Valley Hi SIEU Support Staff Contract Up for Approval

Next Thursday, the McHenry County Board’s Human Resources Committee will consider the contract negotiated between the County government and the Service Employees International Union, Local 73, Valley Hi Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Support Staff.

The contract will run from December 1, 2015 to November 30, 2019.

As you can see below, the cost over the four-year period will be $566,618.

Valley Hi contract details.

Valley Hi SEIU contract cost details.

Salaries will go up 2.25% for 2015.
VH Contract 2015 inc

Increases for the other three years follow, 2.25% increases for 2016 and 2017, 2% increase for 2018.

Wage increases for the next three years.

Wage increases for the next three years.

Medical costs will decrease a bit under the new contract.

Medical cost under the proposed contract.

Medical cost under the proposed contract.

Finally, here is a summary of what the additional costs will be each of the four years of the contract.

VH Contract cost increases for each year
Inexplicably, this information, found elsewhere, is not included in what the Human Resources Committee will see.


Valley Hi SIEU Support Staff Contract Up for Approval — 3 Comments

  1. All of this begs a simple question.

    Why on earth is the county running a nursing home.

    Obviously, this entity has proven is the over taxation of we the people.

    Looking at the $40 million surplus and dividing it by the 128 beds the county could have bought two houses for each resident!

    The real answer to the Valley Hi question is SELL IT, put a deed restriction that it could only be used as a nursing facility.

    That way the county assures the nursing beds and a risk takers with the proper experience can manage the home.

    The added bonus tax payers get thier $40,000,000 back plus the value of the facility.

    Yet we will only see indecision on the part of the county board.

  2. The board committee, full board, and public needs a collective bargaining agreement change document, which is the current collective bargaining agreement with the proposed changes indicated, for example, underlined text for additions, and stricken text for deletions.

    The underlined text for additions and stricken text for deletions is the same method used by the Illinois General Assembly for House Bills and Senate Bills, for the obvious reason that the legislators and public have the right to view changes before they are voted on.

    Stop keeping taxpayers in the dark about collective bargaining negotiations.

    The board should pass a policy mandating the above.

    Such policy would need to be carefully worded, because those wishing to keep the citizens in the dark will look for a way to interpret the policy to their advantage.

    For instance the change document should be posted on the county website at the same time it is made available to a board committee or full board.

    The change document should be posted on the board website a minimum of 48 hours before a board committee or board meeting.

    The public should have a minimum of two weeks to view the change document before it is voted on by the full board.
    All appendixes, addendums, and any changes to the collective bargaining agreement or change document should be included.
    Changes to the healthcare plan and all other fringe benefit plans and any change to overall compensation should also be included.
    At various times the taxpayer has been largely left in the dark regarding the details of such changes, or the basics of the changes, or the fact a change even occured.
    It is time for collective bargaining sunshine.

  3. Mark

    You don’t need any collective bargaining agreement if you sell it.

    Think of the advantages if it’s sold!

    1) the people pocket several Million on its sale

    2) the people don’t have bureaucrats running a business

    3) the people don’t have to bargain with anyone

    4) the people can tax it (revenue and real estate)

    5) the people can get thier $40,000,000

    Disadvantages- none!

    So Mark you take the “change document” I’ll take the real coin!

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