Dems Plot in Private in Lincoln Room

The sign outside the closed Democratic Party meeting.

The sign outside the closed Democratic Party meeting.

There is a bit of irony of the McHenry County Democratic Party meeting in secret in the Lincoln Room of the Country Inn and Suites in Crystal Lake.

The Lincoln room caucus was not packed with Democrats.

The Lincoln room caucus was not packed with Democrats.

Irony because Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers is due to have a $25,000 payment made by McHenry County taxpayers for their County Board having violated the Open Meetings Act.

The “settlement,” which includes repeal of the County Board’s resolution approving Bruce Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda will be accompanied by Local 150 union members and other Democrats attendance at the meeting.

Reports are they want to make a scene.

The Democrats were getting food before the meeting began.

The Democrats were getting food before the meeting began.

Couldn't resist this tee shirt one man was wearing.

Couldn’t resist this tee shirt one man was wearing.

But, back to the Democratic Caucus today, to which the public was not invited or welcomed.

OK. ┬áMaybe I don’t count as “the public;” just part of its eyes and ears.

I arrived shortly before the ten o’clock meeting began, went to the head of the room where Party Chairman Mike Bissett was putting up a map of County Board districts and asked if I could attend the meeting.

He said I couldn’t, so I left.

So much for McHenry County Democrats claim to favor transparency.

And there was no “late breaking news” about the secret meeting on the new knockoff blog of this site.

Oh, yes.

The purpose of the meeting was to slate candidates for countywide, legislative and county board candidates.

Once slated, candidates have to get as many signatures on petitions as they would have had they run in the Democratic Primary Election.


Dems Plot in Private in Lincoln Room — 14 Comments

  1. Socialists Plot in Private in Lincoln Room.

    There, fixed it for ya.

  2. This is a far cry from the early 90’s when the local Democrats could have their meetings in a phone booth.

    It was suspected back then that half of them were moles from the GOP, including the leadership.

    Bissett and Yensen have done a good job of party building over the past few years.

    Both of them know how to work precincts and have imparted that to the members.

    Yensen won her elections through foot work.

    They have a well organized system for getting their voters out.

    While it is true that they still don’t have a lot of PC’s, all of theirs get out and work.

    They are self motivated.

    They don’t need tangible rewards.

    They have beliefs.

    All they need is a national wave of sufficient size to put them within striking distance.

    They may get that this year.

    Then watch as our taxes go up.

  3. Mike Walkup you would know you were there along side them until you ran as a republican

  4. You are correct Stand.

    I was a Democrat until I saw the Light.

    The more people point that out now, the more it helps me in the general election so keep it up please.

    Live up to your anonymous moniker.

  5. It’s only ironic if you don’t understand the difference between a private group meeting in private, and a public body meeting in private.

  6. ‘Stand’, is (by my observation) is a union 150 guy.

    Parades as a hardcore Republican but his alliegance is Union all the way.

    Gun happy hunter who will be voting for Hillary Clinton because his beloved money/power hungry Union tells him to!

    A conflicted ideology makes for an ineffective pundit, work ethic, and LIFE in general.

    He holds a gun in one hand while he probably gives his hunting buddy a handy. . . tip.

    Ignore the moron.

  7. The meeting ended at noon.

    I note you posted at 12:45.

    If you were at the meeting, please share what decisions were made.

  8. I wish Wheatfields….but these are very determined and intelligent people…never under estimate the other fellow….

  9. Weight watchers?

    Weren’t we up in arms last week about Andrews weight?

    Lets be fair.

  10. Those Local boys don’t have Nygren to defend them anymore.

    Rauner, will put them out of business.

    One of their greatest advocates is jack Franks.

    He empowers them.

    Vote Steve Reick and that will help put us on the path to recovery in Illinois.

  11. Are caucuses considered a “public meeting”? I’m trying to figure out how that would work. Could Democrats flood a Republican caucus and vote to nominate someone to sabotage their chances? I’m just guessing that Paula Yenson wouldn’t be welcome at a McHenry County GOP slating meeting?

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