The Walkup Upset – Re-Posted Because Walkup’s Color on Map IDed Wrong

Last week I and commenters tried to answer the question,

Why did Gottemoller Lose?

in and under this article.

Today examine this map and answer the question,

Where did Walkup win?

The race came out 51.5% for Michael Walkup and 48.5% for Joseph Gottemoller.

The race came out 51.5% for Michael Walkup and 48.5% for Joseph Gottemoller.

Which color represents each candidate?

Remember, they are both from Crystal Lake.

They are both from Nunda Township.

They are both from the same precinct (Nunda 15, where Gottemoller beat incumbent Mike Shorten for Precinct Committeeman).

Walkup lost the precinct 280-231, but he won McHenry County in all but official results (only some absentee votes outstanding) by 24,153 to 22,776.

When originally posted, I reversed the colors. As you can see Mike Walkup's color is green.

When originally posted, I reversed the colors. As you can see Mike Walkup’s color is green.


The color that represents Walkup is blue.
= = = = =

I’m color blind, but not that color blind.

Walkup’s precincts are in green, not blue.
= = = = =

Before election day it seemed to me that Gottemoller was winning.

Guess what?

He was.

Below you cam see that in early voting, Gottemoller was ahead.

Of votes cast on election day, Mike Walkup got the most.

Of votes cast on election day, Mike Walkup got the most.

Whatever caused Walkup’s victory, it is clear that he had momentum going into in-person voting on Election Day.

3,809 people cast early votes for Gottemoller; 3,300 for Walkup.

Absentee ballots showed a 28-vote advantage for Gottemoller.

Among Election Day registrants–the blue portion of the graph on the left–1,116 voted for Walkup and 1,071 cast ballots for Gottemoller.

The regularly cast Election Day returns similarly showed a Walkup advantage:

  • Walkup – 19,151
  • Gottemoller – 17,289


The Walkup Upset – Re-Posted Because Walkup’s Color on Map IDed Wrong — 22 Comments

  1. First time I heard of Michael Walkup was when he ran against John Heisler for Nunda Supervisor and lost.

    Then he ran for park district board…or maybe he was already on the board.

    Late 90’s, not sure what came first.

    Either way, he has been involved in local politics for at least 18 years.

    Not that it matters…

  2. If anyone has access to the ‘under’ votes on early ballots versus ‘under’ votes on election day, are you willing to share that data?

    It may be an indication relative to ‘informed’ vs ‘uninformed’ voters.

    Also, remember, the “good government” posting and the McCleary mailers were put out closer to election day.

  3. To much bad history against Gottemoller, played a part in his losing the campaign, plus other factors.

    Oakwood Hills did not help him.

    Additionally, Mike played his cards right when he continued to comment on McHenry County Blog.

    He wasn’t afraid to set the record straight and he was professional about his approach.

  4. Joe is a good man.

    He will find a way to continue to serve his community.

    That is all that matters

  5. I left this section of the ballot blank along with the section for State’s Attorney, because I didn’t think either candidate in either race was worthy of the job.

    I’m hoping against hope that there is a decent candidate to vote for in the general election in at least one of these races.

  6. Mike Tryon’s endorsed candidates’ piece followed the sample ballot.

  7. Not that I know of.

    And he didn’t send campaign information and literature.

    Neither did Carolyn Schofield.

  8. Gottemoller resigned as the Grafton Township attorney and recommended Ancel Glink to replace himself.

    Unreliable and bad judgement are his losing characteristics.

    He cost Grafton township hundreds of thousands in legal bills.

    At least Walkup is willing to entertain the elimination of townships and let us vote on the matter, unlike Gottemoller.

  9. Gottemoller refused to recuse himself on the township topics before the county board even though he was collecting paychecks from Grafton township.

  10. Thanks to everyone here who voted!

    I ran a “guerrilla campaign” all the way.

    I had very little money and few volunteers dedicated to my own campaign.

    My thanks go out to all of the precinct committeemen who endorsed me and got out the message to their precincts for myself and the other candidates with whom I was allied.

    They are the heroes here.

    Now we all need to come together for the Fall.

    This is going to be a very volatile year and nothing can be taken for granted.

    Everyone is going to need to get out there and put in the maximum effort or all can easily be lost.

    btw: I think Cal got the colors backwards. I lost my own precinct, which was also Joe’s precinct and in which he won for PC by 50 votes over Mike Shorten, but it is colored blue here. Please check on that. I think I am the green.

  11. Mike is correct.

    I reversed the colors in the original version of the article.

  12. Anyone else download the “report” available on the “Results” screen?

    Not one ‘under’ vote shows?

    All ballots were voted for all offices?

    I can understand no over votes (except for hard copy absentee and provisional ballots but I find it hard to believe that every ballot was complete.

    I know I left one office blank.

    Reporting problem or another indication of software problems?

  13. So what colors will we use on the voting map when Jack Franks becomes the next County Board Chairman this fall?

  14. No, Questioning.

    But what are you talking about?

    What do you mean by all ballots were voted for all offices?

    I am one of two people that always leaves some categories blank.

    I know there are many more.

    Are you saying this is not true?

    How would anyone know that?

  15. Cindy:

    Under votes are kept track of, not for each ballot but in total.

    There was an attempt a few years back to FORCE everyone in the state to vote for EVERY office on the ballot.

    Our Clerk at the time refused to comply and the attempt has gone away for now.

    Up until the new Clerk took over, election canvass reports included the number of under votes, which as you state are ‘categories’ left blank.

    The report this clerk has on line for the 2015 election does not include under vote information.

    Candidates use this information to find out whether or not they got their ‘message’ got out to the voters or if the voters had no interest in the office for which they were running.

    It is common for voters to not mark a ‘category’ when there is only one candidate but when there is a choice, it is helpful for candidates to know how many voters did not even vote for that ‘category’.

    When I downloaded the ‘summary’ report from the third party website used by the Clerk, the under vote column was blank.

  16. I’m sure Joe Gottemoller is a ‘Good Man. ‘ but . . . he wasn’t listening to the people of the county much any more !

    People in and around Oakwood Hills voted against him

    For a REASON. Most know what that was !

    Also, if he was ATTN for Grafton Township ( which I didn’t
    Know until now ), basically he was doing a ‘double dipper’ ! ! !
    There is waaaaay too much of that in this county & that’s why

    There are MORE WATCHDOGS coming out to say things ! ! !


  17. Canadian Power plant.

    End of story.

    Represent the people or get the boot!

    Gottemoller is still in office and needs to go before he sells out again.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  18. I think I read it here that Walkup represented anti township Bob Anderson.

    If Gottemoller should be DQ’d for voting on that issue so should Walkup and unless I see facts showing that will save money I would hope that the county board will keep their revenge politics out of the issue.

    Too many bandwagon sheople voting without thinking for themselves.

    Just see the word “lower taxes” and the sheople will follow.

    I haven’t seen it in my lifetime.

  19. In the election before this one, Gottemoller was at the prairie grove school representing the
    power plant.

    They were so well prepared to run right over this little Oakwood Hills Village.

    We were blind to what was happening, our lives were about to change forever.

    Things very dark that day, I will NEVER forget it when I told Mr. Gottemoller that the county board need not go thru the lengthy process to out any board member.

    I was so mad at him I said You are going to hurt all these people FOR THE MONEY, FOR THE MONEY.

    Mr.Gottemoller just looked at me and SMILED when he said. SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER.

    I’M glad he lost, remember Joe it’s just about the money.

    Keep thinking about it.

    If anyone supports this XXXX think about having a power plant in your neighborhood.

    One that can be seen for miles, drop your property values and be a possible danger to Your kids.

    Remember what almost happened to Oakwood Hills.

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