Chris Covelli Seeks Vice Chairmanship of Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee

The Primary Elections are over and people are jockeying for township GOP positions.

The first out of the box via email was newly-elected Cary Republican Precinct Committeeman Chris Covelli.

His missive follows:

Chris Covelli talking about the retirement of the head of the Fox Lake investigation on ABC News.

Chris Covelli talking about the retirement of the head of the Fox Lake investigation on ABC News.

I wanted to take a brief moment and introduce myself.

My name is Chris Covelli and I live in Cary, in Algonquin Precinct 55 (Fox Trails area).  I am married to my amazing bride, Kimberly, and we have a three-year-old son, and five-year-old daughter.  Both attend Goddard School in Cary.

We absolutely love our neighborhood and community (everything except the property taxes J)! 

At our upcoming Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee annual meeting, I intend on running for the position of Vice-Chairman.

My vision of the future of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee is one of inclusion of all Algonquin Township Precinct Committeemen.

While some in our communities don’t feel there is much value in being a precinct committeeman, the reality is quite the opposite, especially when the entire township is working in tandem with each other.

I believe our Central Committee should have defined values and principals we deem as necessary for candidates we support.  Local election (Village Board, School Board, etc.) are extremely important, and effect our pocket books, and our quality of life the most.We as a Central Committee, can hold our local elected officials accountable to the communities they serve. 

I firmly believe anyone in a position of leadership must possess integrity, respect, and dedication.

These values should be more than just talking points to get elected, but qualities lived on a daily basis.

I take these values to heart and live by them everyday.   

I support Andrew Gasser for Chairman.

Andrew, as you likely know, is an extremely hard, diligent worker.

He has made many strides in the Republican Party, throughout McHenry County.

He currently serves as a County Board Member and would bring great leadership and experience to the table.

Jennifer Weinhammer would make a terrific Treasurer.

Jennifer is fiscally conservative, and is not afraid to ask many questions before money is spent, to ensure the spending is necessary.

She believes in a strict budget, and is very qualified to be accountable for the Central Committee’s money accounts.

I support Scott Vetter for Secretary.

Scott closely follows local politics and stands up for conservative principals.

He would bring great leadership as a Veteran of the United States Navy.

He’s an extremely hard and diligent worker, and would utilize those qualities as Secretary. 

I firmly believe the four of us, along with all of the hardworking committeemen in Algonquin Township, will make very positive strides in our communities.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk, please feel free to give me a call.  My number is: 847-980-0544.

Thank you for considering me for the position of Vice-Chairman of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee.


Chris Covelli Seeks Vice Chairmanship of Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee — 40 Comments

  1. In the “who would you want next to you in a foxhole” category, Chris works for me.

    Tom Anderson

    PC Alg 22
    Desert Storm/Shield vet

  2. I think Chris would add a fresh perpective to Algonquin Township.

    Good luck Chris!

  3. As I said in another thread, it would be nice if we could spin off a large chunk of Algonquin Township into Cook County – at the very least Cary and points east and se of there.

    It would be best for all concerned.

    The politicians from those areas would feel far more at home in a Cook County type of environment, and the rest of our county would be far better off being rid of them.

  4. The reformers seem a lot better organized than the current Algonquin establishment.

    It will be a pleasure working with them to beat the handful of Dems in November!

  5. The “reformers” are no better than the establishment.

    This is a case of Harold Washington vs Eddie Vrdolyak, part deux.

    The only difference between the two factions is who gets the spoils.

    A plague upon both of their houses.

  6. What a great slate.

    The people of Algonquin Township should be proud!

  7. All depends upon what actually gets done in Springfield.

    Democracy is like a pendulum it swings one way or the other but eventually lands in the middle.

    I’d like to see someone actually bring us together instead of dividing us apart.

  8. Billy Bob, Maybe Barrington Hills which is in three counties could be moved the McH part to Cook Co if they would agree, but why, all their roads are maintained under contract by Cuba Twh, there is no cost to our county for that.

    Maybe the Lake Co/Cuba Twh roads west of the river should be in McH co maintained by Alg Twh instead.

    Maybe both county lines could be changed, and where Huntley and FRG are in two counties also.

  9. Keep it about the issues and not personal attacks.

    YOU all should be working together to defeat Democrats.

  10. Billy Bob,

    Have you taken the time to talk with this new slate of leaders?

    Have you asked them about what they stand for and what they want to accomplish?

    If not, you have an opinion without facts, making your opinion useless.

    If you have some facts that you would like to share, we would all be interested.

    If not, we don’t care about your uneducated opinion

  11. Alg Voter, if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

    YOu must be a liberal they way you keep attacking people with personal insults, who are trying to make a difference in Algonquin.

  12. Juanita, you seem particularly obtuse to suggest that anyone who speaks our against wrong doing must be a liberal.

    So a conservative isn’t capable of doing wrong?

    That is ridiculous.

    There are definitely some great people doing some great things, however, current lack of leadership in Algonquin GOP is not a part of them.

    As far as solutions go, I am very much a part of the solution, part of which includes exposing those who ruin what would otherwise be a good thing for our party.

    Keep defending the guilty out of your own ignorance and you too become part of the problem.

    Killing the messenger doesn’t change the facts..

  13. Oh look a gasser minion.

    These are the minions who will help gasser run the Township straight into the ground.

    There is no unity in the party.

    Please do not allow this cabal of malcontent characters to destroy all of the hard work done by so many good people.

    No one on this blog can say one good thing gas bag has done.

    You cannot name one.

    Gasser and his minions are losers.

  14. Alg Voter, if you’re such an upstanding and active citizen, why are you hiding behind a fake name.

    Since I have been in leadership, Algonquin Township Republicans have had:

    Bob Grogan come to do a PC training

    Paul Schimpf meet and greet

    Jim Oberweis meet and greet

    Luncheon Fundraiser

    Bowling event to build team comradery

    3 Debate Watch parties for PC’s to get to know one another, bring potential PCs which were recruited

    Red Carpet Gala fundraiser that brought together many new, regular and occasional faces out and most had glowing compliments to offer on the event.

  15. An impressive list of accomplishments Mr. Yaeger.

    We can only hope your precinct committeeman recruitment was as successful.

    Look at all the things you did to build the party.

    Meanwhile, look at gas bag gasser.

    It’s all about himself, he isn’t trusted by anyone.

    Millers hate gasser.

    Salgados hate gasser.

    Tryon definitely hates gasser.

    Again, I ask you gasser, what have you done for Algonquin Township?

    What have you done for McHenry County?

    ..besides being a fat county board member?

    You are a loose cannon that needs to be muzzled.

    And shame on you Alg Voter.

    You are clearly here to spread lies about good, respected people.

  16. Woodstock, don’t mind me, j just check public records and all can be verified.

    These two are shameful, at best.

  17. Hi All,

    I feel hurling insults and slamming each other solves nothing.

    Everyone has a right to speak their mind, so why not do this in a respectful manner?

    Whether you agree or disagree with a particular side, all we are doing is creating division within the Republican Party, with this back-and-forth banter.

    We’ve seen the damage this can cause at the national level, let’s not let it filter down to our local level!

    Regardless of how the vote for Township leadership turns out, we need to get behind one another, and support the Republican Party.

    It’s the only way we have a chance at making positive changes at our local levels of government.

    I’m not saying everyone has to be best friends, but we at a minimum need to start working together to focus on the future.

  18. Woodstock Resident – you are a real piece of work!

    That is really a low blow to go after Andy because of his weight.

    Not only are you cruel, but childish.

    Of course the Miller’s don’t like him. He helped put a stop to their nepotism.

    He is one of the hardest working people in the McHenry County Republican Party and will make an excellent Chairman.

    I think all of the people on the slate running with Andy will be great for McHenry County.

  19. There you go again ‘Woodstock Resident’ spewing hate, division & childish nasty personal attacks,

    People like YOU ARE the PROBLEM ! ! !

  20. Ever listen to gas bag gasser give a speech?

    Me. Me. Me. I. I. I.

    He is fast and loose with the rules.

    Where is he now?

    Chris Yaeger posted his accomplishments, where is gas bag’s?


    Yaeger has exhibited a unifying leadership trait.

    Gas bag is quiet on the sidelines and hoping to cash in on all of the hard work done by everyone else.

    DATA is right… Gasser the gas bag is a divider.

  21. Woodstock resident…does it actually make you feel better to spew hatred about Mr. Gasser?

    If it helps you with your anger management, go right ahead, but don’t think you make anyone think less of him.

    You sound like a child who needs to throw a tantrum to gain control of himself.

    Meantime I’m sure Mr. Gasser feels some pity for you and keeps right on doing what he feels is right.

  22. Woodstock resident,

    You spew division and hate.

    Not much of a legacy for moving forward.

    If you have specific verifiable issues with someone’s actions, decisions,or policies, share those facts with the rest of us.

    If you just want to be a coward and spew vile destructive noise, please choose another venue. We are trying to unite the party for good.

    Your input to that process is of no value.

    You bring nothing to the party.


  23. i believe that we need to unite our party.

    In doing so we must have highly spirited debate, even heated argument ABOUT THE ISSUES, and how to solve them.

    We do not need, nor should we tolerate personal attacks.

    They add no value and separate us rather than unite us.

    It is my experience and belief that those who stoop to personal attacks do not have the best interest of the organization at heart..

    Those people want only to divide. They may not even be Republicans.

    While reading some of the personal attacks is aggravating, my recommendation is we give them the value they deserve, nothing.

    We ignore the personal attacks and those that hijack this blog with such garbage.

    We must not ignore differences of opinion on issues.

    That is how we grow and improve.

    But we must not tolerate the personal attacks.

    We must weed out those who try to bring us down to their level.

    Forget them.

    Ignore them.,and move on to the work at hand.

  24. Cal Skinner,

    Is there a way to give each of us the ability to ignore posts from specific people?

    I am thinking about those who engage in personal attacks.

    At least in my opinion, those posts do not bring a flow of viable information, nor do they add to debate on the issues at hand.

    In fact, they detract from important discourse.

    Just thinking out loud…

  25. Accomplishments???

    Throwing a few parties?



    And a few meet and greets?

    And that gets the word out to the voters how?

    Give me a break people.

    And so what if AG does win.

    So what!

    Cant we all still be as involved and productive whether AG wins or CY wins????

    If Andrew wins are Chris’ hands tied?

    If Chris wins will Andrew fade off Into the sunset?

    Do any of you understand how petty and UNTEAMLIKE you are all being?

    Support your man or woman, show up Wednesday, vote your mind, but when you all walk out of that room, you had better be united, or you didn’t deserve to be in there in the first place!

    I’m scared for the Republican party.

    What the hell is going on.

    Did we get invaded by eighth grade Trump clones?

    Does anyone ever reread their posts and wonder “what 5th grader wrote that?”!

    Please, you are making my ears hurt. Sad, very sad.

  26. LOL!

    I just had to comment one more time!

    Woodstock Residents pissy posts are just too fun to read.

    Stating the obvious facts that the Millers, Salgados and Tryon hate Andrew Gasser, is like pointing out that Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito all hated Truman!


    Quite a useless post, when you consider your examples, don’t ya think?

    I don’t care who you support at this moment in time, but you have to believe and agree that this Woodstock Resident is nothing but an angry, mean and ill informed Resident.

  27. Alg voter –

    I learned many years ago, people in glass houses, should not throw stones.

    Having surrogates do it for you does not change facts.

    “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

    Does Mr. Gasser know the scripture?

  28. Looks like PAC man Allan Skillicorn is coming out for gas bag gasser.

    He emailed the precinct commiteemen endorsing gas bag.

    We all know that PAC man Allan Skillicorn loses the race to Dan Wilbrandt without his PAC man money.

    Do we really want the likes of Skillicorn and gasser representing us?

    Skillicorn and gasser trash the names of good people like Dan Wilbrandt and Chris Yaeger.

    Gasser is just like Zinke, dirty with no accomplishments.

    No accomplishments in politics and no accomplishments in his military career.

    A fake, a phony, a free loader.

    Truth hurts doesn’t it “Andy”?

  29. Gasser is Dirty… and everyone knows it.

    Gasser viciously went after two great servants of McHenry County and unfortunately his politics of lies and deceit won the day.

    Has anyone looked at Dirty Gasser’s website? Has anyone looked at Dirty Gasser’s rhetoric? What new fresh ideas does Dirty Gasser have?

    How can any precinct committeeman support Dirty Gasser? What has Dirty Gasser done for Algonquin Township? What has Dirty Gasser done for McHenry County?

    See a theme here?

    Dirty Gasser is just like Tryon and Schaffer – a master manipulator and deceiver. Dirty Gasser is a divider and not a uniter. Who is their right mind will willingly follow Dirty Gasser?

    Does anyone know what Dirty Gasser will do next? Dirty Gasser does not pay property tax in McHenry County. Dirty Gasser gets a huge pension. Dirty Gasser supports radicals like Paul Serwatka, Allen Skillicorn, and Donald J. Trump.

    We need calm, stable leadership and not Dirty Gasser. The comments on this blog are very telling about Dirty Gasser.

  30. “DG” You are nothing more than an attempt to defeat the reformers.


    The telling things about the comments on this blog are about you.

    You have a very strange agenda, and should really find something better to do.

    You are full of hot air and every time you enter a room the people have to move because the smell is intense and no one can breath.

  31. I’m rooting for CLEAN Gasser because I don’t see anyone worthy of leadership other than someone who is being personally insulted over and over and over again on this blog.

    And by the way, this blog is a bubble of the people that read it.

    It barely covers a portion of the voters in McHenry County.

    Stick to the issues and not personal insults.

    I for one am sick and tired of the division.

    It would be nice if the McHenry County GOP could unite.


    Remember that theme?

    Maybe the people throwing the insults around should resign from the GOP.

    I look at these comments and I am disgusted.

    The blog commenters have sunk to a new low.

  32. Woodstock resident & DG are sore losers from the Senate race.

    You have shown who you really are.

    So glad you lost your race.

    So undeserving to represent anyone in Springfield.

    With comments like you have posted.

    Shame shame shame

  33. I am inspired and enlightened and feel strength when I read posts like the ones from Miss Juanita!

    I look forward to working diligently with WHOMEVER wins tomorrow.

    I hope we can all learn from her!

  34. To All the candidates in todays ATRCC

    Officer Elections:

    We all have our differences of opinion, but I

    truly believe we all have the same goals. I want

    to wish all the candidates the best of luck in

    tomorrow’s election. I also hope and pray for a

    peaceful day, and beyond, across the Township

    regardless of who wins.

    Ultimately we are all Algonquin

    Republicans and we have and will come

    together as a Township during much worse

    circumstances than we are in today, so let us

    look ahead to all the good things we will ALL

    accomplish together!

    To all the Algonquin Township Precinct

    Committeemen and Committeewomen:

    Regardless of who you are voting for, be

    sure to attend and vote. And no matter what

    happens, let’s all remember that each and every

    one of us are truly blessed to live in a free

    society where we can choose who we wish.


    Chris Yaeger & Andrew Gasser

    Christina Myers & Jennifer Weinhammer

    Peggy Pirovano & Chris Covelli

    & especially to Maureen Chambers-Huff!

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