Jack Franks Skips Another Yes-No Vote

There are three ways to vote in the Illinois General Assembly:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Present

And, of course, one can just “take a walk” and not vote at all.

Voting “Present” in the Illinois State Senate got Barack Obama some when he ran for President.

A bill on which House Speaker Mike Madigan unloaded on Governor Bruce Rauner was voted upon yesterday.

Here’s what it did:

Makes appropriations and reappropriations to various State agencies and educational institutions for specified purposes. Provides that all appropriation authority granted in the Act shall be used only for costs for services for which spending authority has not been authorized for fiscal year 2016 by any order of any court. Provides that the appropriation authority granted in the Act shall be valid for costs incurred prior to July 1, 2016. Effective immediately.

Naturally, the bill passed.

Guess who didn’t vote with Madigan?

The House vote on Senate Bill 2045 has Democrat Jack Franks not voting "Yes" or "No."

The House vote on Senate Bill 2046 has Democrat Jack Franks not voting “Yes” or “No.”

With this article’s headline you know the answer.

It was Democrat Jack Franks.

He didn’t vote with the Republicans who cast “No” votes.

He voted “Present.”

So did two others.


Jack Franks Skips Another Yes-No Vote — 9 Comments

  1. A few more votes like this and he may run for President.


    I forgot he is a natural born citizen using his own social security number.

    Voters prefer foreign born and people who use a social security number from another voter or a communist or someone who stands by and allows people to die or someone who may mean well but others see it differently.

  2. Ya must be talking about Ted right? 🙂

    It’s almost amazing he has lasted this long, that area must be full of lefty’s or just full of it period.

  3. The bill is Senate Bill 2046 (SB 2046) in the 99th General Assembly.

    http://www.ilga.gov > Legislation & Laws > Bills & Resolutions > Senate Bills > 2001 – 2100 > SB 2016 $LPU


    Senate Sponsors:
    John Cullerton – 6th District – Democrat – Chicago
    Donne Trotter – 17th District – Democrat – Chicago
    Patricia Van Pelt – 5th District – Democrat – Chicago
    Jacqueline Collins – 16th District – Democrat – Chicago

    House Sponsors:
    Barbara Flynn Currie – 25th District – Democrat – Chicago
    Gregory Harris – 13th District – Democrat – Chicago
    Mr. La Shawn Ford – 8th District – Democrat – Chicago
    Mike Smiddy – 71st District – Democrat – Port Byron in Rock Island County

    Mike Smiddy was one of those that voted Present along with Jack Franks and Terri Bryant (115th District – Republican – Mt. Vernon).


    Here’s how the General Assembly introduced the bill.

    Synopsis as Introduced: Appropriates $2 from the General revenue Fund to the Legislative Printing Unit for its FY 16 ordinary and contingent expenses.


    State law must be changed so bills cannot be completely re-written.

    Instead, a new bill should be introduced.

    It is impossible for citizens and taxpayers to follow legislation as the laws are currently written.

  4. Dots – you aren’t seriously bringing up
    The birthed issue are you?

  5. From Jack Franks based article we get Ted Cruz talk…


  6. We don’t need a person in the General Assembly who votes “present”.

    That is not a vote, it is a cop out.

    What is his voting record over his tenure, which is multiple times what he promised when originally elected?

    How often does he vote Present?

    I have not yet done any research on him, but am curious as to what it is he stands for.

    Any input?

  7. The big turnout in the Republican primary has Democrat Jack Franks running scared from Steve Reick’s challenge.

    I emphasize DEMOCRAT because Frank’s disappearing act on recent votes reflects I believe ,a tactic to obscure his ties to Democrats and his Lordship Micheal Madigan.

    It is a clever move and most likely done with Madigan’s permission.

    Although Madigan is infamous for his imperious rule, he is clever enough to recognize holding Franks too close to heel could Damage him in a District like the 63rd.

    Frank’s had tried to curry a reputation for”independence”by occasionally stepping out of the traces.

    But these are times in which these kinds of kabuki games cannot be tolerated.

    Lord Madigan and his minions have established a stranglehold on the the legislature that has allowed only one course of action:spend and tax; spend more and tax more….

    In consequence Illinois residents and homeowners must bear a crushing tax burden , which still leaves Illinois Debt growing relentlessly.

    Madigan’s rule has put Illinois into a fiscal death spiral.

    The key to Madigan’s power is the supermajority of Democrats he controls in the House.

    He has turned the Illinois legislature into his personal fiefdom and it’s legislators into his vassals.

    No Bill moves with out his permission.

    In the end all must kiss his ring.

    So the real question that needs to put to our” independent”Rep. Jack Frank’s is YES or NO …

    when the 100th session of the General Assembly convenes Will you vote to for or against continuing the rule of Michael Madigan?

    We know how Steve Reick will vote.

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