Chris Yaeger Seeks To Continue as Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman

The following email was sent by Algonquin Township Republican Chairman Chris Yaeger:

Dear Precinct Committeemen,

Chris Yaeger wears a shirt in support of Demetri Tsilimigras for for Circuit Court Judge.

Chris Yaeger wears a shirt in support of Demetri Tsilimigras for for Circuit Court Judge.

I am writing to ask for your vote to retain me as Chairman of the Algonquin Township Republican Party on Wednesday, April 6th.  My mission in the past seven months as Chairman has been to grow, unite, and increase the power and efficiency of our Party.

Consistently Putting the Party First

One of the biggest differences between Andrew and me is that I have no intent on running for office during my next term as Chairman.  My first priority as your Chairman will be to continue to grow the party and support Republican candidates for office.   We have seen many times in McHenry County the damage done when Party leaders focus on their own election/reelection to the exclusion of everyone else’s. My promise to you is that I will remain a consistently active leader throughout my term.

Recruitment, Training & Team Building
How many times have we heard that there is no “I” in team?  It may be an overused phrase in general, but it has not been an overused practice in McHenry County.   Before we can help candidates get elected, we need to be functioning as a cohesive team.  This doesn’t mean that we will always agree, but that we should all have mutual respect for each other.To help recruit Precinct Committeemen and build a closer team environment, we held four events (Debate Watch Parties & Township Wars’ Bowling Event) in which everyone was invited.  They were very well attended and we recruited many new faces into our ranks!   These events were more than just a fun night with friends, they were great opportunities to get new blood into the party, strengthen relationships with other Precinct Committeemen, and served as an excellent opportunity for candidates to enlist the help of activists to their campaigns.Because a well-trained team is also important, as Vice Chairman, we organized and held a Precinct Committeemen Training Session with Bob Grogan (former Candidate for Illinois State Treasurer).  We have mentored new Precinct Committeemen and I have made myself available to everyone with any questions that have come up during my Chairmanship.  Another Precinct Committeemen is in the works with a secured commitment of the Leadership Institute, which having already attended found to be a great tool.  In addition to training, we plan on holding more regular meetings starting directly after our Convention to increase communication and participation.


One of the primary functions of a political party is to raise money in order to expand and strengthen our reach to voters.  Working as a team, the Algonquin Township Republicans held our first “Red Carpet Gala” Fundraiser in January.  It was a wonderful success and attended by many.  I was happy to see a large variety of people there from many factions of the Party.  We were also able to bring in new donors and new faces!  The money from this fundraiser will go a long way in funding our GOTV (Get out the vote) efforts on behalf of our Republican candidates in the Fall!

Candidate Support

The continued growth, strength, and increased function of our party will allow us to best support our Republican candidates. During the Primary election, we held meet & greets, precinct walks, provided support for candidates, and held many fun events for candidates to get to know their Precinct Committeemen.  We also helped Precinct Committeemen with sending their letters out to their precincts.  In the general election, we will be even more active in this capacity!

The Future of the Algonquin Township Republican Party

As your Chairman, I will continue to work on strengthening our team by bringing all the factions of our Party together.  Now is the time to put an end to the infighting that has kept us a minority party in Illinois for far too long!   We need to come together as a team and use our energy to defeat Democrats!

We have made great strides, but I know I can be an even more successful Chairman next term if elected along with the following candidates:

Vice Chairman – Peggy Pirovano

Peggy is the Manager of Volunteer Services for the American Red Cross of Chicago and Northern IL.   Her background is in workforce education, project management, strategic business development, and relationship management resulting in capacity expansion, process improvements, and increased engagement of corporate and community partners.  She has extensive experience with event planning, fundraising and leading the recruitment, engagement and retention of approximately 2,600 volunteers.  Her experience working with people across all walks of life outside the political arena will be a great asset in recruiting volunteers for our Party.  [Pirovano won a write-in bid in Algonquin 40.]

Treasurer – Christina Myers

Christina has been working in politics since she was 19, including working on Capitol Hill for three Congressmen and one Senator and served as Communication’s Director for Attorney General Candidate Paul Schimpf.  She is still an active political consultant and an attorney based out of Crystal Lake.   Christina’s prior campaign experience was vital in organizing the “Red Carpet Gala” Fundraiser.  As Treasurer, Christina will make sure that we are watching our spending and will be committed to increase our fundraising efforts!

Secretary – Maureen Chambers-Huff

Maureen will provide a new positive perspective to politics!  While she may be new to politics, she has been a resident of Lake in the Hills for over 20 years.  As a brand new Precinct Committeemen Candidate, she and her daughter volunteered to help work the “Red Carpet Gala” fundraiser.   She has also diligently worked her precinct and is committed to unifying our Party.  [Huff ran unopposed in Algonquin 11 in Lake in the Hills.]

As the largest township in McHenry County, I believe that Algonquin Township should be a leader.  I have worked hard to ensure that we are, in fact, leading.  With your vote and your help, I know we will continue to do great work and help elect good Republicans in the Fall!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please call me.

Warm Regards

Chris Yaeger
Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman

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