Local Democrats Announce Leadership Team

Here’s what is listed on the web site of the McHenry County Democratic Party:

Local party leadership

Mike Bissett

Mike Bissett

County Board District Chairs:


Local Democrats Announce Leadership Team — 12 Comments

  1. Harrison ran as an “Independent” a couple of years ago, knew he had no chance as a Dem, now he admits he’s a Dem.

    Much ado about nothing.

  2. This is not your Father’s Democratic Party.

    They have spent the last decade under getting better and better organized so they can take advantage of years in which the external dynamics favor the Democrats at the national level.

    This is likely to be such a year.

    The State GOP is expecting to lose seats in the General Assembly and maybe Congress.

    Mark Kirk is likely to fall to Duckworth.

    Illinois will go big for Clinton.

    Don’t believe the people who tell you the Sanders Democrats will not show up if Hillary is the nominee.

    They WILL show up.

    Our local GOP has never had to face a threat such as the one they will be facing this year.

    Don’t let what happened in 2012 fool you.

    Most of those names you see here are Sanders supporters.

    Sanders won the Democratic primary here two to one.

    Most of the people who are most active in the Dem Party are Sanders people.

    Historically, the local GOP has gone AWOL for the Fall elections, having exhausted themselves with infighting during the primary.

    They cannot sit on their hands for the Fall election this time or we will have Sanders Socialists sitting on the County Board and in the Recorder and State’s Attorney’s offices (note that Jim Harrison is counsel to the Dem Party).

    All of our successes in getting more fiscally conservative people nominated in the primaries may be lost.

    I urge ALL GOP PC’s, and others who want to be active, to go to the seminar next Saturday in Crystal Lake at the Rib House just East of town on Route 176 and learn how to effectively work your precincts. (I and hear they have ribs!).

  3. What is Walkup smoking these days?

    Here’s the real story:

    If Commissar Bernie or someone like him seizes power, these will be the local commissars expropriating private property, decreeing what’s taught in public brainwashing centers (formerly called schools), reordering society along their lines of wish-world hockum (i.e., “diversity,” banning certain religions, ordering people off to ‘re-education centers’ ….

    some of the “incorrigibles’ whether they be religious, White nationalists, paleo-conservatives, “homophobics,” “old line patriots,” etc. will be liquidated.

  4. I think Mike is right….

    Barry’s people will still follow through….if Hillarity is the candidate

  5. And I meant Bernie too….but “Barry’s” peeps will also turnout

  6. Actually Old Man, it will be like Denmark, where you pay 60% or more of your income in taxes, gas costs four times as much as here, and you have to pay for your car three times over with two thirds of that being for taxes.

    No one has a car in Denmark.

  7. Walkup and OldManWinter both have valid positions.

    Breen has announced for D4.

    And is a Bernie fanatic and has been meeting with Pat Kenneally.

    The Dems had caucus today.

  8. Hilarious.

    Bernie voters will be bullet voters- just like they were for Obama.

    Presidential and walk up- maybe a few up ticket votes.

    McHenry has voted for Democratic candidates on up ticket and still have no one of any talent or consequence in the local field and this looks to be the same.


    But I do find it fascinating how you keep reporting on the activities of the current Democratic Party Mr. Walkup…..

    gee, I wonder how you would have such a knowing about them as a elected Republican.

    Tell Ms. Yensen hello for us will you?

    I understand she is a close friend of your wife.

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