Interviews for County Board-Appointed FPD Trustees

Monday the McHenry County Law & Justice Committee will interview applicants for four fire protection districts.

Robert Graham is the only candidate to serve on the Crystal Lake Rural Fire Protection District Board.

Christopher Bennett is the only applicant for the governing board of the McHenry Township Fire Protection District.

Some signs are outside the Fire House in Fox River Grove.

Some signs are outside the Fire House in Fox River Grove.

There are two applicants for the Harvard Fire Protection District Board:

  • Joseph Clarke
  • James Carbonetti

Michael Kunz is the lone person seeking to serve on the Fox River Grove Fire Protection District Board.

One person will be selected for each fire protection district.

In addition,┬áPatrick McAndrews has been recommended to the County Board Chairman for the Sheriff’s Merit Commission.


Interviews for County Board-Appointed FPD Trustees — 1 Comment

  1. A few years ago Cary FD changed the system to electing board members.

    Which way works out better in terms of fiscal responsibility, I’m not sure.

    Like school board members, yes people run for FD boards also.

    Last tax increase referendum to keep two ambulance crews on duty took three times to pass.

    The district had to ask for more on the referendum than they wanted because of how the law is written.

    To the CFD credit, they still levy for about half of the potential voted on tax increase.

    The chief and board members squeak when they walk, which is a good thing over all.

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