Dems Announce Secret Meeting Choices for Office

As predicted, the name of the Democratic Party’s candidate for State’s Attorney was announced in the Northwest Herald.

The name didn’t make the headline on either page 16 or page 17.

The headline was

Democratic Party chooses candidates for several races

with a subheadline of

 Republican Party crticizes closed caucus

Sandra Salgado

Sandra Salgado

And something that must really irritate local Democrats was the comment from McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgdo, undoubtedly stimulated by the press release that McHenry County Blog ran in full yesterday:

“It is problematic because then a very small handful of people get to slate candidates, and they’re doing that without the public input.”

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

The candidate’s name, Jim Harrison, was contained in paragraph 14 of the 16-paragraph article under an article announcing the opening of a Denny’s in Huntley on Tuesday.

And right underneath was this comment from a press release sent by Republican State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally.

The press release can be read in full below:

Dan Kenneally

Dan Kenneally

I welcome James Harrison into the race and am excited to run another positive campaign founded upon my core principles.

Certainly surprising for Democrats to slate a candidate in a closed door meeting that as of May of 2015 stated in writing he was a Republican and lost his bid for McHenry County Sheriff in 2014 while running as an Independent.

Troubling questions of credibility, opportunism, and self-promotion aside, I look forward to continuing to make the case to McHenry County voters that I am the best and most qualified candidate for the job of McHenry County State’s Attorney.

Other candidates slated, according to The First Electric Newspaper and the NWH, neither of which I’m willing to be was not notified of the secret caucus, were

  • Marengo’s Lynn Gray to run for Recorder against Republican Joe Tirio

    Republican voters cast the ballots you can see above for Recorder of Deeds.

    Republican voters cast the ballots you can see above for Recorder of Deeds.  34,112 voted in the Democratic Party Presidential Primary; 54,335 voted in the GOP Primary Election.

  • Hebron Village Trustee Drew Georgi to run for County Board in District 6 where Republicans Jim Kennedy and Mary McCann are already on the ballot along with Democrat Allison Benard
    voters turned out to vote in the District 6 Democratic Party Primary Election.

    4,207 voters turned out to vote in the District 6 Democratic Party Primary Election.

    District 6 GOP Primary Election Results

    About 8,000 voted in the District 6 GOP Primary Election.

  • Andrew Breen and Robert Rosenberg in District 4 to run against Craig Wilcox and Kay Bates, both nominated in the Republican Primary Election

    District 4 GOP Primary Election results.

    District 4 GOP Primary Election results.

= = = = =
Newly slated candidates and those already on the ballot should know that McHenry County Blog will publish statements of candidacy and press releases about issues or campaign activities.

Just email them and photos to


Dems Announce Secret Meeting Choices for Office — 22 Comments

  1. Listen up. people of McHenry County.

    Jim Harrison has “NEVER” disclosed the land records from the purchase that took place with the assistance of former Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    I was informed that it was an unscrupulous transaction that took place behind closed doors and with hopes of keeping the information from the public.


  2. OMG…………………….


    THE most dishonest, narcissistic, self absorbed ,flip flopper, ever…..

    Keep your tongue in your mouth for pics this time….

    Same humiliating outcome , different race…..

  3. My ! my ! my !

    Mr Harrison can’t decide if he is a Republican or Democrat or Independent….

    Here we go again.

    Flip flopping and party changing trying to get a new job!

    Can’t wait to see what he comes up with this time around.

  4. Re: “No one for County Chair?” Maybe they could not get the funding from Madigan / Franks to gather adequate signatures? After the Lichte disaster, maybe Madigan lost a little bit of interest?

  5. FYI: Only takes a minimum of 270 signatures for a Democratic candidate for County Chair.

    Very doable with no additional funding needed.

  6. Harrison’s run has a real possibility of victory.

    In this presidential election year with the Hillary or Bernie camp the Democrats with a split Republican Party could win enough votes to get both Harrison and Grey elected.

    This is why the commenters on this site might want to wake up and realize it’s not about regime change its about stability moving forward.

    The democrats are slowly infiltrating the offices in this county.

    This push here needs to be met with action by the Republican Party.

  7. OMG, not surprised……….. Mr. Flip Flop, His campaign should read

    “Guess who I am this time around”

  8. “Tired of the Club,” please name the Democrats that have infiltrated the offices in McHenry County?

    I cannot think of one? And, I cannot think of one that has held a county seat for any length of time… and I can only think of two, Jim Kennedy and Paula Yensen.

    In theory, you might have a case, but keep this fact in mind.

    Back in 2008, which as we all recall, was a HUGE year for Democrats because of the Obamamania.

    In the end, the very best any Democrat on the ballot could pull was around 36 percent….county wide, which was a major loss to the local Dem. party.

    I would predict the very best Mr. Harrison would do is 34 percent.

    The local Democratic party seemingly has moved to an autocratic state of mind.

    Choosing to have ‘closed door’ meetings to slate the ballot is bad for the party because it alienates those who want to have a voice in their parties business dealings.

    Bissett seemingly wants to slam the door on democracy in McHenry County.

    It’s no wonder he cannot build his party base.

  9. Do we really care about what the Dems do?

    In McHenry County, they have been pretty much non-existent for the past 150 years.

    Only Art Tyrell, Sheriff and Jack Franks have been elected to a significant office in all those years, besides that a few County Board members.

    If they slate Harrison for State’s Attorney he will be crushed.

    The others slated will be sacrificial lambs for someone else’s pompousness.

  10. What people fail to realize is that the Democratic Party is alive and well in the School Boards, City Councils, Townships etc..

    There are Dems on the County Board with R’s next to there name.

    So the Dems basically have been secretly in a lot of those positions but the Republicans don’t know or even cared about looking at it.

    This is where the Republican Party needs to start looking at those positions!

    It must start now because March 2017 is a big vote for School Boards, City/Village Councils, and Townships!

  11. Live is right on the money.

    The entire notion that these municipal and local elections are non-partisan is absurd.

    The mindsets, ideology and agendas of those involved in these elections are no different than those involved in the even numbered years.

  12. I would agree that I did not see a Democratic position taken on County Board issues by those mentioned.

  13. One other thing that people fail to realize is that McHenry County is starting to be over run with more and more Democrats every day!

    Why is that because the Republicans are moving to other states that are more tax friendly!

    They have had enough!

    So now you get more and more illegals, low income workers and union people moving in.

    It really is only a matter of time unless this state can somehow bankrupt itself and have a Republican Governor to make sure that real reform can happen because if you have a total run Democratic run state even filing bankruptcy will only help for so long until it makes another full circle.

  14. Indeed I had “Inish,’ what difference does that make.

    All is did was provide me with inside information on how Bissett operates.

    I ran as a Democrat against a coroner who I tried to tell everybody, was no good. And this has proved to be true.

    I would run as a Democrat again if it means I can expose a rotten apple.

  15. David: in answer to your question to name one-

    Jack Franks

  16. So McHenry County Republicans are now to the point where Democrats can’t even RUN and lose any more? You can count on one hand the number of Democrats elected in McHenry County and yet, that is apparently too darn many.
    I certainly don’t think Keneally will have any more trouble beating this guy than he did trouncing Regna, who seemed to have plenty of GOP backing.

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