The Contested GOP Precinct Committeemen Races in Algonquin Township

Click to enlarge this map to see if you live in an Algonquin Township precinct without a Precinct Committeeman.  If you are interested, drop me an email.  The address is on the left hand side of the blog.

Click to enlarge this map to see if you live in an Algonquin Township precinct without a Precinct Committeeman. If you are interested, drop me an email. The address is on the left hand side of the blog.

There were more than one person running for Republican Precinct Committeeman in some Algonquin Townships.

The results follow:

Algonquin 17

  • Jennifer Weinhammer – 215
  • David Miller – 168

Algonquin 30 

  • Alan Schuster – 152
  • Nicole Beyer – 114

Algonquin 65

  • Mark Kownick – 227
  • John Bobrytzke – 147


The Contested GOP Precinct Committeemen Races in Algonquin Township — 17 Comments

  1. Gas bag gasser won 2 and lost 1.

    Gasser is bad for Algonquin Township and bad for McHenry County.

    Schuster is a political hack for Rauner who picked on a good candidate.

    Meanwhile, Weinhammer took out arguably the most respected and nicest guy David Miller.

    Good job morons.

    We may actually get stuck with gas bag as chairman of Algonquin Township because of these fools.

    Gas bag does not bring unity to our party.

    Like the nob says, “team andrew”…

  2. Woodstock Resident are you out of your mind?

    What makes you think the voters can’t tell who is the most respectable and nicest person.

    Despite your sore loser attitude, the voters decided Jennifer Weinhammer is more respected and nicer than Dave Miller.

    The reality of David Miller’s loss is the fact that the people are sick and tired of the Millers!

    Good riddins!

    He whole clan and thier self dealings need to go away for good.


    And the Republican Party.

    Woodstock Resident is clearly on the wrong side of the issues as far as most readers of this blog, but doesn’t get enough attention at home.

    And clearly doesn’t have McHenry County’s best interests at heart. Woodstock Resident has a putrid agenda and it shows.

    Woodstock Res. is obviously a Miller suck up, or Andrew has her/him running scared too.

    I wonder which a-hole Politician Woodstock Resident is???

    NEWSFLASH: “Miller Time” is over and thank God for that!

    So much for ‘the most respected and ‘likable’.


    You’re right in one aspect.

    We have Andrew Gasser to thank for the fact that the Millers should be looking for jobs (real jobs) soon, ALL of ’em!

  4. I still don’t understand the aliases on this blog?


    If your opinion is of any merit, or worth, you should want to speak out loud instead of with quiet, hidden malice, behind an arbitrary alias.

    I understand making a point, with your alias, like “No More Miller Time!” or “Tired of the Club”, but to just throw out, off the wall, mean remarks with no meat behind them, screams of insecurity Woodstock Resident.

    Be a man (or a Lady), and step up with some facts!

    I have met and now know of a lot of good people within the Algonquin Township team.

    I am glad I am now a part of this team.

    I may not agree 100% with everyone in the party, but I do know that that is what makes us stronger.

    Ronald Reagan came into DC dealing with many, like you, Woodstock Resident!

    In all his campaigns for the California governorship and for the Presidency, Ronald Reagan demonstrated the timeless value of three essential political characteristics: clarity, cheerfulness and unity.

    If We can manage to emphasize and exemplify these traits We will win in 2016 and beyond and re-enforce Our status as the Township and County’s majority party.

    I think Andrew can bring clarity to the Algonquin Township Republicans!

    Above all, Andrew understands the crucial difference between toughness and meanness: his critics might ridicule him but they never manage to characterize him as nasty, cruel, angry, gloomy or anything short cheerful.

    And I have seen, and HEARD, way to much back talking and back stabbing, from too many, these past few months!

    I have become quite unimpressed with some, while Andrew has given me hope that there is a TEAM out there waiting to be led! Ronald Reagan frequently repeated the self-evident assertion that “someone who agrees with me 70% of the time doesn’t count as my enemy.”

    Andrew bleeds this thought.

    I am given calming and empowering confidence by his goal of unity.

    Andrew Gasser understands that coalition building and ultimate victory deserve priority over ideological purity.

    His commitment to that outlook will become obvious when We elect him to lead the Algonquin Township Republicans.

    Woodstock Resident, your pledge of non-support not only count as pre-mature; they’re immature.

    We all, as conservatives, must be willing to work with anyone and everyone to achieve the party unity that offers the only path to victory.

    God Bless you Woodstock Resident, whoever you are!

  5. Seriously, being a PC is about electing Republicans.

    That’s the role.

    Tearing each other down is not helpful in electing fellow Republicans.

    Honestly, Alg Voter, get a clue about your role as a PC and the GOP.

    You don’t deserve the honor to serve in the party after reading your comments.

    Please resign.

  6. Scott Vetter, you said:

    “Andrew Gasser understands that coalition building and ultimate victory deserve priority over ideological purity.”

    Isn’t ideological purity the priority over building teams that aren’t following the Rep party platform?

    Maybe you could clarify meaning of that statement?

    While RR was a great speaker, he failing at being fiscally responsible as the leader of this nation.

    RR was only second to FDR in added debt compared to GDP, and FDR had WW2 to deal with, RR did not.

    RR poor leadership coupled with a Congress willing to over spend to buy votes was political justification to the over spending by W and BO.

    Again great lip service, but poor as a fiscally responsible President that didn’t follow the Rep party platform, not the nations hero really.

  7. Woodstock Resident . . . seems to be spewing out grade school playground name calling about Andrew Gasser.

    And the intelligent comment ‘good job MORONS’.

    That is just RUDE on a public forum.

    Also, is there a place in the Woodstock area in Algonquin Township ?

    I do live in Algonquin township and don’t think these elections are popularity contests.

    David Miller probably is a nice guy, but also part of the Miller clan.

    Millers just have WAY TOO MANY family members involved in County politics.

    We NEED OTHER PEOPLE stepping up and filling some of the Miller’s spots.

  8. Woodstock Resident

    How many screen names do you have?

    You can’t really think you are smart enough to hide behind multiple screen names and people will not recognize it.

    You are just not that talented or that smart.

    Your childish name calling absent a single verifiable fact, renders your opinions meaningless.

    It also demonstrates for all to see that you are a coward.

    My bet is you have never done anything for the public good, and that you are just a little whiner who has never done anything productive on your own.

    Your only ability, childish as it is, is to take shots at those who are productive members of society.

    You are not even on the same planet with people like Andrew Gasser.

    Grow up.

    Have the courage to use one and only one of your many screen names so we all know openly who you are.

    Give us some facts about the issues you whine about, or shut up. Nobody pays attention to faceless cowards.

  9. A politician who makes no enemies is neither standing for anything nor being effective.

    Congratulations Andrew!

  10. To All the candidates in todays ATRCC

    Officer Elections:

    We all have our differences of opinion, but I

    truly believe we all have the same goals. I want

    to wish all the candidates the best of luck in

    tomorrow’s election. I also hope and pray for a

    peaceful day, and beyond, across the Township

    regardless of who wins.

    Ultimately we are all Algonquin

    Republicans and we have and will come

    together as a Township during much worse

    circumstances than we are in today, so let us

    look ahead to all the good things we will ALL

    accomplish together!

    To all the Algonquin Township Precinct

    Committeemen and Committeewomen:

    Regardless of who you are voting for, be

    sure to attend and vote. And no matter what

    happens, let’s all remember that each and every

    one of us are truly blessed to live in a free

    society where we can choose who we wish.


    Chris Yaeger & Andrew Gasser

    Christina Myers & Jennifer Weinhammer

    Peggy Pirovano & Chris Covelli

    & especially to Maureen Chambers-Huff!

  11. Woodstock Resident, I’m bemused by your comments about me.

    Yes I helped elect Governor Rauner.

    I’m very proud of that fact and unsure why you, as a Republican, would find that to be a negative thing.

    I’m also not clear what you mean when you say I “picked on” a good candidate.

    Who are you referring to?

    If you’re referring to my opponent, Nicole, I will just tell you a few things:

    1) I have never said a negative word about her and will not do so. I think she’s a nice person, a good Republican, and would have done a good job as PC for Algonquin 30. And when asked about my opponent as I went door to door, I told every single person the same thing. My message was and is always aspirational, not negative. I believe I have skills and talents that will help me be part of a team to improve our local party; that’s what I told my voters.

    2) I do not belong to anyone. I think Andrew Gasser will do a great job as Chairman and I know he’s a hard worker. But he did not put me up to running, I decided to do so on my own. I was not part of any sort of proxy war between our candidates for Chairman. I did vote for Andrew and I look forward to working with him, just as I would have if Chris Yaeger had won.

    3) PC is a volunteer position and it’s about service to our community and our party. I don’t put a lot of weight into titles or formal positions. Whether I had won or lost, I would have been involved to help good Republican candidates get elected. I very much hope that Nicole Beyer will be involved as well and that Chris Yaegar will continue making contributions towards the goals that we all share as McHenry Republicans.

    I don’t know who you are because you’re posting here anonymously.

    I’m not sure whether we’ve met before or not.

    But whoever your are, my guess is that we’d get along just fine in person.

    If I have the opportunity to meet you and work with you to improve our local party and local government, I hope you’ll put aside whatever negative preconceptions you have of me.

    We might even be friends.


    Adam Schuster

  12. Anybody who has met Adam Schuster knows he is a top notch, good, honest, hardworking person.

    Great comments Adam!

  13. Adam,
    I appreciate you taking the high road while running for a PC position, and I appreciate your positive comments.

    That is what we need in OUR party.

    We need to stop the personal attacks on fellow Republicans, and begin working together to elect conservative candidates who will implement conservative values and policies in all of our local government entities.

    Reaching out to those with whom we disagree often allows both parties to see that there is more upon which we agree than there is upon which we disagree.

    We should all be working together to defeat this socialist, entitlement mindset that comes from the people in the other party.

    That is the reason we are all engaged in the political process.

    That is our collective goal.

    Now let us all come together to flesh out and implement the plans to make it happen.

  14. Things always look and turn out better when you stay on the high road.

    Like Adam does.

  15. Algonquin 30

    Alan Schuster – 152 – You made an error! It is Adam Schuster that won that race!

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