaigns that are forgotten as soon as the elections are over.

    I’m basically just a small-l libertarian who usually votes Republican.

    The reason that I took an interest in this race is that it was painfully obvious that the new party leadership was flexing its political muscles to try to make one of their own into a judge.

    There are several reasons that this bothered me:

    1) Demetri has a rather unimpressive resume. He went to a law school that isn’t very well regarded, and after 19 years of practicing law he is basically middle management at a collar county prosecutor’s office that isn’t particularly well run.

    2) Nobody ever came up with any CREDIBLE reasons why Judge Cowlin shouldn’t keep his job.

    3) The taxpayers of this state would have been on the hook for a great deal of additional pension liability if Demetri had been made a full judge at the age of 45 and retired after one or two terms.

    4) So many of Demetri’s supporters were so over the top obnoxious that it would have been difficult for me to support the guy even if I believed him to be better qualified than he was.

  15. Well said Billy Bob-Erika, I agree, but the posting before was stating that the judges were picked and appointed to the bench by a corrupt group of “good old boy” network lawyers that do what the bar association said to do, which is where I got my posting statement.

    The election is over-it’s just that the past ever-present nit-picking and inuendo about anyone at the courthouse or the county has gone WAY past having any credibility.

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