Springfield Gun Owners Lobby Day April 6th

A message from Mickey Schuch, President of McHenry County Right to Carry:

McHenry County Right to Carry logoIt is time once again for ILLINOIS GUN OWNERS LOBBY DAY, otherwise known as IGOLD.

I am fortunate to be around many shooters,competitors, gun nuts, and concealed carry holders and it amazes me how many don’t have any idea that IGOLD exists and further more don’t really care.

This is the day that we communicate with the elected officials and provide them feedback on what is needed.

This is by far the largest event of its kind in our state and maybe any state. This is not for fun. It is in fact how things get done.

Hold on I’ll be right back……gotta grab my soap box………….

Mickey Schuch

Mickey Schuch

Don’t get mad at the message because I think I am on pretty solid ground here.

We have a small contingent of citizens that bear the load for the majority of the populous in the fight to protect, promote and restore the freedoms defined by the 2nd amendment of our sacred US Constitution.

This has never sat well with me, not when there are so many good people that share in our ideals.

That fact alone gets me hot but let’s go a bit further.

So many of the conservative minded gun crowd are the first ones to rant on their FaceBook page about people sucking off the system while “us” hard working folks carry them.

These finger pointers of social injustice are the same folks I never see doing anything to protect their beloved freedoms.

Do you see the disconnect?

These same people said we would never have concealed carry in Illinois, WRONG. A concerted and directed effort moved a mountain.

The above mentioned complainers are the same people I hear saying our CCL law is too strict or too expensive or too whatever.

Quit the wasted words, get up and make a difference in the world.

Don’t let another carry your load.

I was honored to be asked by Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry to be the parade marshal this year.

We need volunteers to help direct the flow of people to and through the capital.

It has always gone off smoothly and safely and we will continue to uphold the high standards of this event.

If you are willing to step up and volunteer please email me.

If you can’t volunteer but our 2nd amendment and US constitution is sacred to you please attend and let your voice be heard.

I’ll attach a link with all the details at the bottom as well as my contact information.

Sometimes standing up for what you believe in really requires you to stand up.

We need you, your fellow citizens need you. Heed the call of Lady Liberty.

One more thing.

Our friends from Misson 22 will be attending IGOLD to pass on the message of hope.

They have been instrumental in the fight against veteran suicide.

The founders were members of elite US special operations units.

Just the sort of men you want on a mission that must be successful.

Check out the link below and support the cause.

I hope to see you in Springfield on April 6th.

Remember to be aware, implement action when needed and protect life and liberty where you are able.

Mickey Schuch
McHenry County Right To Carry Association
CarryTrainer Channel        https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP09pijua2ypZguXBA7FnQA?view_as=public

MISSON22 http://www.mission22.com/vetintel/

IGOLD    http://portals7.gomembers.com/isra/Events/AnnualEvents/iGOLD.aspx


Springfield Gun Owners Lobby Day April 6th — 19 Comments

  1. A large number of so-called conservatives are entirely hypocritical, indeed.

    “We want better government and lower taxes and we want someone else to go out and achieve that for us!”

    As far as the 2nd amendment goes, Far too many gun enthusiasts fail to realize that there is a lot more to liberty and Constitutionally protected rights than just the 2nd amendment.

    They talk “Constitutional rights” but have very little actual knowledge of the Constitution or the rights that it serves to protect.

  2. Poor Mickey having to depend on the empty shell that is the McHenry County Repupublican Party.

    Patrick McHenry is right!

    Gasser the hyprocrite, grandstander, and proverbial hot air blower does nothing.

    No one in the county or state party respects him.

    It’s all about himself.

    Just ask his former friends, they will tell you that Gasser promises big things but never follows through.

    We do not want him anywhere near the party, let alone a firearm.

    Is Gasser even believe in the second amendment?

    All talk.

    No action.

  3. “As far as the 2nd amendment goes, Far too many gun enthusiasts fail to realize that there is a lot more to liberty and Constitutionally protected rights than just the 2nd amendment.”

    Found the Ron Paul voter. . .

  4. Well, I respect Gasser, far more than Joe Gottemoller.

    Why is the language o’ he libtards adopted? “Gun Lobby” should be “Freedom Lobby.”

    Pro-Lifers make the same mistake …. allowing themselves to be dubbed “anti-abortionists,” when they are far more than that.

    Orwell had something to say about this abuse of language: http://izquotes.com/quotes-pictures/quote-the-great-enemy-of-clear-language-is-insincerity-when-there-is-a-gap-between-one-s-real-and-one-s-george-orwell-139763.jpg



  5. gasbag gasser is not good for party gasser is antigun gasser is loser military gasser is evil county board member who takes pension gasser gets medical gasser is all about gasser gasser is fat gasser is lazy do not fall for gasser tricks

  6. Gasser is dirty.

    He practices dirty politics.

    He ruthlessly attacked fellow board members Carolyn Schofield and Anna May Miller.

    These two ladies have done more for McHenry County than “Andy” ever will.

    I do not know which “Andy” is worse… Zinke or Gasser?

    “Andy” went after Carolyn on the radio and on his website.

    It was SO mean.

    Do we Republicans really want someone like “Andy” dragging us down?

    Just look at all the lies “Andy” has said about Carolyn.

    I am embarrassed by “Andy”.

    Even local committeeman are trying to stop his madness.

    And “Andy”, what does Anna May Miller’s job at the township have to do with county business?

    Anna May works very hard for all of us, especially those of us who need transportation and live in non-dedicated subdivisions.

    She is the Chairman of Transportation and with her husband Bob Miller, they make a GREAT TEAM!

    “Andy” – you are ripping this party and county apart with your politics of recklessness.

    You openly defend Paul Serwatka to people.

    Are you mentally stable “Andy”?

    How do you bring any of us together “Andy”?

    You talk about bringing the people together and you talk about unity “Andy” but you are divider, not a uniter.

    We do not need Dirty Gasser in the Republican Party.

    I hope “Andy” loses whatever leadership position he seeks inside the local party.

    He is a horrible leader and cannot build a team like others have.

  7. I am not a big blog poster but I must chime in.


    Nothing is perfect.
    Ever but the Republican party of McHenry County is doing far more than they have in years.

    To the above commenter this speaks to my point in the letter.

    Talk about it or do something .

    There is no other course besides apathy.

    All of these organizations are made up of unpaid volunteers.

    They do what they can and it’s amazing.

    No single person will make everyone happy.

    Andrew is part of a team, a team I am on.

    You attack him, you attack me and our team.

    This isn’t ok.

    We all do what we can with what we have.

    Moving the ball down the field sometimes is rough and it’s best done with team work.

    Lighten up a little.

    The sun is shining.

    It’s spring.

    My mother always quoted scriptures to her children.

    This one comes to mind.

    “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”

    She’d be proud I remembered that.

  8. Mickey you are a good man but should not stand next to a hot air bag like gasser.

    He is a posion and everyone knows it.

    Like every one knows the type of person Provenzano is but we tolerarte these people.

    Yes we do need to have leadership in the party but Gas Bag was undermining Sandy and the team you say he is part of.

    I think you really miss the truth and should not stand to close to a piece of $hit as the stink will rub off.

    I too belive in the scripture and God and I pray every day to the Almighty God to give me strength and wisdom.

    But I also know an A$$hole when I see one and Gasser is that.

    He will sell out anyone for his own cause because he has his own agenda

  9. Gotta love those keyboard warriors.

    Keep up the great work Mickey & Andrew G.!

  10. Anyone who is seriously interested in getting involved in politics in our country should be aware that your past stays with you (in many cases, comes back to haunt you).

    This election, actions from the past came back to haunt some candidates.

    If a person is running as a Democrat, your past tends to be overlooked – examples: Mel Reynolds, Marion Berry, Jesse Jackson jr., Hilary Clinton.

    However, if one is running for office as a Republican, “Katy bar the door”.

    Examples: Jack Ryan, Robert Bork, Eric Cantor, Carolyn Schofield, Joe Gottemoller.

    Andrew Gasser may be laying the groundwork for his actions to be used against him in the future.

    That said, he does deserve credit for the part he has played in rejuvenating the McHenry County GOP relative to the number of elected committeemen:

    157 elected as of 03/29/2016 (this number may change during the certification process)

    151 elected in 2014

    104 elected in 2012

  11. WOW- look at all the comments about Andrew.

    He must be a pretty important figure for so many people to poke fun at him and know oh so much about him.

    It’s probably one person with many user names.

    I thought this thread was about the second amendment but you divert to attacking someone who thousands follow, listen to, and vote for.

    So to the people on this thread who whine and cry about Andrew get up and do something.

    Sounds like it’s someone upset that he does so much, keeps his promises, doesn’t take the health care, doesn’t take the pension and stands up for what tax payers and voters voted him to do.

    So to you negative Nancy’s get a life and try for all your might to stay on topic.

  12. Jennifer, you hit the nail on the head!

    Mickey Schuch’s post is getting all the idiots to try and secure a moment in the ‘anonymous’ spotlight to defame Andrew, a local leader who is doing great things for the county.

    Andrew must be doing something right-all the ones that can’t keep up with him on his worst day are somehow energized by petty and catty attacks rather than DOING and BEING what they say Andrew should do and be.

    I think we can all figure out who ‘Pablo’ and ‘Dirty Gasser’ and ‘Woodstock Resident’ (that doesn’t live in Woodstock) are.

    Keep up the good work gentlemen, Andrew and Mickey.

  13. Gasser has someone worried.

    That’s probably good news for all of us.

    Keep it up Andy.

    So long as you are on the right side of the ball, you will have plenty of people behind you.

  14. Well ‘Mike’ you’re obviously a nut job as none of your statements are remotely factual and you are a lying, jealous douche.

    OR your love for Andrew is unrequited so you’re Going totally catbag on his butt.

    Tell the truth, you’d be giggling at all his jokes and touching his arm at every opportunity if he’d let you…

  15. Gasser always will have the worst of the worst running scared.

    Good for him, and good for the county!

    ‘Dirty Gasser’ sounds like a candidate for state rep that’s a sore loser and a whiney crybaby.

    Serwatka doesn’t cry ‘you’re so mean’ and Wilbrant would never be negative.

    Skillicorn won so he’s a happy guy.

    Gee who else would it be?

    Somebody pull your pigtails a little too hard, Sweetheart???

  16. Actually, Wilbrandt isn’t above a little embellishing/distorting and false negatives when it suits him…

    And he knows what I’m referring to…

  17. Mickey Schuck, thank you.

    As far as this post turning into a smear piece on Andrew Gasser, it’s laughable.

    So maybe everyone doesn’t like everything about Andrews ‘style’ BUT no one can say he’s dirty or corrupt in ANY way.

    We don’t always agree but I could put his credibility and intentions to the taxpayers interest at a very high level of integrity.

    He is also a great leader when he’s engaged.

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