Crystal Lake Opts for 3/5 Pottersville

The name of the alternative town in the 1946 ┬ámovie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” is Pottersville.

Potterville is featu

Pottesrville is featured in the alternative universe in which George Bailey did not exist.

That’s what happens if the evil banker Harry Potter rules without interference from the Savings and Loan character Jimmy Steward plays.

Crystal Lake ended its holdout to slot machines this past week.

Instead of all council members voting, “No,” this time around there were only two negative votes:

  • Brett Hopkins
  • Cathy Ferguson

But, the Council did not go full Pottersville.

State law allows five machines per bar.

Taverns in Crystal Lake will be limited to three slot machines.

The only town left without slot machines is Lakewood and it has no bars–just two golf clubs that are doing so well.


Crystal Lake Opts for 3/5 Pottersville — 23 Comments

  1. crystal lake needs to buy the village of Lakewood and end the suffering of most Lakewood residents!!

  2. After all of the polls and debates that have gone on over this, our city council once again decides to go against the will of the people (I have no illusions on this corrupt body), and insist on being bought out by three bars!

    IF that isn’t corruption – I don’t know what is!

    I, myself plan on boycotting these three establishments. (Although I have already previously, for other reasons boycotted at least one of these places.)

    Once again, shame on the city council. No morals, no integrity.

  3. Polls are a waste of time and $$$$.

    One or two picked Mitt to win in 2012.

    It seems like a referendum on the issue would be the best deal.

    Then there is no question about where we stand, at least for that time in history.

  4. CL has lost several restaurants while other towns have very good places to eat, namely McHenry, Richmond Cary and Woodstock.

    s for Cindy, I think most folks will not miss her a bit, she has every right to boycott whatever she wants.

    I, personally am very happy for our liquor pouring establishments.

    But, why not 5 if they want 5 rather than 3?

  5. Mayor Shepley flip-flopped to the yes side and then it’s a given that Cameron Hubbard would vote with the majority.

    Mayor Shepley can’t say no to any business in his “favored” downtown district and there were 3 downtown restaurant/bars pushing for the change.

  6. Jim? Although your loyalty is admirable; I seriously doubt that the bar owners could give a ratz azz about you, personally.

  7. Where are your facts Cindy?

    Who paid what to who?

    It’s bribery that you’re referring to?

    “The corrupt body” “bought by three bars”?

    Names and dates, facts!

    Or is it simple slander?

  8. You can always count on ‘the nob’ pushing for the voter to decide.


    Voters have really done an outstanding job!!

    But, then what do you expect when public school test scores are so abysmal, people work two and three jobs to fund their children attending private schools.

    Our country is reaping the rewards of the financial waste called the Federal Department of Education which by the way is unconstitutional.

    But then who cares?

    We have an occupant in the White House illegally using someone else’s social security number.

  9. conservative voter,
    Are you saying that voters are almost all stupid or ignorant, or is it that after pinching their nose and voting the dudes they pick go bad and don’t really represent us?

    So you want who to decide on important issues?

    Polls are nonsense, only voting gives the most accurate way we are leaning at that time.

    I have to say when I read stuff like you just posted, I wonder what made you smarter and more informed if you went through the same education system as the rest of us?

    Private school/tutor all the way through college?

    Sorry, but I trust us to know what we want more than any elected official who maybe bought and paid for.

  10. What the Hell are you talking about Nob?

    Voting for candidates has nothing to do with this story.

    This was a done deal.

    Why was it turned competely upside down AFTER the fact?

    How does voting have anything to do with crooks changing all the rules after the people have spoken on their wishes?

    Are you from Colorado?

  11. When did the people speak about the poker machines?

    Was there a referendum and if so what did it say exactly?

    If you mean a group of people went to a board meeting and were against the machines, how many were there?

    A vote is the only true way to know what the people really want.

    Best example I can give was a few hundred went to a dist 26 meeting against a big tax hike, the issue was put on the ballot anyway, and it passed by a 2/3 majority to increase taxes.

    Polls or whining at a meeting is not fact of what the people really want, a vote is.

  12. Self serving jerks, ya, but Crooks, where is the proof?

    Exaggerating and fear mongering are the game these days, it’s really a shame.

  13. The Nob?

    This issue goes back to at least 2008 on this blog alone!

    Do you even know anything about this county?

  14. Cindy I’ve been around and paid attention.

    You said what the people want, yet what you are saying is what you want.

    Like all new laws, video gaming was allowed, CL, Cary, County, and etc elected should of went to a referendum on legalization or not within their legal boundaries.

    Actually the State should of done referendum first, then if it passed the county and municipalities could of looked at those voted on numbers to see if they could/should restrict it locally or not.

    Of course that is not how it happened, but I’m saying it should have.

    If you really don’t like the game, try and change it by asking people to sign your referendum to end the practice.

    Action works, complaining not so much.

    Go for it, I’d sign just to find out what the people really want.,

  15. Watched the meeting-

    No one NO ONE spoke out against it.

    I don’t remember any poll being done by the city or otherwise.

    What debates were held in Crystal Lake?

    I think the city council was smart- they waiting to see how it played out, adjusted the parts they disliked and then leveled the playing field.

    Don’t want to gamble- then don’t.

    These are business owners- you think they are going to hurt their own business?

    $90K a year you want the city to leave on the table?

    It isn’t like people have to go to Vegas to gamble- they drive 3 miles in any direction and gamble someone else.

    Pottersville was a company town that controlled private business.

    This decision was the COMPLETE opposite of that analogy.

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