Blog that Shall Not Be Named Spanked by NWH Editor

“NWH,” by the way is short for the Northwest Herald.

Relatively new Editor Jason Schaumburg, brought in from DeKalb, uses his valuable space on page 2 to take a pot shot at McHenry County Blog today.

What Google said about Jason Schaumburg's column.

What Google said about Jason Schaumburg’s column.

He seems irritated that I didn’t read in the NWH two years ago that Hebron Village President John Jacobson was fired from his McHenry County College janitor job for using his email to view and share porn.

I first read about that in the Sunday Chicago Tribune in an article about Hebron. (Maybe a Tribune reporter found out from the NWH article.)

New to me.

Unlike McHenry County Blog, however, when referring to another publication, Schaumburg does not identify its name–just “a local blog.”

He didn’t name the “Chicago newspaper” I cited either.

He also didn’t credit McHenry County Blog for first reporting State Senator Pam Althoff’s receiving $52,900 from an Operating Engineers-Linked PAC when he mentioned it later on in his column.

That wasn’t two years back, though.

It was only eight days ago.

Good to know the NWH folks are still reading McHenry County Blog.


Blog that Shall Not Be Named Spanked by NWH Editor — 18 Comments

  1. Patting one’s self on the back is a common but unneeded practice.

  2. Gasser is just like Cal.

    Always talking about himself.

    Both of these idiots are bad for McHenry County and bad for the Republican party.

    Two of the Algonquin Township malcontents are habitual losers.

    They do nothing but blog.

    There is no unity.

  3. Cal, didn’t the successful election of Dan McConchie prove this point already?

    Nobody humped harder for Dan McConchie than this blog, well that is except Dan Duffy and Dan Proft!

    Bias media and almost unlimited PAC funds in a Republican Primary.

    A page taken from the Democrats, well done!

    By the way, when will the misguided opinions of former Barrington Hills President be featured on this blog again?

  4. Abboud posted a comment rebutting the budget information provided by a supporter of Martin McLaughlin.

  5. I walked my Algonquin 7 precinct.

    Which precinct did you walk?

  6. Amen, Cal.

    The Nob, Woodstock Resident (and other critics) tends to spend more time at their keyboard, dissing people that actually work at something positive.

    I find that very unattractive and sour.

    (And that’s being as nice as I can)

  7. They’re jealous because you have the scoop before they do.

    A Chicago newspaper broke the police scandal in Woodstock.

    They hardly ever take an opinion that is unpopular and hardly ever report on problems until they have reached critical mass (partially due to this blog breaking stories).

    NW Herald has always been a bunch of bandwagonners.

    They’re not saying, “this town is trying to raise your taxes”, but they’ll come up with a story *after* the fact with phony indignation and being “fed up”.

    Well, they were largely silent about these problems which did not just sneak up on us.

    The fact that this guy makes such petty passive aggressive comments about this blog is hilarious.

    It shows how professional they are, and it shows that they are threatened by you, which they should be because you do much better work than they do.


  8. Not only that Joe, but no one over there can spell or write in a coherant manner.

    Way back in the day I called them the “Communist newspaper”.

    Now I just call them ignorant.

    Many old time residents have told me it is good for lining your bird cages.

  9. The NWH has ‘downsized’ to a tabloid – next?

    Comic book?

  10. You know, when we were stuck with the old Crystal Lake Herald and the Woodstock Sentinel, it used to be said that we didn’t have a newspaper fit to wrap the garbage in!

    Now, with the Northwest Herald, we do!

  11. Cal,

    I always viewed this blog as a relaible news source on what is happening in McHenry County.

    Do you think in retrospect, it would have been advisable for you to disclose to your readers who you were supporting and walking for?

  12. Cindy:

    no one over there can spell or write in a coherant [sic] manner.

    So much irony in this one little statement.

  13. Blunt Dude, you are a disingenuous Dude.

    OK for you to express a opinion from your keyboard but no one else can?

    My comment is correct, most of us don’t really care where the info comes from.

    Only self serving dudes do over all.

    The idiot comment, not from me, was over the top, that I’d agree with.

  14. There are so many things to say bad about that Other paper I don’t know where to begin, other than they need to learn how to report news and not be so one sided to their good old boy network us smart people see right thru their half baked reporting.

  15. The Northwest Herald is still publishing?

    When is their owner, Shaw Publishing, going to turn them into a weekly paper, like they just did with their KC Chronicle..?

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