Andrew Gasser’s Team Wins Control of Algonquin Township GOP

There was a long count before the weighted votes of Algonquin Township Republican Precinct Committeemen were reconciled.

Andrew Gasser, Chris Covelli, Jennifer Weinhammer and Scott Vetter were sworn in as leaders in the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee Wednesday night.

Andrew Gasser, Chris Covelli, Jennifer Weinhammer and Scott Vetter were sworn in as leaders in the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee Wednesday night.

Election of party leaders is not one Precinct Committeeman, one vote.

Each elected Committeeman is allowed to cast a vote that equals the number of citizens who voted in the Republican Primary Election last month.

Two teams competed for the leadership posts.

Incumbent Township GOP Chairman Chris Yaeger of Algonquin ran with Peggy Pirovano of Cary for Vice Chairman, Christina Myers of Algonquin for Treasurer and Maureen Chambers-Huff of Lake in the Hills for Secretary.

McHenry County Vice GOP Chairman Andrew Gasser of Fox River Grove, stepping down from that post, ran against Yaeger.

Chris Covelli of Cary was his candidate for Vice Chairman. Jennifer Weinhammer of Cary ran for Treasurer and Scott Vetter of Crystal Lake contested for Secretary spot.

Here are the election results”


  • Gasser – 6,366
  • Yaeger – 4,566

Vice Chairman

  • Covelli – 7,652
  • Pirovano – 3,059

Weinhammer, Jennifer looking left smiling

Scott Vetter

Scott Vetter


  • Jennifer Weinhammer – 6,633
  • Christine Meyers – 4,778


  • Scott Vetter – 6,134
  • Maureen Chambers-Huff – 4,778


Andrew Gasser’s Team Wins Control of Algonquin Township GOP — 29 Comments

  1. I know Andrew, and I think he’s a great guy.

    I also know Chris Yaeger, and I think very well of him, too.

    It would be my fondest hope that we all — not just in Algonquin Township, but throughout the County — pull in the same direction come November.

    On the issues, we’re all in the same camp: lower taxes and smaller, more intelligent government.

    And we know the Democrats will be out in force and that they DON’T favor the same things we do.

  2. Truer words have never been spoken, Steve.

    All candidates are excellent, dedicated people who (if they work together or at least not Against each other) will accomplish great things for their township and be a model for others!

    Thank you Chris, and Christina for stepping up and leading through the primary and fundraising for your Township.
    hanks to all those who were willing to provide leadership and run for the positions and Congratulations to Andrew, Chris C, Jennifer and Scott.

  3. I would like to thank Chris Yaeger and Christina Myers on all they’ve done for the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee.

    We are grateful for your hard work and dedication.

    I know you will continue to be very active in the ATRCC, and I look forward to working with you both.

    Thank you very much for everyone who supported me last night!

    I can assure you that I will carry-out my duties as Vice-Chair with integrity, respect, and dedication.

    Thank you for putting your trust in me, and I certainly will not take that for granted.

    Everyone who made the decision to run for PC did so, not for themselves, but to better the Republican Party.

    I truly look forward to all of us coming together and making great things happen in Algonquin Township.

    As long as we are all working together, to achieve the common goal, we will make great things happen here in McHenry County.

    We have the ability to affect great change and build on what has already been established.

    I look forward to serving with Andrew Gasser, Jennifer Weinhammer, and Scott Vetter.

    Again, thank you!

  4. Great group of candidates to choose from.

    Great turnout and well run meeting.

    Our Party won either way.

    I look forward to continuing our push for community involvement and PC representation across the County.

    Amazing just how far we have come from just a couple of years ago.

  5. Will the new team appoint PCs to precincts that do not have one?

    For instance, Johnny B. ran and lost to the incumbent, mayor of Cary.

    Will Johhny be asked to fill in somewhere else?

  6. Hi Laurie, I know of two individuals who are going to be appointed to an open vacancy in the precinct they live in.

    They are eager to get involved.

    I think it would be great to keep John B. involved as he helped to walk my precinct and was a great team player with going to walk card stuffings on several occasions.

    I know he walked his precinct heavily and did mailings.

    We need to keep good people like him.

    I think it’s a great idea.

  7. Algonquin Township’s outgoing leadership worked hard for Gasser, and this is how they are repaid.

    What loyalty?

  8. @steve – Apparently you don’t want a healthy prosperous community- because that is what most Democrats want.

  9. Hey everybody, Inish just solved the several thousand year old question about how to have a healthy prosperous community. Just vote Democrat, dummy!

  10. “Team player” meaning “team Gasser” or something else?

    This whole thing reeks of the Cary cliques why I left and gladly

  11. I’m curious that Jennifer Weinhammer “knows two people who are going to be appointed to an open vacancy.”

    It’s barely 24 hours since the election was held.

    Her energetic campaigning, as well as other candidates’ was commendable.

    However, the authority to appoint is specific, inclusive, and not unilateral.

    I believe she will understand the process more clearly after she reviews the Central Committee By-Laws.

  12. Hi dejavus, you are correct.

    I should have stated I spoke with two hard working individuals who wished they had known about this open committeemen position prior to the election.

    I don’t know if they are going to be appointed, it is their wish to be appointed.

    I apologize for misspeaking.

  13. Really true words Steve.

    These are all great people with a lot to offer.

    Each one has special talents and contributions.

    I wish all of them well and support each with their own projects and plans.

  14. Cynthia Allen Schenk:

    How your election complaint against Judge Cowlin doing?

    Thrown out yet?

    Any comment about how it feels to know that your name will forever be associated with the dirtiest campaign ever run in McHenry County?

  15. Yes what kind of “pulling together” is that?

    So one side can tear the others down but not the reverse.

    No kool aid for me

  16. Three out of the four make their livings off of other people’s taxes.

    Just sayin’.

  17. Dear Csl: it may have been a case of just gettng the word out quickly, but to say “Gasser team wins CONTROL of Algonquin Township GOP”…may be someone’s opinion, but is not fact.

    They’ve been elected to lead, not control.

    I’m optimistic the new officers will bring energy and new ideas and not be distracted by power plays.

  18. It was late when I wrote the headline.

    You are, of course, correct.

  19. Cal your headline is exactly right!

    There is no unity.

    Gas bag gasser is a smooth talker but he is no leader.

    He divided the party.

    Gas bag gasser is a control freak.

    Gas bag gasser has to have his fingers in everything.

    Even the state party has reached out to the county to inquire about gas bag gasser and his motives.

    Don’t protect gas bag gasser Cal Skinner.

  20. Billy when you say tax payer money you mean a teacher a soldier and a policeman.

    Not sure we could do without any and the fact that says they are conservative Republicans says much.

    What is your beef?

  21. @Johnny B

    No, I mean a County Board member, a teacher, and a cop.

    We have far too many government employees, and we pay them too much.

    We’ll see how conservative Mr Covelli and Ms Weinhammer really are when the GOP is forced to actually take a concrete stand on public employee pensions.

  22. Gas bag gasser and Jack Franks are working together to destroy the Republican Party.

    With the exception of gass bag gasser the county board is united in trying to find a solution to the problem without ripping the party apart.

    Gas bag gasser and his malcontent minions will use the next two years to alienate us all. J

    ust look at what gas bag gasser has done so far…

    Gas bag gasser lost his closest friends…

    Gas bag gasser has no allies on the county board… the state republican party is trying to find a away to stop gas bag gasser…

    Salgados and Lou do not want gas bag gasser anywhere near the county party…

    David McSweeney is distancing himself from gas bag gasser.

    Only people who like gas bag gasser are Serwatka and Franks.

    So much for for party loyalty and unity.

  23. Billy Bob,

    Gas bag gasser and his minions will use the pension issue to hurt good people.

    Covelli and Weinhammer, while the seem nice, are just as devious as gas bag gasser.

    The hypocrite gas bag gasser will vote to take away everyones pension but his own.

  24. @woodstock resident

    I wasn’t really talking about County Board pensions – I know Gasser and his frenemy Franks are both just grandstanding the issue in their own ways.

    I was talking about regular state and local government pensions.

    The Dems worked very hard to try to get Schofield elected because they realise they need allies on both sides of the aisle if they want to stop the pensions from being cut.

    I think most of the Algonquin crew is basically just a fifth column for those who wish to feed off of the taxpayers.

    Just look at the way that they tried to enrich their former chairman on the taxpayer’s dime by attempting to make him into a judge.

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