Algonquin Township Budget Bumps

Algonquin Township Hall

Algonquin Township Hall

The Algonquin Township Budget for the Town Fund next fiscal year seems to offer many places to save the taxpayers money.

For example, in fiscal 2016, which ended March 31, the township spent $752,060 on “Administration”.

But they’re budgeting $1,448,300 for Fiscal Year 2017.

That’s twice as much as what was spent last year.

200% of what they spent in the fiscal year just ended!

The Assessor spend $706,327 in fiscal 2016.

But his budget for fiscal 2017 is $855,605.

That’s 121% of what was spent in the fiscal year just ended.

Below are some of the line items with the biggest increases:

Alg Twp Budget increases Fy16-17

That’s $412,700 right there.

Total expenditures in the last fiscal year was $1.4 million.

The proposed Town Fund budget for FY 2017 is $2.4 million.

$1.6 million was spent in the Fiscal Year that ended in March of 2016.

= = = = =
The Township Board will vote on what will be levied for next year’s taxes on Wednesday night at the Township Hall (back bottom room on the east side) on Wednesday, April 13th, at a meeting starting at 6:45 PM.

That is the same time as the Republican and Democratic Party Conventions, so Precinct Committeeman won’t be there.

It will be up to regular taxpayers to attend, sign up for public comment and tell the Trustees, Supervisor and Road Commissioner what they desire them to do with regard to the taxes that will be collected in the spring of 2017.

The Township Hall is located at 3702 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake. That’s east of the railroad overpass almost to Cary.


Algonquin Township Budget Bumps — 10 Comments

  1. When you consider the sequence of events in a unit of government, the most important decision relative to property tax is the levy, not the budget.

    Most units of government base their spending on HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN EXTRACT FROM THE TAXPAYER.

    Regardless of the source, property tax, property replacement fee, fines, permits, fees, rentals, motor fuel tax, etc., every penny spent by a unit of government is extracted from the taxpayer.

    While there may be some donations from the private sector, in a way, that too is a tax because those ‘donations’ are used to reduce the amount of ‘earned income’ by a taxpayer, causing a heavier burden on other taxpayers.

    When a unit of government provides reduced fees or reduced taxes as an incentive for business to locate in their area, that also places a heavier burden on other taxpayers and results in ‘selective capitalism’.

    You can learn a lot about a unit of government by reading the minutes from their meetings.

    That said, for the size of Algonquin Township (relative to spending), the minutes posted are about the least detailed I have ever seen.

    Here are some examples for Algonquin.

    The ‘levy’ for 2016, based on assessments for 2015 was voted on by the Algonquin board last Dec.

    “Supervisor Klemm asked for a motion to adopt the Algonquin Township levy for the tax year 2015 collectable in 2016 for $1,800,380. A motion was made by Trustee Shea , seconded by Trustee Cardelli.

    Trustee Cardelli asked if the levy has been reduced by $100,000. Supervisor Klemm said the funds had been moved to a different fund to address the septic or if we need to join the Cary sewer system.

    She stated that the levy is flat.

    Trustee Emery commented that the General Assistance has been steady.

    Trustee Emery asked if 13 months of reserves for the Town Fund is too high.

    Trustee Shea pointed out about the unfunded mandates coming out of Springfield that can come at any time and also the lawsuit at hand.

    Insurance doesn’t cover everything.

    Supervisor Klemm pointed out that the levy was reduced last year and feels a flat levy is necessary this year.”

    The levy was passed 3 yes, two no.

    Minutes relative to the Highway Commissioner Levy:

    “Supervisor Klemm asked for a motion to adopt the Algonquin Township Road District Levy for the tax year 2015 collectable in 2016 for $4,048,990.

    A motion was made by Trustee Shea, seconded by Trustee Cardelli.

    Trustee Cardelli feels we have the best equipment and a lot of equipment.

    He would like to see a massive reduction in the levy.

    Trustee Emery would like to see a 10% reduction and would like to keep equipment longer and would like to see an apples to apples comparison to other road districts.

    Trustee Sanchez pointed out that the appropriations don’t always match the levy.

    Highway Commissioner pointed out that the appropriations don’t necessarily mean anything until the budget is compiled.

    The levy needs to be looked at as an overall picture. “

    The levy passed 3 yes and two no.

    Many units of government have started to take tax dollars collected and use them to distribute to not for profits.

    Without a detailed listing of bills paid by any unit of government, there is no easy way to monitor this practice.

    I did encounter the following:

    From their February 2016 meeting minutes:

    “Supervisor Klemm presented the request for McHenry County Historical Society annual membership dues of $1000.

    This allows all township school kids to visit for free because of the membership.

    A motion was made by Trustee Emery, seconded by Trustee Fischer.

    Roll Call: All ayes, Trustee Shea abstained because he is on the Board. “

    Another revenue source for the Township:

    From the November 2015 meeting:

    Highway Commissioner report:

    “New bins have been put in the front from Green City Project.

    They donate to food banks and charities and will pay the $1700/month to have the bins there.

    The previous vendors did not pay anything to the Township.”

  2. This is what happens when property owners are dis-engaged.

    How different to would be if Algonquin Township residents showed up at the levy hearings and budget hearing and asked questions?

  3. DMAC57 is spot on.

    Meeting after meeting minutes show zero taxpayer presence at the meetings.

    However, what we pay those people, they sure should be representing us.

    The problem is we do not have enough people interested in running for office.

    We need to ‘beat the bushes’ for better candidates who will actually work for the taxpayer and not in the interest of campaign financiers and personal self interest.

    I do hope we get more people going to Levy Hearings for all units of government.

    That is when the property tax rates are determined!

  4. Like cautious voter pointed out, the minutes aren’t the best and more people should attend meetings.

    I don’t go regularly to the meetings, but always to the budget and annual meetings.

    The septic is a problem, and if connected to Cary it will require a lift station and line run east down 14 to connect by Thorton’s.

    Actual cost for that isn’t even in the budget just engineering.

    The Gen Assistance has to have enough in the fund to cover possible demand.

    One sole without insurance and big heart problems and the fund could be depleted just like that.

  5. So what if the GA fund is depleted?

    It only means that money is forced to come out of the Town fund and if it runs dry, the taxpayers are still on the hook for more.

    Do not let Township Supervisors mislead you on GA.

    If GA runs dry, the Township would have to cease giving your tax dollars to other not for profits.

    BTW The State and the federal governments with all of their
    ‘GIVE AWAY’ programs have almost eliminated the need for GA.

    In addition I do believe most if not all Townships have insurance to cover the “heart” situation.

  6. cautious voter,

    I think we should consider closing the Fed and State local doors that control welfare distribution and let the Townships handle it all.

    Easier to see the cheats when they are close don’t ya know and it would save fuel also not having to drive so far.

    As long as the Twh doesn’t have to borrow to pay off, I don’t care what size it is.

  7. If state law was changed the Alg Twh road fund levy could be cut almost 50% with no lose to service or repair to Twh roads either.

  8. Yep, we citizens NEED to go to the meetings & let Algonquin Township Trustees, officiers, Dianne Klemm, Bob & Anna Mae Miller know we want SERIOUS FAT CUT OFF the budget ! ! !

    TOMORROW NIGHT, Wednesday April 13th at 7pm is a township board meeting.

    We need to go & let them know that it’s time to start cutting budgets back EVERYWHERE in McHenry county to BRING DOWN OUR TAXES !

  9. Last night was the annual town meeting, tonight is the budget meeting.

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